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[Drama 2022] Jinxed at First, 징크스의 연인 - Wed & Thur


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Jinxed at First


징크스의 연인


Drama: Jinx's Lover (literal title)

Revised romanization: Jinxui Yeonin

Hangul: 징크스의 연인

Director: Yun Sang-Ho (River Where The Moon Rises)

Writer: Han Ji-Hye (webcomic), Goo Seul (webcomic), Jang Yoon-Mi

Network: TBA


Release Date: 2021 -



Na In Woo as Gong Soo Gwang

Seohyun as Lee Seul Bi


The Jinx’s Lover” is a fantasy romance drama based on a webtoon of the same name. It revolves around a man who has come to terms with his unlucky fate and a goddess who has jumped into the real world to break her curse.


Gong Soo-Gwang (Na In-Woo) sells fish at a traditional market. He is known as an unlucky man and, because of this, people try to avoid him. His life wasn't always like that. At one time, he had a bright future. After Gong Soo-Gwang met Lee Seul-Bi, his life totally changed. Whenever he dreams of Lee Seul-Bi, something bad happens to him. For the first time in 7 years, Gong Soo-Gwang meets Lee Seul-Bi again.


Meanwhile, Lee Seul-Bi has a special ability. Whenever she touches someone, she can see that person's near future. She got that special ability from her mother, who also has the same ability. Lee Seul-Bi and her mother have lived in captivity for a long time due to a CEO, who uses their special ability. Lee Seul-Bi is able to escape with her mother’s help. She then meets Gong Soo-Gwang for the first time in 7 years.


Source: AsianWiki, Naver, Soompi



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Update: Na In Woo Confirmed To Lead New Fantasy Romance Drama By “River Where The Moon Rises” Director

Apr 23, 2021
by M. Kang

Updated May 6 KST:

Na In Woo is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama “The Jinx’s Lover” (literal title)!

“The Jinx’s Lover” is a fantasy romance drama that follows what happens when a poor, unlucky man meets the goddess of fortune that was hidden away by a chaebol family.

He will be playing Gong Soo Kwang (Gong Myung Sung), a man who sells fish at Seodong Market and has a special jinx. Once a man well on his way to success, he lost everything after meeting Seul Bi seven years ago and began a completely different life. In his own style, Na In Woo will be portraying a character who has the worst luck in the world.

The drama will be directed by Yoon Sang Ho of “River Where the Moon Rises,” which Na In Woo starred in, and written by Jang Yoon Mi of the films “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee,” “Luck-Key,” “Madonna,” and “Scarlet Innocence.” Casting is ongoing for the female lead Seul Bi, who is described as a character like Disney’s Rapunzel.

“The Jinx’s Lover” is slated to begin filming in the second half of this year.

Source (1)




Woot woot! Na In-Woo's rise! I did think he did a great show in RWTMR, and that that role would be his break. The PD also must be impressed, having chosen to cast him. 


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Seohyun has joined Na In Woo as confirmed cast.

Seohyun will play the role of the "Goddess of Fortune" named Lee Seul Bi. She has the ability to see the future of anyone who touches her hand. She grew up in a secret room but was able to escape and eventually meets Gong Soo Kwang. 



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New Casting News!:).



YoonYooSun, HwangYoungHee, HwangSeokJung, ChaKwangSoo and WooHyun confirmed to join drama TheJinxsLover>. Broadcast isn’t finalized.


YoonJiHye, LeeHoon, HongSeokCheon and JungWook confirmed cast for drama TheJinxsLover. Yoon is Seohyun’s mother, Lee acts secretary Jung who is in malice toward JeonKwangYeol, Hong acts a clothing store boss and Jung acts Jeon’s secretary.



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