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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸


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Chinese title:  这个世界不看脸
English title: Beauty From Heart

Genre:  drama, urban, emotional, inspirational

Director: Wang Zhi, Yang Xinyu

Episodes: 45

Broadcast Date: 1/11/2021 - 2/4/2021



Wu Qian as Tao Xiaoting / Tao Xiaodi
Zhang Lu Yi as Lian Sheng
Gai Yue Xi as Tao Fei'er / Tao Xiaodi
Zhang Meng as Lu Jiajie
Wang Xin Qiao as Jiu Yingshu
Zeng Meng Xue as Liu Zihan
Jiang Yang as Zhao Yiming
Fang Fei Lin as Hong Taizhe
Chen Wei Xu as Jeff
Yang Chao Ran as Weng Zenghui
Hu Hao Bo as You Wei
Zhao Xin as Lu Qian
Pu Chao Ying as Cai Yuzhen
Tian Lei as CEO Sun
Lin Zi Ke as Ka Men
He Mei Tian as Yan Peixi
Hugo Ng as Chou Zhijie
Wang Qiao as Sister Zhu Bao
Chen Jing as Rou Bao
Yuan Zi Qiao as Dong Shishi


Tao Xiaoting and Tao Xiaodi are sisters, although they are only one year apart, they look very similar. The two came to the big city to work hard together. The younger sister Tao Xiaoting has been forging ahead, but the older sister Tao Xiaodi hopes to take a shortcut, so she does not hesitate to have plastic surgery and heighten her face. The business geniuses returned to China to solve the crisis of the Oulun group, and did not meet Tao Xiaoting; Tao Xiaodi focused on the master of Oulun, Qiu Yingshu. But Lian Sheng and Qiu Yingshu both fell in love with the simple and kind Tao Xiaoting. Due to health problems, the winning streak has always suppressed his true emotions, fearing that he can’t bear and give. In the end, with the efforts of Lian Sheng and Tao Xiaoting, they jointly defended the Ou Nu and gained the best love.

Cr ninenovel

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**






Additional Links:

Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Raw Episodes


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