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INORAN - VISION 3 - "Los Cowboys"

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HEY~~ everyone, I would like everyone to know that Inoran from Luna Sea will be streaming his first-ever livestream to the world on Mar 20th! 

INORAN - VISION 3 - "Los Cowboys" 

20:00 on Saturday, March 20th (JST)

Detail: http://inoran.org/en/show/18321/


INORAN's account





message from INORAN~ Hey, friends! To celebrate the release of my new album “Between The World And Me”, I will livestream my show via ZAIKO!
This online live show is my first-ever livestream to the world which makes me really excited. I can’t wait for sharing the time with you this way and getting wild!
I want everyone who loves music to join my show on Mar 20th.
We are all connected as one, wherever we may be.
I am really looking forward to meeting with you in realtime through your screens!!!
INORAN - VISION 3 - "Los Cowboys"
The streaming starts from 20:00 on Saturday March 20th (JST)
Tix→ ZAIKO: https://inoran.zaiko.io/e/loscowboys
See you at my show!



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