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Possibility of reactivating an archived thread


May I know if it is possible to reactivate an archived thread? 

Signal the J-movie , sequel to the J-drama has just been announced to air Apr 2, 2021 on various platforms including Netflix, reuniting the original cast. As such, is it possible to reactivate the J-drama thread?


Thank you very much for your help.

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The process about unarchiving threads vs opening new threads is being reviewed currently by staff. As soon as there is a decision, we will let you know. :)

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9 minutes ago, liddi said:

@partyonMay I know if it is now possible to reactivate an archived thread? If so, can the Signal J-drama thread be reactivated? The SP and movie is now released. Thank you and hoping for good news!


Hi @liddi :kiss_wink: Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

The new process is that archived threads will not be unarchived anymore.


@liddi Therefore, feel free to create a new drama/movie thread for Signal (j-drama) in the global entertainments section in case you and your chingus want to comment on it.

Hope this helps! :fullofhearts:


FYI: @SC2019(moderator of global ent section)

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