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[Drama 2021] Move to Heaven, 무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다


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1 hour ago, K-dramafan22 said:

Would there be a season 2 for this drama?  

Season 1 was enjoyable.

This boy is a good actor in the making... like his acting so far.




I hope there is S2 for Move to Heaven.


Yes, TJS is indeed a promising actor as his young age.



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Bibi, "I feel like I'm going to die of dry tears"... 'I'm a keepsake organizer' exceptional review




Singer Bibi shared her review of Netflix's work.On this 30th August, Vivi posted a capture of playing the Netflix original series 'Move to Heaven: I'm a Keeper' on his Instagram story.

Along with this, he added, "This is fun. I feel like I'm going to die from tears, but it's fun and I'm happy." It seems that he shared his emotions with his fans after seeing the work.

Netflix's original series 'Move to Heaven: I'm a Keeper' is a work inspired by the non-fiction essay 'Things left behind' by Kim Sae-byeol, the first generation of domestic memorabilia. Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, Hong Seung-hee, Ji Jin-hee, and Lee Jae-wook appeared on Netflix last May.


As the various stories left behind by the deceased were unfolded through the pure and unbiased eyes of Gru, who has Asperger's syndrome, it is estimated that Bibi was also moved with tears in her eyes.

Singer-songwriter Bibi recently made her debut as actress Kim Hyung-seo through the horror movie 'The Sixth Story of a Girl's High School Ghost: Old School'.




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“Move To Heaven” And “Sweet Home” Take Home Awards At 2021 Asia Contents Awards



Oct 7, 2021
by C. Hong

The 2021 Asia Contents Awards has announced its winners!

On October 7, the third annual Asia Contents Awards took place, which honors dramas from Asian countries. Netflix’s “Move to Heaven,” which stars Lee Je Hoon and Tang Joon Sang, won three awards, including Best Creative, Best Writer, and Actor of the Year. Netflix’s “Sweet Home” won three awards as well, including Song Kang for the ACA Excellence Award and Go Min Si for Best Newcomer (Female).

For Actor of the Year, Lee Je Hoon said, “It was a great happiness just for me to be able to meet people in the role of Jo Sang Goo in ‘Move to Heaven,’ but now that I have the honor of receiving Actor of the Year, I am sincerely grateful. The director, writer, producers, actors, and crew members worked really hard in order to make this production happen. Finally, I want to thank the viewers as well.”

Yoon Ji Ryun, who wrote “Move to Heaven” and won Best Writer, said, “I was lost and couldn’t figure out why I should keep writing. When I had to write something, I thought that I wanted to share sincere grief for those who left this world while lonely and were not able to receive true comfort in their lives. I am grateful to Netflix, CEO Kim Min Young, the production staff, director, and actors for giving me this opportunity when I was about to give up. I am grateful for the people who told me that they wanted to live more fully and become better people after watching the drama.”

Song Kang said in a video message, “Thank you so much. 2021 was a very meaningful year for me. I am grateful to the directors, staff members, and cast members who helped me get to where I am today. Everyone, have a good year.”

After “Move to Heaven” won Best Creative, Tang Joon Sang said, “Even though I didn’t receive the Best Newcomer Award, I am honored and happy that a project that I appeared in has won such a big award. Thank you to the director, writer, CEO, staff members, and cast members. Thank you to the Netflix representatives and all the viewers who showed their love for ‘Move to Heaven.'”


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Lee Je-hoon on K-drama 'Move To Heaven': 'I don’t think I read a single episode without crying


Actor Lee Je-hoon is so proud to be part of the new drama Move To Heaven that he hopes viewers will watch this series first before his other projects.

“All of my works are important to me but I think Move To Heaven is really something else, ” shared the 36-year-old Korean during a virtual press conference to talk about the K-drama available on Netflix.


One reason why he wishes Move To Heaven has a larger audience is because he feels the series tells poignant stories within its 10 episodes that are relatable to today’s society, where many people lead solitary lives and ultimately go through lonely deaths.

“The disconnection and lack of communication within our society today is prevalent, ” elaborated Lee, the star of critically acclaimed series Signal and the on-going revenge thriller Taxi Driver.


“As a member of the modern society, I think these are issues that we should not overlook.

“I personally felt it while working on the series. I hope the viewers will also relate to the stories and that the message will resonate with them as well. I hope it will make them look around themselves and remember they’re members of the community.”


Move To Heaven is based on an essay collection Things Left Behind by Kim Sae-byul, CEO of a trauma cleaning service business.

Trauma cleaning is an occupation in South Korea that refers to those hired to sort out the belongings left behind by people who either died with no family members to take care of their things, or the death is too tragic for the family members to do the cleaning themselves.

The series centres on one such trauma cleaning service called Move To Heaven, manned by Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang), his uncle Sang-gu (Lee) and Geu-ru’s friend Na-mu (Hong Seung-hee).

