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[Drama 2021] Koo Kyung-Yi/ Inspector Koo, 구경이


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Drama 2021

Koo Kyung-Yi/A Wonderful Sight





Drama:Koo Kyung-Yi /Wonderful Goo Kyung Yi/A Wonderful Sight/ Inspector Koo

Hangul: 구경이

Genre: black comedy,crime,  action


Episodes: 12

Director: Lee Jeong Heum (Nobody Knows, Falsify)

Writer: Sung Cho Yi (co-writer Misty)

Release Date: October 30, 2021- December 12, 2021

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday, 22:30

Production Company:


OST: part 1 TRPP-Yeah(Round and Round)

         part 2 하진(HAJIN) - UP

         part 3 SURL(설) - Watch Me
            part 4 TRPP - Liars (I feel alive), Chi-Chi’s Theme

           part 5 INNI (이니) - Surf (서핑)



Official site:




The drama is a female centric action thriller depicting a breathtaking encounter between a female detective in her 40s, a former police officer and now an incumbent insurance investigator and a female university student who’s a serial killer.


Adapted from BBC’s acclaimed Killing Eve.



Lee Young Ae as Goo Young yi

Kim Hye Jun as Song Yi-kyung/K

Kwak Sun-young as Na Je-Hee

Kim Hae Sook as Director Yong

Lee Hong Nae as Gun-wook

Cho Hyun Chul as Oh Kyung-soo

Baek Sung Chul as Santa

Kwak Sun Young as


Character descriptions


Koo Kyung Yi is a former cop has become a recluse after the death of her husband. Now works as an insurance investigator. She has a tendency to be suspicious of others, but has a knack for sniffing out the culprit and always wears a signature long coat. Once a case is closed though, she’s quick to return home and celebrate alone with a glass of whisky.

() is a college student with a hip and colorful personality, but a dark soul. Her colorfulness hides the fact that she’s responsible for a series of murders.












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Lee Young-ae returns to broadcast after 4 years in drama'Koo Gyeong-i




Hallyu star actor Lee Young-ae returns to broadcast after four years with the drama'Koo Gyeong-i'. 'Koo Gyeong-i' is a drama about the process of investigating a murder case disguised as a complete crime by an insurance investigator Kyeong-i.


We are excited to see what kind of acting Lee Young-ae, who has met viewers through her historical drama work through'Dae Jang Geum' (2003) and'Saimdang Light's Diary' (2017), will perform in a contemporary drama with her comedy added. Lee Young-ae is expected to play Kyeong-i, who is an insurance investigator from the police, who is interested only in solving unprecedented cases rather than realizing justice.


PD Lee Jung-heum of dramas'Nobody Knows' and'Manipulation' was directed, and co-writer Sung Choi was in charge of the screenplay. This work, co-produced by Keyeast, who produced'Hyena' and'Health Teacher Eunyoung Ahn', and Group 8, who produced'Gung', Boys over Flowers', and'My ID is Gangnam Beauty', is aimed to be aired in the second half of this year. Shooting begins in June.





Actor Lee Young-ae confirmed her appearance in'Koo Gyeong-i', which is counted as her best anticipated work in the second half of her, and announced her return to the drama after 4 years.




“Koo Gyeong-i” is a full-fledged hard-boiled chase comedy genre that depicts the investigation process of Kyeong-i, an insurance investigator who investigates a murder case disguised as a complete crime.


Keyeast's CEO Park Seong-hye said, “As actor Lee Young-ae, who is impressed with his full-bodied acting in each work, chose it as a returning work after hard work, I expect that this work will capture not only Korean fans but also Hallyu fans around the world with a new look that has never been before.” .


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Update: Lee Young Ae Confirmed To Star In Crime Action Comedy Drama



Jan 21, 2021
by J. K

Updated March 17 KST:

Lee Young Ae is confirmed to return to the small screen with “Koo Kyung Yi” (literal title)!

