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hmmm weird there is no topic on karas ??.......anyone watch this anime OVA ??.....its out till ep.3 only there are 6 in total........one of the coolest animation graphics ^^ image002ogs.jpg


Karas tells the story of Otoha, a former yakuza, living in a fictional version of ShinjukuTokyo populated by humans and yōkai (Japanese spirits). He is one of the titular karas, humans appointed as superpowered agents of the land. Able to transform into a car, an aircraft, and an armored crusader; the skilled swordsman is to stop his corrupt predecessor, Eko, from taking over Tokyo. Supporting characters such as Eko's former henchman, Nue; the yōkai; and Homura, the karas of another city, help Otoha in his quest. A concurrent side story focuses on humans affected by Eko's scheme.

Anime Episodes: 6 OVAs



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