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EVENT: Tweak my oppa! - COMPETITION


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2 hours ago, partyon said:

The deadline has been reached, and we will not be allowing any more submissions.


Thank you all for your wonderful pictures.


Most of you who created several pictures for Category 1 and 2 have been contacted personally, but we'd like to re-iterate the next steps here.


For the vote, we will be allowing:

Category 1: max 2 pictures/person

Category 2: 1 picture/person

Category 3: No limitations


This is due to technical limitations in the platform's poll functionality.


In case you haven't already let us know which pictures you would like to include in the poll, please let us know asap either by PM or by tagging us here. Also, if you forgot to give your work a name, please do so now!


We would like to kick off the poll tomorrow (Monday), so in case we don't hear back from you, we EOs will have to pick the picture we deem as the best / most suitable.

This notice concerns the people who submitted multiple pictures in Cat1 and/or Cat2:

@azureblue7 @Rogue85 @frozentundra @louie_999@JJS's Fan-atics@Gretule @Combsmania @k8telyn @Romulan


Also, twin @Abs_ triggered I am not fully clear on which pictures you want included in the poll. :joy: As far as I can tell you have one pic for Category 3, but you might have multiple pics for Category 2. In case we don't hear back from you, we will choose LMH. :joy:


For @joccu @kokodus @gm4queen @Min2206@ibru @nrllee no action will be required from you, unless you forgot to give your picture a name. In that case, please give it a name. :kiss_wink:


Thank you for your help!


Anneyong, unnie. I already sent a private pm for my final submission. Thank you so much and gudluck to everyone. Have a nice evening


Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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5 hours ago, Abs_ triggered said:

@partyon  so LMH approved can’t I enter with truck of doom too  , they say don’t put all your eggs in one baskets :joy:


thanks for you @partyon , @Sleepy Owl , @Lmangla for the event we appreciate all your hard work :heart:

Yes, we are including your truck of doom pic in Category 3 . :kiss_wink:


Thanks for participating, twin!

Happy Joy GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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