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[Drama 2021] Human Disqualification/ Lost, 인간실격


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Human Disqualification: Episode 8

by quirkycase



We get more insight into our shady actress who struggles under the burden of her secrets and insecurities. While working on her behalf behind the scenes, her right-hand man begins questioning our escort’s dedication to his assigned job. No relationship in this drama is simple, and with competing priorities and agendas, someone is bound to get hurt.


EPISODE 8: “David and Bathsheba”



While Soon-kyu stares at Woo-nam’s text disappointedly, Min-ja calls Chang-sook. She drunkenly complains about how terribly her son treats her. Chang-sook asks if she’s drinking alone. “Yes, I’m drinking alone. I drink alone and eat alone.”

Min-ja shares through tears that she was against Jung-soo marrying Bu-jung at first but changed her mind after seeing how sweet Bu-jung is with Chang-sook. If Bu-jung was that loving, Jung-soo wouldn’t be lonely if he married her. Min-ja always felt jealous of Chang-sook and Bu-jung’s relationship.


Jung-soo watches from across the hospital room as Kyung-eun tearfully signs a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order. He waits for her in the hall and then takes her for a bowl of noodles. Kyung-eun ignores a call from her mom and tells Jung-soo that her mom was the first person she called tonight.

Her mom’s response was to ask, “How could my son-in-law do this to me on a day like this?” Today is her mom’s birthday. Kyung-eun is disgusted by her mom’s response, even more so when she told her she’d better steel herself this time.


Kyung-eun explains this is the third time she’s had to sign a DNR. It’s one thing to say not to resuscitate from afar, but of course you want them to save him when you’re watching it happen. Others might see her husband only as a man confined to his bed, but she sees his sad tears and happy smiles. He smiled a lot the past few days, “so I asked them to save him.”


She asks Jung-soo what she should say to her mom, but he has no answer. Kyung-eun is now the one handing him a tissue when he breaks down crying.




At Akira, Ah-ran wakes up when Jong-hoon brings in some snacks for her. She explains she couldn’t sleep at home, so she came here. Ah-ran asks if he’s seeing someone – something about him feels different. He chuckles at the idea and says he’s not.

Ah-ran mentions that the account that posted about her secret child disappeared. Jong-hoon confirms he got rid of it, but he’s not sure who was behind it. She sighs that she can’t even report it because the story is true.

“It wasn’t you, was it?” Ah-ran asks. Only four people know that story: her, him, Jin-seob, and Bu-jung. Regardless of his faults, Jin-seob is the father, so it can’t be him. When Jong-hoon stiffly says it wasn’t him, Ah-ran concludes it must be Bu-jung, then.


She wonders what will be posted next. Maybe it’ll be a story of how she hasn’t seen her kid in Canada for 20 years. Ah-ran is scared to look herself up now, but she’s too curious about how people perceive her to stop.


When she sees a hate comment, she digs into the person’s social media, even checking out their friends, to see if they’re better than her. But they’re all just like her. Maybe they hate her because of the similarity.

Jong-hoon wonders what she’ll do if there’s another post. Will she publicly acknowledge her son? “I’ll use you to kill Writer Lee,” she says calmly. Ah-ran smiles like she’s joking, but I’d wager she’s pretty serious.


We now go back to the rooftop where Bu-jung and Kang-jae run into each other yet again. He surreptitiously slips Jung-woo’s phone into his pocket as she walks over. When he mentions their motel meeting earlier, Bu-jung says she doesn’t want to talk about that here.

Kang-jae isn’t sure where “here” is – the roof? Or the building? He sees her looking uncomfortable and doesn’t press. Setting boundaries is good, he reasons. Kang-jae sets a milk from his convenience store stash on the railing for her.

They were supposed to die together the next time they met coincidentally, but he didn’t think it’d be so soon. “We can’t die while drinking milk.” Ha.


Bu-jung wonders if he always says rash things like “let’s die together.” He doesn’t and isn’t sure what made him say that. Bu-jung looks upset but moves on. She amazes him by correctly guessing what type of ramyun he bought and just lets him think she’s that good of a guesser.

She thinks it’s nice to have a favorite – everything has felt the same to her for a while. She’s apathetic towards it all. Bu-jung shares that she was pregnant last year but lost the baby before she even had time to feel happy. Kang-jae recalls overhearing Bu-jung blaming Ah-ran for the loss of her job, her baby, and herself.