On March 17, KeyEast officially announced that Lee Young Ae was cast in the drama.

“Koo Kyung Yi” is described as a hard-boiled investigative comedy drama that centers around the insurance investigator Koo Kyung Yi who investigates a murder case. Lee Young Ae will take on the role of Koo Kyung Yi, an intelligent woman who solves cold cases for the thrill of cracking the case rather than for bringing justice to the world. By hook or by crook, she ferociously chases the truth behind every case.

KeyEast’s CEO Park Sung Hye shared, “Actress Lee Young Ae, who moves hearts with her passionate acting in every project she takes on, has chosen this drama to make her return after careful deliberation. She is expected to capture the hearts of domestic fans and hallyu fans around the world alike with a new side she has never shown before.”

Source (1)

Original Article:

Lee Young Ae is considering a comeback with a new drama!

On January 21, it was reported by Ilgan Sports that the actress would be returning to the drama world through the show “Incredible Koo Kyung Yi” (literal title). The drama, described as an Asian version of the show “Killing Eve,” is reported to be a female-centered action chase thriller about the battle of a detective in her 40s who’s a former police officer but now an insurance investigator against a female university student who’s a serial killer.

Ilgan Sports reports that the former cop has become a recluse after the death of her husband, while the student is colorful and hip but has a dark heart. Lee Young Ae is described as up for the role of Koo Kyung Yi, who is a new type of private detective with an extraordinary brain, and she’s a natural-born homebody who wants to immediately head home for whiskey with peanuts once a case is over.

The same day, a representative from Lee Young Ae’s agency Good People Entertainment told EDaily, “She has received an offer for ‘Incredible Koo Kyung Yi’ and is considering it.” They clarified, “It is not confirmed yet.”

The drama is produced by Key East with a script written by rookie co-writer team Sung Cho Yi. It’s helmed by producing director Lee Jung Heum, who has directed dramas including “Nobody Knows” and “Distorted.






Actress Lee Young-ae to return to small screen with new comedy thriller

All News 17:01 March 17, 2021

SEOUL, March 17 (Yonhap) -- South Korean star actress Lee Young-ae will return to the small screen after four years off, with a new comedy thriller, the drama's studio said Wednesday.

Lee, who rose to global stardom for her role in the smash-hit historical drama "Daejanggeum" (2003), will star in the series, tentatively named "Koo Kyung-yi," as an insurance investigator, according to KeyEast.

The series is about an insurance investigator who happens to face a mysterious accident and tries to unearth the truth.

It is her first TV project since the historical romance "Saimdang, Memoir of Colors" (2017).

Director Lee Jung-heum, who made the crime melodrama "Nobody Knows" (2020), will helm the upcoming series, co-produced by KeyEast and Creative Leaders Group 8.

KeyEast said production will start in June but its platform is not yet determined.



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Kwak Sun-young will appear in 'Wonderful View'/Amazing Kyeong-i and meets Lee Young-ae.




As a result of the spo TV news coverage on the 7th, Kwak Sun-young is currently coordinating her appearance after receiving a proposal for the drama'Wonderful View.

'Wonderful Gyeonggi' is a work in the genre of a female action chase thriller that claims the Asian version of the British drama'Killing Eve'. After her husband died, a former police officer and an incumbent insurance investigator, female detective Kyeong-i, is a comical follow-up investigation after the true culprit of a murder disguised as a perfect accident. It is expected that a breathtaking battle between Kyeong-i and a female serial killer will unfold.






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Yey for the update. Thanks.  I've watch the works of the director and the writer. Thumbs up!


 I'm looking forward to this one but this says  'comedy'  in the genre. The writer and director's previous dramas far from comedy.


I wonder who's going to play the character below. Hmm. Who do I think is best suited for this character.  Maybe one of those Kim's or or Go Min Si or Park Si Eun


"() is a college student with a hip and colorful personality, but a dark soul. Her colorfulness hides the fact that she’s responsible for a series of murders."


 I'll keep my eye on this.

