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[Drama 2021] Imitation, 이미테이션


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7 hours ago, youactlikeicare said:

Can anyone walk onto set? Maha, why would you go to a set that Ryok is on, also why would your members who want you away from him bring you. And Ryok way to be distracted when doing a stunt. This is basically your own fault. Prob would have been better if you just drove into the water barrels, that why they are water. 


This is Hyunji's doing, or Yujin. Hyunji wants to be the "good" friend and help her crush Yujin obtain Maha. So whenever he asks for help re: Maha, she'll do whatever, or on her own. Since Yujin got a minor role, he probably asked Maha to come, through Hyunji. Still, I don't think this is professional? There are 200 staff and a lot of people who TALK, so why would a girl group attend a boy group member??? Sparkling isn't that unknown for Maha and Yujin to be buddy-buddy. 


A lot of leeway is given to Tea Party, who for all intents and purposes, are NEWCOMERS. Is this supposed to mean that the director probably remembers Maha from other parts, or suddenly Maha is considered an idol actress even though she only did 2 minor roles, granted one of them got a kiss scene with Ryuk. 


I didn't really like much of this episode. I get that idols dating is a problem for the industry, which is why the members should be supportive of each other. Ria's straightforward attitude in this case is WRONG. You don't breach someone else's privacy and read through their phone!!! Not even Ryuk's manager did that, surprising me that he did not delete Maha's number and block her, considering he doesn't know the number is from Ryuk's old phone. Shame on you, Ria. 


I understand why manager felt he had to make Ryuk focus on his schedule, so no hatred there. That's what a manager does. But Jaewoo spilling the beans regarding Eunjo? I hope that he doesn't do the same mistake again when he finds out about Maha and Ryuk. The other members, and perhaps Jaewoo himself, don't know what happened with Eunjo, that's why they keep hoping that Eunjo comes back. We still don't know what else happened, apart from his gf's suicide, which is of couse horrible, but the question is, what triggered it. Or perhaps it was not a suicide at all? Since NOG president looks so evil, he could have orchestrated this.


Maha and Ryuk. I hope Maha grows more confident. The way she walks is strange and her whole demeanor is so timid. I understand that's supposed to be her character, but I like the times she shows her spunk and confidence. 


It was so funny when Yujin was all "polite" greeting Ryuk, but not questioning why the guy was there to collect Maha from the studio..,. for that matter, how do Tea Party know Ryuk would get Maha, so it's better to "save" Maha from "grumpy Ryuk" with Yujin the shining knight? LOL.


I wasn't entirely wrong about Ryuk and Yujin's fight being about Maha, because the mistakes they deliberately made were about establishing dominance. Guys.... 


I hope Ryuk soon will wakeup and face the world and Maha and him can be on a better road. But if she doesn't have courage, then she should just stay away for real, not the wishy washy she does. She could have just "picked" Yujin, for instance when Ryuk went to get her. That would have sent a message. 

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Personally, I found the majority of this episode difficult to watch. There were so many issues or rather attitudinal behaviours that reminded me of a pill that’s hard to swallow. NOG CEO Jin-Man I really dislike him and his ruthless attitude, he is too intrusive & controlling.


Ma-ha although I like her, as someone who wants to be an idol in the limelight having such a defeatist demeanor will not work. The role she was given to portray just doesn’t exude much confidence which is a bit frustrating. I’m not sure if it’s the way she walks or the hairstyle they’ve given her or even what seems like her inability to maintain eye contact with people she considers out of her league but it’s painful to watch sometimes. I really felt sorry for her the way her fellow tea party mates treated her. I get they just want to safeguard their groups’ reputation by keeping it rumor free but Ri-A's highhanded attitude was a bit over the top, invading Ma-ha privacy by going through her phone what the h*ll is that about? Plus, why is it okay for Ma-ha to be associated with Yoo-Jin but not Ryeok? Is it because of his fans or star status level? I really like Ji-Hak as a manager as he appears very calm & understanding and was able to pacify the issue within the group and bring back their togetherness.


What’s up with Ri-Ma warning Ma-ha off Ryeok? She just made herself look like a bully picking on someone who she deems weaker than her. Although she treats Ma-ha as a small fry she is very insecure about her because she knows Ryeok is not into her but into Ma-ha. LOL she just made herself look so pathetic! In the next preview she seems to be acting like she is ever so close to Ryeok like a significant other, when previously I could see Ryeok despises her.


Ryeok is really whipped for Ma-ha now while she is busy trying to ignore her feelings for him due to peer pressure. I hope he would recover quickly after that car accident. I like his bromance with group mates Do-Jin & Hyeok, I find them both so hilarious at times.


As for the next episode, looks like it’s going to be another hard pill to swallow once again…. Hopefully, there would be some rays of sunshine at the end of that tunnel.