At the time, Bu-jung was exhausted and always crying, but inside she felt strangely the same. “There was nothing of mine inside me, and I didn’t know why I was sad or angry. I was just embarrassed.”

Everything disappears when you don’t have a favorite. She asks Kang-jae to play that song again and asks if he likes it. Kang-jae never really did before but thinks it sounds good listening to it like this. They stare out at the city and eat together – Bu-jung is even smiling a little – as they listen to “Hallelujah.”


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While I agree wholeheartedly, I assume it'll be this 3-manner that'll blow up in the long run and fly like balloons. Min-Jung will use Just, and when she can't get/have Kang Jae, especially due to the fact he will be in love with Boo Jung, she'll honestly blow the case on  Boo Jung open - she'll claim she turned into the "expert" within the institution for no longer getting emotionally concerned.

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I feel like I missed a lot of details in this drama LoL. As it's very heavy in content and well.. the bleak filter used further enhances the gloominess of it all..

    I don't get Soon Gyu and Woo Nam's relationship at all. They're living together but she's afraid to enter her own home? And why is he still in contact with his ex? Does he not pay alimony?

    Bu Jung should consider placing her dad at a nursing facility. But it'd be too costly, and knowing her dad he might prefer to not be a burden.

    I like that Jung Soo told his mom to not tell Bu Jung's dad on his daughter's situation as she's his whole world. I was shocked to find out he had an affair LoL. No wonder Bu Jung's been indifferent. I thought because of the job loss & miscarriage caused a wedge but nope.


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Ep. 10.

Aw Gang Jae cut off his luscious locks. His hair will be missed huhuhu~ it's funny how Jong Hoon keep telling Gang Jae to stop obsessing over Bu Jung, Jung Woo when really he's the one that needs to stop.

    I just find Jong Hoon's face to be weird looking LoL. Is it because his brows are too dark? The way his face is shaped Idk(?) 

    Ah Ran's husband is abusive. Gang Jae's mom is quite immature and clingy. She was so desperate to get her son to stay. And Bu Jung's dad seem to get worse.

    In next week preview it looks like Bu Jung, Gang Jae will spend the night together again. 

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When I read that this drama is a not very credible story, I wonder in what world those who think this live, what happens is that most of the public prefers to see empty stories and completely remote from their reality, My Ahjussi did not have much audience either and I consider which is one of the best dramas made in Korea

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On 10/3/2021 at 5:02 PM, backstreetboysfan said:

Oh wow that promo  for episode 11.

IKR? I suspected they were in love, and now I know it’s REAL.

12 hours ago, Shama PeSchi said:

When I read that this drama is a not very credible story, I wonder in what world those who think this live, what happens is that most of the public prefers to see empty stories and completely remote from their reality, My Ahjussi did not have much audience either and I consider which is one of the best dramas made in Korea

How isn’t it credible? When I was a child, I remember meeting a woman much older than her husband in Pakistan, and it could have been this kind of age difference. They were so excited to get random visitors, and I now suspect they were socially isolated for similar reasons to Bujong and Gangjae, just that they are social outliers. Basically, there are all sorts.


maybe because I am an APink fan, but I’m worried for Min Jung. Why is she so homeless? Get a job and model properly, girl!

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Human Disqualification: Episode 9

by quirkycase



There’s a lot of third-wheeling this episode – or at least, feeling like the third wheel. Our characters all struggle to find their places within complicated relationships, leading to all sorts of feelings. There’s the jealousy of being on the outside, the shame of being a pushover, the helplessness of being unable to provide protection or comfort, and the grief of loss. Relationships are hard.


EPISODE 9: “Three people”



We open on Bu-jung’s monologue to Ah-ran about who has the right to be human and the privileges that right bestows. That right, Bu-jung argues, that Ah-ran has and she does not. While Ah-ran sleeps in Jong-hoon’s car, he looks through the photos Manager Ahn sent of Bu-jung and Kang-jae. He thinks of the lies Kang-jae has told him.

In a flashback, Bu-jung is with Ah-ran at Akira. While she handles Ah-ran’s affairs, Jong-hoon runs interference to ensure customers don’t see Ah-ran at the club. Now, as Ah-ran sleeps, Bu-jung gets a medical exam done and wonders if that qualified human even exists.