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3 hours ago, jongski said:

 I'm looking forward to this one but this says  'comedy'  in the genre. The writer and director's previous dramas far from comedy.


I don`t know how a drama about a serial killer could be a comedy. I guess, it is a black comedy. Let see how this version can make a good black comedy. I have not seen the British series.


I am also curious who will play the colleage student serial killer. From the picture above I thought Kwak Sun Young is the one playing her. But she is 38 and can`t play a colleage student. :w00t: I just realised that I saw her on Hospital Playlist last year.

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Kim Hye-jun and Lee Young-ae acting together? “’Koo Kyung-i’ is being proposed and reviewed”




On the 17th, an official from Kim Hye-joon's management company &mark told YTN star that "Kim Hye-jun has been proposed to appear in'Koo Gyeong-i' and is under consideration."

'Koo Gyeong-i' is a full-fledged hard-boiled follow-up comedy genre that depicts the investigation process of Kyeong-i, an insurance investigator who investigates a murder disguised as a complete crime.

Sung Choi, a promising rookie co-author team from Han Ye-jong, will direct the script, and PD Lee Jeong-heum, who has proven his skills through ‘nobody knows’ and ‘manipulation’


It was confirmed that Kim Hye-jun was offered the role of Song Yi-kyung, a passionate amateur theater actor and a hipster with ample pockets.


(Google translated)





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KEYEAST, TV drama'Koo Gyeong-i''Only one person' JTBC confirmed in the second half of the year


Keyeast has confirmed the formation of the drama'Koo Gyeong-i' and'Only one person' at the same time and is about to shoot in earnest.

Keyeast announced on the 20th the news of the simultaneous confirmation of the formation of the two works in the second half. First, Lee Young-ae's 12-part drama'Koo Gyeong-i', which became a hot topic as a return to the drama after 4 years, is confirmed to air in October as a comprehensive programming channel JTBC Friday and Saturday, and will start filming from June. 'Gukyungyi' is a comical detective in which Kyeonggi, an insurance investigator from the police, whose games and alcohol are everything in the world, uncovers a mysterious serial murder case disguised as an accident.




PD Lee Jeong-heum, who is in charge of directing, has proven his directing performance that does not remain in the thriller's single-line fun through his previous works. The script was written by writer Sung Choi, a rookie team from Han Ye-jong. In addition to Lee Young-ae, a large number of solid supporting actors such as Kwak Sun-young and Kim Hae-sook will participate along with the newcomer Kim Hye-jun, who emerged as the Netflix'Kingdom' series.



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From filming



JTBC drama #Gu Kyung Yi  is filming. It’s not hard at all, it’s fun, it’s happy #Self-hypnosis





Filming for the JTBC drama Gu Kyung Yi was fun Shooting time: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm#October #scheduled to air pounding




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Recently, female epic dramas are looking for the main room in order. I thought there was only jealousy, jealousy, and fights, but now it is making viewers cry and laugh with a more diverse narrative.




JTBC's 'Melodramatic Constitution', which colored the summer of 2019 with sympathy, contains the stories of friends of the same age living in the same house. Im Jin-ju (Chun Woo-hee), Hwang Han-ju (Han Ji-eun), and Lee Eun-jung (Jeon Yeo-bin) heal their wounds and move forward for a better life, drawing deep sympathy for viewers, and among some viewers, it is considered as a 'drama of life'. She also opened a new chapter in 'women's epic drama'.


In the meantime, 'Women's Narrative' has mainly featured stories of women looking at each other as enemies, such as fights and jealousy, but since then, they have been able to increase empathy by containing stories about friendship and loyalty.


tvN's 'Mine', which recently ended, also received applause for its development that outweighed the viewers who judged only on the outside. It was a work that I thought would be just such an affair, but Seo Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) and Jeong Seo-hyeon (Kim Seo-hyung) worked together to break through the common prejudice between East and West, and Kang Ja-kyung (Ok Ja-yeon), who was supposed to be a villain, also joined the women's journey.


