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[Drama 2021] Voice 4, 보이스4


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On 8/2/2021 at 2:10 PM, mtracy07 said:

Btw, even without officially announcing S5, I believe that the next season is going to be thrilling and exciting.


On 8/3/2021 at 9:16 AM, princesshera said:

As soon as they mentioned about fabre lab in the last episode, i knew there was going to be a link to BSJ. and yes, he appeared. so am hoping and anticipating Voice 5. :partyblob:

Actually, when season 3 ended, there was a news from the studio or CJ entertainment that Ma Ji-won had written the story till Season 5. So, I wasn't surprised at all with the ending and I thought everyone knows this because Bang Jesoo need closure and we cant leave him wandering around in Season 3. Suddenly, he become my favorite guy lol. He has angelic face, the less scary villain, but he is the last man standing. I want to see more of his skills, he is an ex-UDT marine afterall.


On 8/2/2021 at 2:10 PM, mtracy07 said:

Also, c’mon, not all of GTT’s captains died. MJH is still alive and I really hope that we’ll get to see MJH again (even if it’s a cameo) before they conclude the series!!!

Voice Japan Season 2 is still lead by the same character as Moo Jinhyuk who came back after his son being cured in US. But in Korean case, different from Baek Sunghyun who was absent due to military duty and return in Season 4, I heard Jang Hyuk isnt interested at playing in the sequel. It's in general, not only in VOICE, that's why they wrap new story and create Do Kangwoo as totally a new character. Cameo is the best thing for Jang Hyuk to appear and I hope he review it.


On 8/2/2021 at 10:05 AM, chickfactor said:

Doesn't Derek have a job at LAPD? Does he just get to hang out in Korea as long as he wants and shoot guns anytime he wants to just like policemen do in the U.S.?

Doesn't Chad tell him to take a vacation and stay in Korea for a while? Actually, 12 of 14 eps happening in Vimo Island just happened in one week. So, think about season 5 wrapped in 1-2 weeks too and then he can return to LA or he'd be deported. But yeah, he's being off of the job and doesnt work as an official cop but GTT must accept his voluntary deed to seek Kwonjoo and Police Agency may hire him personally for that mission only. I think it's just like Do Kangwoo in season 3, he has quitted but then they ask him to work again.


EDIT: I almost forgot that Fabre Lab is location in US so Derek Jo could still take a lead officially if season 5 took place there. But idk about GTT, Korea Police Agency may offer partnership investigation. But will the production team really shoot in US? Let's wait the news. 

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