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Chinese Dramas Adapted from Japanese Manga/Anime

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Every time I hear about a live-action adaptation of a popular manga/anime, my interest is piqued, and out of curiosity, I will give it a watch. Living up to fans' expectations is not easy, and some adaptations have turned out satisfactory, while many have flopped. Here I want to share 2 Chinese dramas which are based on Japanese manga/anime, which I quite enjoy.




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unable to click, but i tend not to judge as i know it's already hard to make those specific scenes in real life compare to animation. plus it's harder to match an actor or actress to a 2D character as well lol anyways, the only one that comes to mind is Prince of Tennis: Match Juniors. there was another one that was done earlier, but i don't quite remember it that well as the Match Juniors one is more fresh in my mind than the other one.



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