While these deaths they encounter are lonely, sudden and, sadly, neglected, Geu-ru – a young man with Asperger syndrome – tries to make sense of what the deceased had left behind to ensure his or her story stays alive.

It is these re-examinations of those who have died that will tug at viewers’ heartstrings every single time.

Lee confessed that he experienced “a whirlwind of emotions” just reading the script.

“It was amazing how much the stories in the script resonated with me, ” said Lee.

“I don’t think I read a single episode without crying. I felt very connected to the characters in the series.”




Likewise, 17-year-old Tang (Crash Landing On You) admitted he cried when reading the script and sometimes when filming the more emotional scenes.

“Just reading the script left me with a heavy heart, ” disclosed Tang, who is half-Malaysian.

“I’ve lived quite a short span of 19 years only (Korean age). And yet, working on the series made me think back on my life and what happened in my life.”

Tang added: “My tears did come rolling down while filming some scenes. But I tried to control my emotions and get into Geu-ru’s head space, and be as vacant as possible.”

Due to his disorder, Geu-ru has problems with social interaction as his mind works in a more logical manner and is not led by emotions.

This is a good thing as Geu-ru has an unwavering commitment to trauma cleaning without feeling prejudiced or biased towards the living and the dead.


With Geu-ru resolute about his mission to look into a dead person’s past, Sang-gu is somewhat dragged into helping his nephew.

Inevitably, Geu-ru is able to change his uncle, who is wary of everyone around him.

“My character has always been lonely and thought he would remain this way, ” divulged Lee.

“But when he becomes part of the trauma cleaning service, and hears the untold stories left behind by the dead, Sang-gu slowly changes.”

As Geu-ru and Sang-gu encounter a variety of stories in the process of trauma cleaning, audiences will be introduced to an array of characters in the series.

And they are played by familiar faces in the K-drama scene.

Among the actors featured in the show are Ji Jin-hee (as Geu-ru’s father), Lee Moon-sik, Lim Won-hee, Sooyoung, Lee Jae-wook, Kwon Soo-hyun, Kim Cheol-yun, Lee Joo-sil and Lee Eol.

According to director Kim Sung-ho, it was important to feature familiar faces so viewers could empathise with the characters easily and quickly, as these secondary characters only make brief appearances on the show.

“We wanted actors who could portray the deaths and the stories of the deceased in an organic way that would not feel contrived or dishonest so that audiences can find them authentic,” he reasoned.

Kim, a film director who is helming a TV drama for the first time, said Move To Heaven gave him a chance to work with actors that he’s a fan of and those he respects.

“I asked these actors if they wanted to be part of the series and they said yes. So, we were able to assemble an ‘Avengers-level’ cast to create a great series together, ” Kim explained of the seasoned and new actors that make up the series’ impressive talent pool.




The director also revealed the reasons why he took on this project.

“When I was working on my previous film, I was able to truly experience how a film can comfort the viewers, ” stated Kim of his 2018 film Notebook From My Mother, which dealt with dementia in the elderly.

“I was actually unaware of the occupation of trauma cleaners. And when I looked into it – you know, the way these people are able to hear and feel the untold stories of those who have passed on and the amount of power that the stories must have – I was really moved to direct the series.”

He continued: “I know that a lot of content these days have to do with escapism. But I think that it would be a better experience for us if we actually use it as an opportunity to look around our reality rather than to escape it.

“As the series deals with grief and mourning, I feel like it would comfort, and console audiences.

“I truly hope that Move To Heaven will extend a supportive hand to anyone who watches it.”





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An article....


The story of loneliness, a distant but close story


Honey-like relaxation time given to me after a busy weekday. On weekends, I spend time lying in bed and watching movies or TV shows on my smartphone. Saturday a few weeks ago. I was lying in bed that day as well, choosing a drama to watch over the weekend. Among them, the cover of a drama in which my favorite actor is the main character caught my eye and I unconsciously pressed the watch button. I went through the drama with a light heart, saying that I would appreciate the actor's face, but by the time I saw the last episode, a sad feeling settled in my heart.


The drama that stimulated my tear glands is [Move to Heaven: I am a keepsake organizer]. As the title suggests, it is a story about not organizing the belongings, and at the same time contains a rather heavy theme of the history of loneliness. A number of people were introduced, including a young man who had to end his life alone in a gosiwon after being seriously injured while working, a security guard who endured abuse by the residents, an overseas adoptee who was adopted to the United States but became stateless after being adopted, and a victim of dating violence.


Can these episodes shown in the drama be seen as different from our reality? No, maybe reality is a little harsher. Not long ago, I had an interview with a local memorabilia organizer to cover an article about the history of loneliness. I asked them, "What was the most heartbreaking case of working as an item organizer?", and the stories they told came more sad than watching the drama.


more http://m.joongdo.co.kr/view.php?key=20220109010001602

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