When Ah-ran wakes up, she’s ready to go right back to work, although Jong-hoon wishes she wouldn’t. Ah-ran argues living is about doing things you hate, too. Jong-hoon starts to bring up Bu-jung but decides against it.

At the pharmacy, both siblings pine for their crushes. When Ddak-yi can’t get ahold of Kang-jae, his thoughts wander to the fact that Min-jung used to crash at Kang-jae’s place. Soon-kyu ruminates on how Woo-nam went running when his pretty ex-wife was sick.


Soon-kyu tells Ddak-yi off for being too distracted to help her stock the shelves. The siblings have a petty argument about who’s worse, but their fighting is interrupted when a customer arrives. Soon-kyu freezes and exchanges an awkward greeting.

She introduces Ddak-yi to Woo-nam’s ex Ji-yeon who came looking for Woo-nam. He won’t answer his phone, so she hoped to catch him at home. Soon-kyu tries to hold her off while Ddak-yi tries to get ahold of Woo-nam who’s asleep after his night shif

At the filming site, Jong-hoon lurks and scoffs at Jin-seob dispensing his actorly wisdom to his young, female colleagues. When he and Jin-seob run into each other in the bathroom, Jong-hoon glares daggers while saying he’s a fan. Pfft.

Meanwhile, Ddak-yi creeps downstairs, avoiding the living room where Woo-nam is effectively icing Ji-yeon out. In the kitchen, Soon-kyu is rummaging for the nice tea set Ddak-yi bought her with his first paycheck.

Ddak-yi worries he’ll be late for work, but she begs him not to leave her here alone. They can both duck out after they serve tea. He sighs sadly as he watches Soon-kyu hurriedly put on makeup to hide her dark circles.

At work, Jung-soo consults with his life advisor Joon-hyuk about Bu-jung’s dinner refusal. Joon-hyuk thinks it’s normal to have late meetings, but he recalls Jung-soo saying Bu-jung never apologizes.


Jung-soo argues that she never apologizes because she’s always right. He’ll often start off thinking he’s right, but after reflection, he inevitably realizes that Bu-jung is right. They’re both baffled by why she apologized about not going to dinner, then.

Joon-hyuk suggests Jung-soo take some of her favorite snacks to her office. Uh-oh. Jung-soo used to do that often when she’d work late, but he hasn’t stopped by her office in years.


At the hospital, Bu-jung sits the with gynecologist for her first follow-up since being hospitalized. It’s been one year to the day since her miscarriage. The doctor reminds her how serious her situation was – she had a miscarriage at an advanced maternal age and ended up with an infection that led to surgery.

She was hospitalized for a long time and was spent five weeks with her baby, so of course that led to mental and physical trauma. The doctor emphasizes that Bu-jung isn’t at fault and encourages her to share any pain she’s having. Bu-jung cries silently.



As she waits to pay her bill, Bu-jung stares at the text about Min-soo’s death. She watches a nearby little gaggle of kids in hospital gowns. Bu-jung walks through the pediatric ward while Kang-jae reads her long reply to Jung-woo. She’s not sure how to comfort him and apologizes for being clueless and unable to help.

Kang-jae looks through a few photos among Jung-woo’s belongings. He flips through Min-soo’s many medical bills and sighs.

While Jung-soo buys macarons for Bu-jung, a small group prays and sings hymns at Kyung-eun’s husband’s bedside. Across the city, Ah-ran acts yet another scene where she is abused and drags herself up for some PPL coffee afterward. At the closed pharmacy, Soon-kyu sits alone.


Bu-jung narrates that she can’t fathom the exact agony Jung-woo must be going through. Even though her pain was comparably less, can he understand her a little? Kang-jae finds a bankbook for Min-soo’s savings account and sees that Bu-jung made multiple deposits. “Would you forgive me a little?” Bu-jung asks.

In the hospital, the nurse who took that photo of Bu-jung with Min-soo and Hee-sun sees Bu-jung in the hallway. But she’s called away before she can say hi.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/10/human-disqualification-episode-9/

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8 hours ago, africandramalover said:

I love how this drama casually drops information. The actor having an affair turned out to be a violent, abusive man and that scene just crept up on me and said "Boo!!".


Hee hee, nice GIF.


