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usagi is back with some fact that ACGHK 2021 is back in business, but due to the airport is still locked down, I am not sure if some of the international cosplayers who are coming this year will be able to enter as well as the 21 day quarantine is enabled so there are some problems here, on you have to arrive in china stay there for 21 days before travelling to hong kong for the event and get another 21 quarantine, so yeah we do have some problem there... without residences there is a problem to come directly in so yeah.

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original comic storyline competition, currently for hong kong resident and resident outside mainland china. deadline to sending document is on 2021/5/31 - HK Time 6PM 

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日期:2021年7月23-26日 (五~一)
申請截止日期:6月5日 (六) 23:00
歡迎各ACG愛好者參加, 一連4日於廣大觀眾前展示你的創作!
如有任何查詢, 請whatsapp +852 9045 5451
Right now Doujin booth are open of registration, the date of the ending registration shouold be on June 5th 11PM HKT.
If there is anything you would like to know or understand please email or whatsapp the event holders or directly PM me and I'll try and get you some help or directly email them.
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