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[Current Drama 2021] The King’s Affection, 연모 - Mon & Tues @21:30 KST


The Ending, Ji Un's dad the slasher, and keeping their love a secret  

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  1. 1. How do you think the drama will end?

    • Everyone will come to know about Hwi being a girl, and she will escape Joseon to another country with Ji Un with the help of Lee Hyun.
    • Everyone will come to know about Hwi being girl, she will try to run away with Ji Un with either of them dying.
    • Hwi will defeat the evil grandfather and then abdicate her throne to either of Prince Wonsan, Prince Jehyeon or Lee Hyun
    • Hwi will defeat her evil grandfather, gain the power in the court and then reveal to be a woman. She will then rule as the female Regent.
    • I am too lazy to think about the ending, let me enjoy the romance between the leads.
    • To protect her closed ones, Hwi will realize that she needs to have power, and will continue being the King.
    • Something Else (Please mention)
  2. 2. Do you think Ji Un's father will hurt Lee Hwi by attacking her as previews suggest, if not how will she be saved?

    • Yes, he will be successful in hurting her, but not critically.
    • No, Ji Un will come to her rescue before he can hurt her
    • No, Lee Hyun will come to her rescue before he can hurt her
    • No, Kim Ga On will come and save her, once a bodyguard always a bodyguard.
    • No, Commander Yoon will come and save her, maybe even die in the process.
    • Previews are always misleading, and maybe Ji Un's dad will try to save Lee Hwi from an assassin instead of attacking her.
    • Something else (Please mention)
  3. 3. Do you think will Ji Un and Lee Hwi be successful in keeping their relationship a secret?

    • Yes, they are already pretty careless and got themselves get caught with the worst person possible, I am sure more will come to know about it.
    • No, they will make sure to be cautious and not let anyone come to know about.
    • Something else (Please mention)

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Park Eun Bin Transforms Into A Cold And Charismatic Prince For Upcoming Historical Drama

Park Eun Bin Transforms Into A Cold And Charismatic Prince For Upcoming Historical Drama

Sep 8, 2021
by L. Kim

New KBS drama “The King’s Affection” shared a first look of Park Eun Bin in character!

Based on a manhwa (Korean comic), “The King’s Affection” is a historical drama about twins born in the palace. Although one of them is abandoned for being female, she later pretends to be a man and becomes the crown prince when her brother dies.


Park Eun Bin will play the crown prince Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi is the perfect crown prince, skilled at the literary and martial arts and gifted with an elegant beauty. But because of her secret, Lee Hwi never reveals her feelings to the world and keeps a distance between anyone who tries to get close, including the palace ladies.


SF9‘s Rowoon will take the role of Jung Ji Woon, Lee Hwi’s teacher. He is a teacher from the Crown Prince sikangwon, a government office for the sole purpose of educating crown princes. He is described as a handsome man who is bold, persevering, and tenacious, but also tends to take life as it comes and lives free from worldly concerns as an optimist who enjoys life. As the son of a government official in the Saheonbu (an investigative government office), his future seemed clearly set out for him. However, there was a reason that he chose to go his own path and leave the easy road behind.


The newly released stills show Lee Hwi, a woman of royal blood who carries a heavy secret. She appears cold on the outside, but she has a hot temper. She exudes cool charisma and noble aura that make her seem unapproachable. Lee Hwi puts on a hard front in order to hide the truth. She has become used to loneliness, fear, and pain, and her thorny personality only gets sharper day by day.


Then one day, Jung Ji Woon appears into Lee Hwi’s life. He keeps crossing the line between them that causes her to become disarmed. Although she tries to keep her distance from him, her icy heart will naturally melt, and she will experience love for the first time.


The production team shared, “With just her eyes, Park Eun Bin is showing an impressive performance by creating an unapproachable aura of the imperative crown prince Lee Hwi. Please pay a lot of attention and give a lot of love to her acting skills and new charms that will fill Lee Hwi’s special story with delicate emotions.”


“The King’s Affection” will premiere on October 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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Wow I am impress! This is the first time when our leading lady that cross-dress pulls it off!! She doesn’t come across as a girl donning a guy’s costume; which is the point! The androgynous look was achieved; if I didn’t know of her before and I could have been convinced that it is a pretty guy! 

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  • Lmangla changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Affection, 연모 - Mon & Tues @21:30 KST, premiers Oct 11

New Casting News!:).


NohSangBo confirmed joining KBS drama TheKingsAffection, he will act as Park Bum-doo who is a Sikangwon’s literature and with a genius brain but gets smaller in front of ParkEunBin. Broadcast on October 11.



KBS drama TheKingsAffection> still cuts, broadcast on October 11.



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  • ferily changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] The King’s Affection, 연모 - Mon & Tues @21:30 KST
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