Lee Young-ae is going to show her different comics through JTBC's 'Goo Kyung-i', which is her drama comeback after 4 years. It is a comic detective drama about a police officer who is an insurance investigator, who is all about games and alcohol, investigating a mysterious serial murder case that is completely disguised as an accident.


In a situation where the women's drama that escaped the 'obvious relationship' is receiving favorable reviews from viewers, more diverse narratives are expected to fill the CRT. From Son Ye-jin to Lee Young-ae, Moon So-ri, Kim Hee-ae, and the rookie Ahn Eun-jin, expectations are focused on the stories the actresses will fill.






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Interview with Kim Hye-joon as Eun-ju in the movie 'Sinkhole'





Kim Hye-jun met with Star News online on the morning of the 5th and told various stories about the movie 'Sink Hall' (director Kim Ji-hoon).

Actress Kim Hye-jun (26) talked about Lee Young-ae, who will be working with her in her next work, the drama 'Gu Kyung-i'.

Kim Hye-jun, who is about to meet with the audience through 'Sink Hall', is currently filming her next work, the drama 'Gu Kyung-i'. 'Goo Kyung-i' is a comedy detective drama in which a police officer and insurance investigator, who is all about games and alcohol, investigates a mysterious serial murder case that is completely disguised as an accident.


Kim Hye-jun took on the lead role of Kei in the play. Kei is a college student with a bright smile and is a mysterious figure who can't figure out what she is. She was particularly drawn to the collaboration with actress Lee Young-ae, who is making her comeback after four years.


Kim Hye-jun said, "I was so surprised that we were able to film together. I didn't even think about 'I want to try acting with Lee Young-ae' for a long time. I thought, 'How dare you. There is excitement. Even now, I am excited.”



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Gorgeous 'Queens' comeback to small screens, expected dramas in the second half of 2021




As K-contents gained popularity abroad, the popularity of Korean dramas is also rising. In regions such as South America and Asia, there are even dramas going backwards due to the release of the dubbed version. In the second half of this year, two months have already passed, and let's take a look at the dramas expected in the second half of 2021 that will heat up domestic small screens in the second half of 2021.


The drama <Gu Kyungi> is a JTBC drama that is scheduled to air from October. This drama is a comedy detective drama in which a police officer and insurance investigator, Kyeong-i (Lee Young-ae), who is all about games and alcohol, uncovers a mysterious serial murder case that is completely disguised as an accident. In addition to Lee Young-ae, who is returning after 4 years, Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Seon-young, and Kim Hye-joon appear in the drama, raising expectations.


Viewers are already looking forward to the news that the rare queens are making a comeback to the small screen. While a cold wind is blowing in the broadcasters due to the spread of Corona 19, I expect a warm wind to blow in the second half of this year thanks to the performances of the Queens.


(Google translate)




JTBC dramas coming soon



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Jo Hyeon-cheol to appear in JTBC's 'Gu Kyung-i'... Acting along with Lee Young-ae




Actor Jo Hyeon-cheol, who showed a strong acting between good and evil in the Netflix series 'D.P.', is making a comeback to the small screen through JTBC's new Saturday drama 'Gu Kyung-i' (played by Seong-choi/directed by Lee Jeong-heum).


Jo Hyeon-cheol takes on the role of Oh Kyung-soo, an investigator at the insurance company NT Life Insurance. Kyung-soo, who is investigating the case with Goo-gyeong, is expected to add joy and vitality to the play with his sensible, straight-forward appearance and eloquent tone of voice.

The public's attention is already focused on what kind of charm Jo Hyun-chul will show in his next work, who is performing various activities as if he is wearing new clothes in each work.

On the other hand, JTBC's new Saturday and Sunday drama 'Gu Kyungi' is scheduled to air in October.






