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[Drama 2021] Miss Monte Cristo, 미스 몬테크리스토

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The guy thought he was going to propose to EJ, lost his memory. I thought omg another one. The ML in A Good Supper has also lost his memory, he is just as insipid as Uni oppa, but there is no love triangle like in Miss M. Thankfully evil HR snapped him out of it and he was shocked to know he had a son. 

Poor New mum thinks her daughter is alive but the idiot Mr. Na is smarter than anyone and has found people who knew GH. But they keep saying EJ. She only wore EJ's coat before she died? Why are others saying EJ?


I hope EJ figures out the woman she gave the coat to was GH and she's dead. New mum has vascular dementia?  Dementia is petrifyng enough vascular too? I don't know all this being a techie person myself.:lol:

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2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

you right nothing phase her , she know he know what she did , rather than hiding she run to him , like nothing happened  :mrgreen:

** love how she always surprised with other reaction to her wild action 

am more surprised that bomi didn't get slapped back... 


23 minutes ago, maribella said:

New mum has vascular dementia?  Dementia is petrifyng enough vascular too? I don't know all this being a techie person myself.

and here is kdrama teaching me about yet another medical condition.... 


this is from NHS (UK):

Vascular dementia is a common type of dementia caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. It's estimated to affect around 150,000 people in the UK. Dementia is the name for problems with mental abilities caused by gradual changes and damage in the brain.

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so the woman EJ gave the coat to was the real GH,  wonder, so someone killed her? how did she find herself in this river? was it an accident? would be fun to see what happened to her

poor New mom

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...this show is WILD.




How crazy was HARA today? That last scene with SH gave me CHILLS. We all knew she was certifiably evil but after today, there is no mistaking it. She truly doesn't regret what she's done. In fact, when she's not wallowing in self-pity and selfishness, she's revelling in the fact that she destroyed three lives (among other things). HR was always dangerous, but now, she gives no...well you know. Not anymore. No matter what happens to her, the damage has been done. At this point, she just wants to see the world burn. How do you fight that? No wonder Miss M is emotionally. You're staring at the literal devil in the face - you're bound to be shaken and stirred.




And SH - he's certifiable in a different sort of way. Again, I won't think I want Miss M with either man. This man just found out the truth about five years ago and what does he do? He tells HJ to make EJ happy? LIKE WHAT?! Where's the alpha wolf in you, man? How are you gonna try to choke the life outta HR one minute and put your tail in between your legs the next?! GET IT TOGETHER, SON!




Now, the truth about the real GH is going to come out soon and New Mom, in true revenge drama fashion, has been diagnosed with an illness. DEMENTIA even. I know not everyone feels this way but this is the first time in a long while where I have no idea how a drama is going to play out. People are doing stupid stuff but everyone has gray shades and everyone is dealing with a setback right now. I guess we'll find out soon enough!


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HAra is crazy , she do whatever other advice her not to do :D


Bomi : he areas everything cos you’re a nightmare :sweat_smile:





Hara: he is my destiny  :sweatingbullets:








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Somebody, get BM a boyfriend, a dog, a cat is something. She is beyond annoying, I want to slap her and I am against violence.


Why is keeping the truth, concerning and the family he had craved, in the custody of a sister? It would have been easier for SH to know the truth before HJ-EJ paired together. If he cracks, it's his lot. 

edit: I am getting kdrama brain, how could I ask why BM did what she did. It is in the script. :lol:

I really don't like Mr. Na playing smart. HJ would be more logical. 
I see New mum changing her will then finding out GH is really dead. Then she goes completely bonkers and ends up in an asylum.

I hope this has a happy ending, with everyone going bonkers. :Megalol:viewers too.

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1 hour ago, backstreetboysfan said:

I feel so bad for SH, I just want SH and EJ to be happy.

@backstreetboysfan I feel bad for SH and EJ too. Poor guy thinks it is his fault EJ was targeted. In today’s episode Do You KNOW WHAT I INTERPRETED??? EJ , SH , NEW MOM, HR are CRAZY!!!  Each of them are now living in hell from their most painful Pain. Each don’t know how to deal with it.

HR - -> Still can’t quiet understand that SH will never love her because he doesn’t find her attractive. He loves only EJ. 
SH - -> He fell in love with a girl who wasn’t poor , so he worked hard to support his family and build a life to a lifestyle she is accustomed too but in truth she only wants him. He fell for a girl who was kind, very naive and so simple 

EJ - ->. Fell for a man, who makes her happy, spoils her the best way he can and wishes to give her the world. A man who wanted her all to himself.  They voted to mates like wolves “ Only person to love their whole lifetime “. 

NEw Mom truthfully I don’t care for her but she crazy







Hoon - -> Thid little boy will be used to keep a control over SH. We need something to break the awful bind between HR and SH. This will be a bigger blow to SH for to really lose it on HR. 


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What will we get tonight? Or rather what is this revenge EJ has planned?. Now that New mum looks like letting her go ( or chasing her out?) what can happen? I hope she does not do that. Her daughter is dead. 

I forgot to put another one for the 50 things I learned from Kdramas


       Korean preschoolers may be 4 years old but they look 7 like Hoon.

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what easy job is to break & entry to any house in kdrama


1 -  leave the DOOR OPEN  - you need to be welcoming   :D 



2- save thief TIME & ENERGY  prepared the thing the thief want  ON THE TABLE so doesn’t mess out the room while searching :w00t:




3 - for INSURANCES PURPOSES  make yourself running after them :sweatingbullets:




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They are really dragging it.

Yes @Ameera Ali after all she's left her designs in the competition  in an unlocked drawer, why not all other evidence?


How can anyone waltz into a penthouse bedroom? No guard, no card, no alarm? Oops I forgot, stupid script.


So what is our Soompi verdict? Is the real GH alive? Or it's part of Evil Stepmum's plan?


16 more episodes, so I am thinking of a new scenario. SH wants to give EJ her lost memory. He and EJ will die for some reason and the ending will be the three of them in the sky like the ending of Temptation of Wife - I really laughed then, really - Uni oppa, EJ and baby Star. HR  saw the two of them together before going completely crazy, she goes to the criminally insane asylum. The rest to prison, leaving very few good people left.


In the preview, SH becomes the wedding coordinator but the wedding is also 'tomorrow'?


That's the wedding of the year of 2 corporations and the relatives get gold bars. That would take 9 months to 1 year of planning. This writer is too much. No respect for viewers' intelligence.

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Exactly what I was stewing about, @maribella.  And how about finding a hair on a coat to get a DNA test with ???'s hair?!  What the #$%!   As we say when the drama goes bonkers, the writer has jumped the shark.  All I see are loose ends flopping around like spaghetti.  :thumbsdown:

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] Miss Monte Cristo, 미스 몬테크리스토

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