Yeah, his violence was a surprise here, too. The more the show goes along, the more sympathy I have for writer/ actress A Ran. It's still not cool that she wanted to sue BJ, but there are a lot of things going on in her life that are not glamorous. She seems extremely lonely, she has a violent cheating husband, AND she has to work with him on set (which is weird).


The other scene that was unexpected was when Ddak Yi was holding a box and then the camera panned out and he was standing on a stool in the pharmacy, with his sister looking at him. LOL.

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Human Disqualification: Episode 10

by quirkycase



It’s time for some angst as our lead is forced to make a decision that results in the loss of something important to him. While he glumly accepts his fate and tries to move on, our house cleaner makes a couple of worrying discoveries both in her home and work life.


EPISODE 10: “Back where I started”



Kang-jae eats silently and ignores another call from Jong-hoon as he listens to Chang-kyu and Mi-sun bicker about the exact price of their house. Chang-kyu laments that they missed out on a better house because Mi-sun didn’t want to move out of Seoul. Kang-jae chokes on his dinner when Chang-kyu says that place is now worth almost 400 million.

At the internet café, Ddak-yi is surprised to get a call from Jong-hoon – who is desperately trying to reach Kang-jae – but he doesn’t pick up. Min-jung gasps to hear that the supposedly innocent Ddak-yi once filled in for Jung-woo at Akira, which is why Jong-hoon has his number.


After reading the text from Jong-hoon, Min-jung encourages Ddak-yi to call him back. She frames her interest as professional. As Kang-jae’s business partner, she should know what he’s up to, naturally.

Ddak-yi calls Jong-hoon and assures him Kang-jae isn’t avoiding him. He’s doing a job for him, so why would he avoid him? When Jong-hoon tersely asks if Kang-jae told him about the job, Ddak-yi stammers that he just happened to find out. Kang-jae definitely didn’t say anything.

Jong-hoon claims it’s fine either way. They’ll probably scrap the job anyway since Jung-woo drug it out for so long. He tries to fish for info on Kang-jae, but Ddak-yi is tight-lipped. Min-jung overhears Ddak-yi say he’ll stop by Akira sometime and grumbles like a jealous girlfriend.


Ah-ran calls Jong-hoon to ask if he’s gotten any dirt on Bu-jung yet, which he hasn’t. Now that Bu-jung has stopped posting about her, Ah-ran plans to dial it back. She instructs him to keep an eye on Bu-jung because she’d like to dig up something she can use against Bu-jung later if need be.


While Chang-sook sleeps, Bu-jung reads articles on Alzheimer’s. He wakes up from a coughing fit and wonders what Bu-jung is still doing up. When she says she was reading, he reminisces about how she’s always loved to read, unlike him.

Chang-sook worries that his earlier episode startled Jung-soo, but Bu-jung argues she was the one he startled. Chang-sook says aging is natural and tells her not to be alarmed if something happens to him. Bu-jung avoids answering by doing the dishes.





Meanwhile, Mi-sun smiles fondly as she looks over at Kang-jae lying next to her on the floor. Facing away from her, he comments on the annoying flickering light, but she’s unbothered. It’s been like that for a while. Kang-jae says he checked three stores for a replacement but couldn’t find the right bulb.

Mi-sun smiles to realize that’s what took him so long when he was out earlier. She was worried something was wrong; his mood seemed off earlier. Kang-jae grumbles that her sudden mothering is awkward and says nothing is wrong.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/10/human-disqualification-episode-10/

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Bu-Jung & Kang-Jae's scenes this episode were so incredibly intense, so much more than just their words - I haven't seen a drama with either of these two actors before, but I'll be looking for them going forward. They're both outstanding



On a totally unrelated note ... this is what I felt like I was watching between Min-Jung and Just almost the entire episode -


GIF cat mouse gata - animated GIF on GIFER



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How did BJ get to know MS? BJ seemed to be a client of JW and MS was his girlfriend. Didn't they think of their child before driving into the water? 

BJ is among the saddest FL I have ever watched. Miscarried her first and maybe only child, has an MIL she can't stand, husband who won't stand up for her, Alzheimer patient father... did I miss anything else? Yes subsistence level income. Has she and KJ fallen in love? That would be the only light in her life in a long while. Such a grind, living from day to day.  Get a divorce.

In Hometown Cha Cha Cha, the FL falls into despair when she cannot get her wonderful new boyfriend to share his painful old secret.  

The shows are like chalk and cheese. :hwaiting2:

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