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[Drama 2021] Imitation, 이미테이션


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This episode is really emotional with the whole Eunjo & Annie's story so I will start with the parts that have nothing with them first.


Yasss! La Rima has joined JH Entertainment along with her juniors. What a girl crush :wub: I love how she said she knows every agency will take her but not all agencies are as nice as JH Entertainment to take the trainees too.

I have always believed that Hyunoh is a nice guy under that prickly attitude so it's nice to see he used to be cheerful and friendly towards his members that they will stand up for him when he was about to be replaced.


Okay now the main issue is Eunjo & Annie. It's sad to see what Annie had to go through just to debut and that lead to her death. Eunjo was so broken after that but thankfully Ji Hak got him to wake up both literally and figuratively. Their couple song is sweet and lovely that everyone who heard it will be singing it later and I think SHAX "remaking" it is like a legacy of Eunjo & Annie's relationship.


It seems like the MML Festival will be our big finale because everyone is there and probably SHAX will perform the couple song there. I'm looking forward to the idols' performances and also them winning awards. I hope this drama will have a happy ending and I know I will remember this drama fondly after it ends ^_^

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So caught up on the last three eps: 


I loved all of the performances in Episode 10. I think my fav was Yoon Hyuk and Do jin. I wish we got more of this duo in these episodes. I also loved Ryok and La Rima's performance. 


Hyun-Ji/Yu-jin - Very cute but seemed fast, but thats okay. Their date was really cute. My guess is they can get away with it because they are not that popular, or at least of equal popularity. 


La Rima - I did not like her at the beginning, but I think her character has become one of my favorites. When she stopped focusing on Ryok as a love interest she became a lot more interesting. I love that she cares about her juniors and joined Ji Hak's company. But what happens to their contracts with Queen? I know she made a cool exit, but I think this is TV hand waving. Cause no way NOG or Queen would let her walk away easy. 


Ri-ah/Lee-hyun - I love them. Ri-ah seems to have opened up a little to Lee-hyun,. But with only one episode left I don't think we will get much development from them beyond this. 


Eun Jo/Annie - This was just so sad and I feel bad for Annie. While I understand Eun Jo wanting to protect Annie's image, the truth should still be released. The people who did this to Annie need to be punished. Also I hope Eun-Jo reunites with the other SHAX members, but I don't think that will happen. 


That photo of SHAX that was revealed should not exist. Wasn't that the performance that happened after Eun Jo left. Eun Jo was only part of the group in Ji Hak's head, but not in reality. 


Maha/Ryok -  I have always loved them. I liked that he visited her at home, and won her mom over. I'm glad they are back together. With so much to do in the last episode I wonder if they will expose their relationship to the public. 


One episode left, but I feel like there is so much to cover. It will prob be rushed, but I would prefer rushed to leaving things hanging. 

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EVENT: Celebrity Sightings


Have you met your favorite oppa? What was he like? Was he taller than you expected? :love:

Or do you want to meet him? What would the meeting be like?

Or did you meet a local celebrity? A sports figure maybe?


Share your stories with chingus on the Celebrity Sightings thread.


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart326 @Sleepy Owl @agenth @Lmangla

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] Imitation, 이미테이션

I just finished watching this! That last episode was amazing, the performances, everything turned out perfect! I'm so happy they all came together at the end and because friends! Also, the relationships going on with some of the members, I ship them all! 

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This drama ends and I can say that I'm satisfied with the ending! The couples got their happy endings (Ria's cheek kiss got me squeeing! :wub:) The NOG CEO's ending is realistic because those CEOs of big agencies can get away with anything *coughYGcough*


The performances were really great. It actually felt like their concert instead of a year-end event because of them taking turns instead of performing 2 songs at once. I actually wonder why the managers were in the audience instead of the backstage but whatever. The Constellation performance was emotional and I love that glow-in-the-dark star on their tops (kinda wish it's an official merchandise) ^_^


Speaking of official merchandise, there are really official merchandise for the drama which is an album set for all these drama's idols. I can't afford to purchase the whole set so I only bought Maha's photocard and SHAX & Tea Party's entrance bands/stickers. I will probably share the photo of items when they arrive and if there is still anyone here. ;)

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Watched the last episode:


Ri ah/Lee Hyun - Very cute! From bantering over the song to the cheek kiss. I wanted more, but I was happy with what we got. I feel like that producer is happy that he taught them about music, but at the same time wants his station back for his own work. 


Sparkling look a lot happier now that Hyun Oh stopped being a jerk. 


I loved all of Shax trying to stop Ryok from making them practice more. Also, one final slow motion walk in formation. :joy:


Hyun Ji/ Yu Jin - Very short but cute scenes. I like the call back to when Hyun Ji was cheering him on before he went on stage in Ep 3. This time he only has eyes for her. They are cute but I didn't like them as much as the other two Tea Party couples. 


Maha/Ryok - These two are my favorite of the couples, but we did get to see them more than the others.  I wish we had more of them in this episode, but with all the stuff they had to fit in it makes sense their couple scenes were shorter. 


I loved all of the performances at MML. I loved that all three of the other managers are dancing along with the music and seem to be having a great time. Especially with La Rima's performance. Then the coffee girl who has the face of someone forced to come. :joy:


I especially liked them all on stage singing the last song, and super happy that Eun Jo joined them. 


While the ending with all of them (did Sparkling join?) at Ji Hak Entertainement is cute, how does that work with only one practice room. La Rima had that issue when she gave it up for the trainees earlier in the episode. Also, Ji Hak's coffee sales have to be pretty great with all of those fans outside. 


The only things I wished we saw was Eun Jo's actual reunion with the other members. Also Ryok's fan reaction to him and Maha. It just seems like a lot of the show had scenes with just his fans talking about the possibility of him dating. It seemed odd for them not to show a reaction. However, I doubt they would have been able to show a reaction and the fallout in the time they had. 


Overall I really enjoyed this show, some things were rushed but overall it was good. I think it would have benefited from like 14 episodes to let the show breathe a little bit more. 

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