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59 minutes ago, Shari said:

Ma-ha although I like her, as someone who wants to be an idol in the limelight having such a defeatist demeanor will not work. The role she was given to portray just doesn’t exude much confidence which is a bit frustrating. I’m not sure if it’s the way she walks or the hairstyle they’ve given her or even what seems like her inability to maintain eye contact with people she considers out of her league but it’s painful to watch sometimes.



Plus, why is it okay for Ma-ha to be associated with Yoo-Jin but not Ryeok? Is it because of his fans or star status level? I really like Ji-Hak as a manager as he appears very calm & understanding and was able to pacify the issue within the group and bring back their togetherness.

It's everything you said - all the Tea Party girls are rather timid and shy in the face of other industry people. That's a given because they are just newcomers who have no fanbase and aren't established yet. Their 15 minutes of fame could be over if they are not careful.


That passive attitude is for Maha it's even more extreme, especially the way she moves, almost as if she's afraid someone (Ryuk) is going to physically assault her - unless there is some backstory as to why she is like that, I think the acting is suffering a little, or at least the PD direction. That's why it's sometimes hard for me to believe she is a talented dancer as her body moves awkwardly, much like her awkward personality.  


I don't want to trashtalk this series as I still believe in the content, it's just this episode was also hard for me. In any case, it seems to be ok with Yujin because apparently Sparkling have no fans lol? Apparently nobody talks about them and we have seen scenes where Tea Party gets recognised. For this same reason Hyunji just thinks its ok to crash a professional work environment and nobody's like RickRoll'D are you doing here, except Manager because he saw Maha there. 


Maha and Ryuk are going to be a rocky path, since Fins hate her ever since her first noticeable headline was with Ryuk. But I believe they don't like her especially as Tea Party was unknown back then. If he had made headlines with La Rima, it wouldn't be this harsh probably. So they will have to be in secret until she is popular enough. 

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This episode makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. This one got me emotional the most so far but next episode will probably take it to the next level :(


Ria is so frustrating that she even look through Maha's phone. Another thing I don't like is her shutting down Hyunji. I know that Hyunji is a pushover but she is just trying to calm things down. Thankfully, they sort it out quickly with Jihak's help. Maha buying a new phone is just a show so Ria will back off.


Ryuk's manager's frustations are understandable but you know he went over the line when even the CEO is suprised by how packed Ryuk's schedule is. But we still got funny scenes of Ryuk in the "LOTJ"-like show lol. :D


La Rima doesn't know to back off even if it's hopeless, just like Yujin huh. Speaking of Yujin, it's not cute anymore when you keep obsessing over Maha. Hyunji, why are you hurting yourself for Yujin. 


I was hoping there are no bad guys among the idols but this episode reveals the dark side of a few of them. I thought Hyunoh was just looking out for the group but expressed it harshly however he's trash apparently. I never expected Jaewoo is the type to snitch on his members and he better not do the same thing to Ryuk. 


There are still a or more like two rays of sunshine which are Hyuk and Dojin! They were so cute teasing Ryuk that they are acting as Maha's brother/boyfriend. They are still cute when they are covering for him :lol:


I thought the cliffhanger would be Ryuk and Yujin fighting for real and one of them got injured but that car accident is one thing I would never predicted. The stakes just got higher than I thought. I'm worried the people who are against their relationship will use this accident as a way to tear them apart. But maybe this can make their love stronger too because YOLO, right? 






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I didnt understand what Ryuk read in Maha's diary.

Was that the sentence ''I love Ryuk''.

I think he read it because of his smile when he came to her.


I like the scene in the car. Ryuk was confident and happy and she was a little confused.

Ryuk - ''You took my side, right..''   :wub:

Men...think the world revolves around them...  :D





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7 hours ago, rocher22 said:

I didnt understand what Ryuk read in Maha's diary.

That is right we never did see what was in that notebook that make Ryok smile. It looked like she made a flip book. 


However, is sounded like the manager threw it all away. My guess is we will only see it in a flashback at some point. They wouldn't have focused on it twice and not show us. They'll circle back to it. 


I think why the other Tea Party girls think Yujin is okay and Ryok is not is because of the Fins. While yes they like Yujin more than Ryok, it is the Fins attacking them that they are really afraid of. While Sparkling aren't unknown they are not big enough to enact a response if people see them hanging out. 


Also they are just biased because of Ryok reputation, which they have mentioned twice now as negative. They are listening to the rumors about him vs what Maha has told them about him. 

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They just released the text preview for upcoming episode. Gosh, i am on the edge while waiting for episode 7.


Maha will get helped by Hyuk and Do Jin to visit Kwon Ryuk while he's in hospital. Maha couldn't get inside because of Fins and Fins only allowed Larima since she's closed with SHAX. 

