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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Racket Boy Band, 라켓소년단 - Oh Na Ra, Kim Sang Kyung & Tang Jun Sang - Premieres in 2021

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SBS Drama

Racket Boy Band


Network: SBS

Episodes: 16

Genre: Youth, Drama, Sport

Airdate: May 17th - July 6th, 2021

Airtime: Mon & Tue

Writer: Jung Bo Hoon (past work: Prison Playbook)

Director: Jo Young Kwang (past work: Queen of Ambition, Hyde, Jekyll, Me)




Is about a ragtag middle school badminton club who makes a bid for the youth championships. It is described as an innocent, heartwarming drama that will show the relatable growth of youth. Ra Young Ja was a legendary badminton player. She now coaches a middle school badminton team. She has charisma as a coach. The badminton team consists of 16-year-old boys and girls, but they are not very good. The team grows as they take part in a junior athletic competition.




Oh Na Ra as Ra Young Ja

Kim Sang Kyung as Yoon Hyun Jong

Tang Jun Sang as Yoon Hae Kang

Lee Ji Won as Lee Han Sol

Lee Jae In as Han Se Yoon

Kim Kang Hoon as TBA


Supporting Cast:


Park Hyo Joo as TBA



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Oh Na Ra Cast In Upcoming SBS Drama About Badminton


Oh Na Ra is making her return to the world of TV dramas!


On December 21, her agency confirmed that the actress had been cast in the upcoming SBS drama “Racket Boy Scouts” (literal translation).


“Racket Boy Scouts” is about a ragtag middle school badminton club who makes a bid for the youth championships. It is described as an innocent, heartwarming drama that will show the relatable growth of youth.


Oh Na Ra has been cast in the role of Ra Young Ja, a coach at the middle school that is ranked No. 1 in the nation for badminton. She is a living legend in the world of badminton and is a master of the strategies and politics of the badminton court. Her charisma makes her a feared presence among not only her own students, but also the students of other schools.


“Racket Boy Scouts” is being directed by Jo Young Kwang (“Defendant,” “Heart Surgeons”) and written by Jung Bo Hoon (“Prison Playbook”). It will air sometime in 2021.


Oh Na Ra recently starred in the tvN variety show “The Sixth Sense” and the MBC drama “CHIP-IN.”




More casting news:


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Oh wow the cast. The future of kdrama. These terrific child actors!  @Jillia thanks for the thread.:heartxoxo:



I sense a good heart warming drama where will see these young actors shine.


Lee Ji Won.. who's currently in "The Uncanny Encounter"  was in" Romance is Bonus" if you've seen Sky Castle, one of my fave child characters. Brimming with talent. She's in that teen stage already.


by the way, Oh Nara was in "Sky Castle" as well. She's good.


Kim Kang-Hoon. One look and you'll know  he's the little boy in read sweater in the poster of upcoming drama "Mouse". We all have to watch out for this child actor.. he'll win Daesang in the future. 


You may have seen him Start- Up, Kingdom, Children of Nobody, Mr. Sunshine, Hotel De Luna, When Camelia Blooms. So many actually, he mostly plays child version of the leads.


Looking forward to this drama. This will be good one. I mean...this drama helmed by "Prison Playbook" writer and "Defendant"  director. I've watche both excellent dramas. I'll be here when this premiers.

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Thanks for the continuing to update.  We cheer for this drama. Well I do.


I like that drama is tag innocent, heartwarming. We can can just watch  relax. No heavy complexities.. I hope. Besaides, the young actors  cast in this drama. You just watch out the will be like future drama winners, if thy aren't already.. best child actors in their own right.

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