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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传


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image source: wiki-addicts


Title: 飞狐外传 /Fei Hu Wai Zhuan (based on the novel by Jin Yong)
English title: Side Story of Fox Volant aka The Young Flying Fox 
Genre: Wuxia Traditional
Director: Lian Yi Ming
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date:  Aug 31, 2022 - Oct 6, 2022


Team Production:

Consultant: Zhang Jizhong

Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong

Producer: Zhao Jie

Art Director: Liu Jing Ping


Qin Jun Jie as Hu Fei
Liang Jie as Yuan Ziyi
Xing Fei as Cheng Lingsu
Lin Yu Shen as Miao Renfeng
Peter Ho
Ye Xiang Ming
Huang Meng Ying
Liu Yu Feng
Hai Ling
Zhao Ying Zi
Zhou Xiao Ou
Yu Rong Guang
Pan Hong
Hei Zi
Wang Hui Chun
Li Mu Chen


The story is set in China during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (r1735–1796) of the Qing dynasty. The protagonist, Hu Fei, is a young martial artist who was raised by Ping Asi after the death of his father, Hu Yidao. While travelling around the land in search of adventure, Hu Fei encounters Feng Tiannan, a ruthless villain, and wants to kill him to deliver justice for the victims. He also meets a young maiden, Yuan Ziyi, who shows signs of affection towards him. She stops Hu Fei from killing Feng Tiannan each time when he is close to killing Feng.

Based on what Ping Asi told him, Hu Fei believes that Miao Renfeng is responsible for his father's death. He refrains from killing Miao after finding him, because Miao has been tricked by an enemy and temporarily blinded by a deadly poison. He is so impressed with Miao's sense of chivalry that he starts wondering if Ping Asi was mistaken about Miao. He decides to help Miao and journeys to find a cure for his eyes. He meets Cheng Lingsu, an apprentice of a deceased medicine guru known as the "King of Venoms". Hu Fei witnesses Cheng Lingsu defeating her three wicked seniors with her calm and wit. She agrees to help him cure Miao Renfeng's eyes.

When Miao Renfeng regains his sight, he confesses that he did kill Hu Yidao unintentionally several years ago. Hu Fei is filled with sorrow upon hearing the truth and he leaves with Cheng Lingsu. Cheng Lingsu and Hu Fei become sworn siblings. While travelling together, they chance upon an election for a new leader of the wulin (martial artists' community) hosted by the general Fuk'anggan. The election is part of Fuk'anggan's plan to instigate turmoil in the wulin and keep it under the Qing government's control. Hu Fei and Cheng Lingsu disguise themselves and participate in the event. With help from Yuan Ziyi, the trio combine efforts to expose Fuk'anggan's plot and disrupt the election.

They are attacked by enemies and Hu Fei is poisoned while shielding Cheng Lingsu with his body. Cheng loses her life trying to save Hu and reveals to him before dying that she loves him. Hu is filled with anguish after hearing that. After Cheng's funeral, he meets Yuan Ziyi, who tells him that she had already taken an oath to be a Buddhist nun in her childhood, and hence cannot be together with him even though she loves him. She places her palms together and recites a silent prayer for him before leaving.

(Source: Wikipedia)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**







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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Young Flying Fox 飞狐外传

just info for the actor/actress


Lin Yu Shen = Yang Xiao in hsds 2019

Liang Jie = Su Yin in handsome siblings 2020

Peter Ho = Sword Dynasty, Sword Master

Qin Jun Jie = Legend of Chusen 1,2 , listening snow tower, etc

Hei Zi = 4 different ROCH adaptations, Xie Xun hsds 2019

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] The Young Flying Fox 飞狐外传

The synopsis is quite detailed.

To the point that it literally says there is no happy ending.

Oh well, I hope the synopsis will look better (?) after filming. 

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] The Young Flying Fox 飞狐外传 starring Qin Jun Jie & Liang Jie
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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] The Young Flying Fox 飞狐外传, premieres Aug 31, starring Qin Jun Jie & Liang Jie
  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传, premieres Aug 31, starring Qin Jun Jie & Liang Jie
  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传

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