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Ryuk and Maha dating is like a romantic comedy of errors. Half the time I'm laughing and other half worried about them being found out!


But the mountains even have people with telescopic lenses , I guess.


I hope that NOG president falls flat on his proud "behind"! I hate how he creates division among the Shax members!

And now his evil plan is frame Maha for dating Ryuk I guess.

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I thought this episode will be full of angst but I guess the next episode will take that spot instead.


Thank god, Ryuk's injuries were not that serious but it's funny that Ryuk himself and the members act so unconcerned about the injuries that it looks like Maha and the manager are the ones who overreacted instead :sweatingbullets:. Lol at Ryuk's taking advantage of the manager's guilt to meet Maha. The manager was so focused on bringing Maha to Ryuk that he almost left Hyuk and Dojin hehehe. Hyuk and Dojin are the best wingmen in supporting their love and Ryuk is a lucky man to have them as members.


Finally, we got the confession and genuine first kiss scene :wub:. After confirming each other's feelings, they were so in love that their sweetness almost gives me diabetes :D. The way they keep meeting every day makes me feel that the only way to solve it is for them to live together lol. Their struggle to find a safe dating spot is kinda bittersweet actually because they deserve to date freely but the fans and media will always watching them. Seriously, I suggest graveyard as the safest place to date from what I learn in Cheat on Me if You Can because if you can hide a body there, then it must be safer for dates hehehe ;). The only downside is there could be ghosts instead of people :sweatingbullets:.


Both Yujin and La Rima accepted them dating quite well but saying that if they break up, both are ready to snatch him/her :P We see the softer side of La Rima, her caring for the trainees of the same agency because she knows and understand the hardship. I kinda side-eyed Ryuk for being late for the ad filming and took his time messaging Maha after meeting her a few minutes ago but I can let it slide since this boy is whipped as heck.


No, Hyunji! Just be yourself and make a move on Yujin because he has gave up on Maha already but you don't know yet. Ria is playing hard to get and Lee Hyun is showing more emotions because of Ria than Ryuk's accident like damn bro. Also Lee Hyun using that Person A and B scenario on Ryuk and Ryuk wants him to change it to C and D because A and B has their happy ending already :D


Oh no! They got caught by a reporter and now they are being threatened. I know it's bad but can we sacrifice Kim Jimin instead? Okay, no. I don't want them to get exposed but I think it's just a matter of time actually so I hope they can be strong and overcome the obstacles together and never give up!  :rickroll:

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- Was I imagining things or was the person who delivered Sparkling's chicken order the manager that abandoned Maha at the film site. If not, they look alike. 


- I love Ryok and his manager. They have some of the best scenes, and are my second favorite duo in this show. They all thought something was wrong with him, but he was just sleepy. The back seat texting by the manager. :joy:


- My favorite duo in this show is Hyuk and Do-jin. I love all of their scenes. From their scenes with Maha, the manager, and Ryok. They are my fav side characters. 


- When Maha started crying Ryok should have gotten up instead of waiting. But I think he was shocked that she was that upset. I love the confession and the kiss after. 


- I thought Ria would be more angry about the relationship. It was Ria who had the big reaction against the relationship so why would they be worried about telling Hyunji? Also Hyunji don't try to imitate Maha, be your own person, its like Yujin trying to copy Ryok. It doesn't work.


- I like how Ji Hak is protective of Maha but still kinda supportive


- Ryok stop making it so obvious that your are dating, you do not smile in public normally so don't start now. Neither of them are subtle.


- I like how Yujin an LaRima handled the news of their relationship. It was mature and respectful. I was actually happily surprised, especially LaRima's reaction. They way she talked to Maha last time I thought she would have more of a adverse reaction. I actually liked Yujin's conversation with Ryok. 


- I love Ria and Lee Hyun, I think his interest in her is cute. I just wish we had some indication of her feelings. Like does she like him but is avoiding him cause he is Shax OR she is not interested in him at all. We are not sure yet. I wonder what he is doing with her song. 

- Also C plus D cause A and B is taken.:joy: Ryok should have told Lee Hyun to ask Hyuk/Do Jin instead. 


I love the main couple and all of their scenes, they are adorable. This drama continues to be one of my favorites surprisingly. 


From the preview it looks like the pics were taken by the NOG CEO's people, so I don't understand why he would let it go public. Unless it is part of some plan with an assist from the Omega CEO. Next episode it feels like things start going wrong. 

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I haven't watched the full episode yet, but I know he suggests a break up at the end. I am only okay with this if he explains to Maha about the pictures and that he wants to protect her.


If he pulls some garbage about protecting her by not telling her the truth. By pretending its for some other reason, then I will be super annoyed. 

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