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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Koo Kyung-Yi/ A Wonderful Sight, 구경이 - Lee Young Ae- Premieres in October
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jtbcdrama instagram update


이영애 컴백! 세상에 없던 독특한 재미
<구경이> 대본 리딩 현장 공개

하드보일드 코믹 추적극
<구경이> 10월 Coming Soon


Lee Young-ae comeback! Unique fun out of the world

<Gu Kyung-i> script reading site released

Hardboiled comic chase

<Ko Kyung-i> October Coming Soon










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Lee Young-ae's comeback in 'Goo-kyung-i'..Preliminary for a beautiful performance➝First broadcast in October [Official]




The script reading site for actress Lee Young-ae's drama comeback, 'Koo-kyung', was released.

JTBC's new Saturday and Sunday drama 'Goo-gyeong' (played by Seong-choi, directed by Lee Jeong-heum), which will be aired for the first time in October, is a hard-boiled comic chase drama about a suspicious person who can't stand the lag in both games and investigations. Korea's leading actress Lee Young-ae has chosen her drama comeback after 4 years, and it is a work that has gathered a lot of attention, raising viewers' expectations.


In the script reading held in May, director Lee Jung-heum and writer Seong Choi, along with actors Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Seon-young, Baek Baek-cheol, Jo Hyeon-cheol, and Lee Hong-nae gathered together for the first time and worked together. The script of the development that crosses suspense and comedy gave extreme immersion, and the acting of the actors who expressed characters full of personality made the reading scene hot.








September 16 2021

First script reading for JTBC drama “Koo Kyung-Yi”


First script reading for JTBC drama series “Koo Kyung-Yi” (literal title), starring Lee Young-Ae & Kim Hye-Jun, took place May, 2021 in South Korea. The first script was attended by main cast members including Lee Young-Ae, Kim Hye-JunKim Hae-SookKwak Sun-YoungBaek Sung-ChulCho Hyun-Chul, & Lee Hong-Nae. Lee Young-Ae stated at the first script reading “After reading the script, I thought I couldn’t miss this.” 

“Koo Kyung-Yi” first airs October, 2021 in South Korea (takes over JTBC’s Saturday & Sunday 10:30 PM time slot after “Lost“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Koo Kyung-Yi is in her 40’s. She is a former police officer, but now works as an insurance investigator and a private detective. With her smarts and excellent intuition, she is able to solve cases. Koo Kyung-Yi tries to catch a serial killer, who is a female university student.






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Ko Kyung-i' Lee Young-ae's radical transformation "I'm not crazy"




The first teaser video of ‘Kyung-i’ has been unveiled.

The 15-second short teaser video contains an impactful transformation of Lee Young-ae that has never been seen before. Young-ae Lee, a ‘woman like oxygen’ that we know, has a 180-degree different look that can’t be imagined at all.


The video begins with a back view of a woman fighting a game in a dark and messy room. The woman clicks her light with the force of being sucked into the screen and says, “Kill them all. She kills them all,” she says. Then she reveals the woman's face, giving her a surprising twist. It's Lee Young-ae, 'Goo-gyeong-i' with her slouched shoulders and messy hair.


Lee Young-ae pops out of her garbage heap, heralding a transformation into a unique visual with only her face sticking out while her blanket is on her street. At the same time, the phrase “I am not a crazy person” is compared to the appearance of Lee Young-ae, who never looked ordinary in the video, and it infinitely amplifies her curiosity about what kind of person ‘Goo-kyung’ is.


When doubts about the unidentified 'Gu-gyeong-i' grow to the maximum, the title of 'A detective who was not in the world, Gu-kyung' strongly decorates the end with Lee Young-ae's voice saying, "Are you suspicious?"


The teaser video that raised her curiosity about Lee Young-ae's role, 'Gu Kyung-i', heralded Lee Young-ae's shocking transformation and her crazy passionate performance, and perfectly captured the attention of prospective viewers. From the very beginning of her life, the unusual character, Goo Gui, will make the next teaser video more awaited as to what kind of character she will be and what kind of story she will tell.








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