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Rainbow Gala

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hello everyone, this years Rainbow Gala has a huge change due to the pandemic as some booth doesn’t allow people to do interviews or allow us to take pictures of the cosplayers. I respect the protection policies that the event holders have made, but the hall was still packed with prolonged line up and thank god for the separate section for ticket booth. media registration is on the 6th floor of the convention hall.


also this year a few cosplay company became event supporters as some of the event from last year was cancelled so this year to increase more fandom, they allowed more cosplayer to come and hold a open booth on the 6th floor and I saw some recognised cosplayer.

some of the event pictures might be shared on my Instagram, as for my point of view, although the pandemic has caused a lot of problems.... we cosplayers want to support as much as possible to small businesses. 

to the organisers and sponsors of the event, I am so thankful!! and to all cosplayer and event comers thank you for all the support! 



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although the line up to the event was long, a lot of misunderstanding and although the staff was trying their best, everyone who when to the 3rd floor to buy the tickets really didn't know the 6th floor also had a ticket booth, although the time setting and the ticket arrangement first come first serve was a little long and misunderstanding, i think everyone did their best. there was some misunderstanding for some press holders, but not a big deal so no worries.

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