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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Humans 你好安怡


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Chinese title:  你好,安怡 / Ni Hao, An Yi
English title: Humans

Genre: Sci-Fi

Director: Li Hong Yu

Episodes: 30

Broadcast Date: 2/19/2021 - 3/14/2021



Ma Tian Yu as Li Yao
Pei Wen Bo as Li Yao (young)
Qi Wei as Jiang Li
Zhang Heng as Luo Yun
Lin Lu Di as Wen Hao Kang
Wang Cong as Ye Kun
Sun An Ke as Qu Si Jia
Chen You Wei as Qiao Yuan
Wang Mu Lin as Zhang Jian
Zeng Ke Lang as Xiao Ma
Han Xiu Yi as Qiao Ming Yu
Wu Yu Yao as Qiao You
Ma Jun as Cheng Shi Guang
Qian Yong Chen as Lin Xiao Yi
Meng Li as Yang Xiao Lan / Meng Jun
Jiang Peng as Wang Haha
Fang Xiao Yue


Jiang Li, a robot who has always been accompanying Li Yao, suddenly lost all memories and consciousness after leaving Li Yao. After repackaging, Li Yao become as normal robot and was sold to a normal family. Jiang Li slowly rediscovers memories and her senses begins to awaken.

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**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





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Finally it's here.  Something different. 


I just finished ep 1.  It's a good opening ep.  Stephy Qi as AI "An Yi" (Jiang Li) did a good job.  Very convincing. Must be very tiring for her to think, speak, walk and act like an AI. No worry about Ma Tian Yu.  He has always been a good actor.  Hope to see more coming onboard this thread soon!

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I just finished ep 3.  Very fast-paced. As usual ep 1 is to set up the plot.  Which is quite similar to the British series  - "Humans".  Or the PS4 Game - "Detroit Become Human".


By ep 3, we are already faced with the  Moral Issues of the Mass-Production of AI's:


-  Intellectual thefts,

-  Mis-use of the AI's by evil-minded human beings (for profits and other selfish reasons),

-  What is the real purpose for mass-producing AI's with self-consciousness and feelings,

-  Are we ready for the possible, subsequent problems,

-  Have we ever considered their feelings? Do we care?

-  What if these AI's mal-function?

-  What if the human control of these AI's spiral out beyond our reach and capability?

-  What if these AI's become too intelligent and rebel?


Don't we have enough problems already?  Interesting isn't it?


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