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[Drama 2021] Human Disqualification/ Lost, 인간실격


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Human Disqualification: Episode 16 (Final)

by quirkycase



We’ve reached the end of this lovely journey all too soon, but thankfully, the conclusion is as satisfying as I’d hoped. Our leads’ lives may not be perfect, but they’re both in a better place to cope with whatever comes their way. There are no tidy bows here to wrap up everyone’s stories, but there is a sense of resolution for the past and hope for the future.


EPISODE 16: “A starry day”




On the way to her dad’s apartment, Bu-jung calls to update Jung-soo. She stops in the hallway and stares at Kang-jae’s door. The night before, when she’d stepped outside to check the text from Kang-jae, she’d also seen the photos Ah-ran sent. She’d quickly hidden her phone when Jung-soo came looking for her.

Now, she takes one last look toward Kang-jae’s apartment before going inside her father’s. Meanwhile, Kang-jae visits Jung-woo’s sister again. He wasn’t sure what to do with Jung-woo’s belongings but finally decided his family should have them.

“Jung-woo hyung was a good person,” he says before he starts walking away. Jung-woo’s sisters calls out to ask if he can tell her more about Jung-woo.




While Bu-jung cleans up around Chang-sook’s apartment, Jung-soo does research on pneumonia and sepsis in the elderly. The fact that Jung-soo had the same weird dream his mom had is making him even more anxious something bad is going to happen.

Joon-hyuk thinks Bu-jung is lucky to have a husband who cares so much about her father that he can’t eat or work properly. He plops down beside Jung-soo and shows him the dating app he’s using since he and Min-jung have stopped talking.

When Jung-soo pries, Joon-hyuk says he supposes Min-jung dumped him after finding her true love or something. Based on Joon-hyuk’s humbler attitude, Jung-soo gathers that Min-jung must’ve hurt him.


In the elevator up to Kang-jae’s apartment, Min-jung tells Ddak-yi that her audition went okay, but she’s insecure since all the girls there seemed pretty, classy, and innocent. Of course, Bu-jung comes out just in time to see Min-jung take a call from Kang-jae and enter his apartment.

Kang-jae chides Min-jung for never learning and continuing to do these auditions. Then, he asks if Jong-hoon happened to see that box in his loft the day he came by. Min-jung supposes he did and gathers he took something from the box, like that cell phone.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/10/human-disqualification-episode-16-final/

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Good to hear everyone's thoughts!


Overall I liked and appreciated this drama, especially:


- All the dialogue between the characters (it's hard to get consistently good, solid dialogue over time in shows, but this one did it).

- All Gang Jae's off-the-cuff monologues. Those were brilliant and hilarious (not the sad voiceovers where he's talking to his dad).

- The gentleness with which GJ and Bu Jung treated each other.

- The fascinating dynamics between our different trios :lol:: BJ, Jung Su, and MIL; GJ, Min Jung, and Just; A Ran, trashy hubs, and unwise actress. Even Just, his sister, and their housemate.

- The repeated scenes between the MIL and BJ's father touched me. They actually included a lot of just those two interacting which is pretty neat. I didn't see that coming.


The only niggle I had was I wish more happened in each episode.  I understand the deliberate slow pace (which I didn't mind) but I felt like I wanted more story and substance to make sense of the characters.


But a beautiful show overall. Certain scenes and characterizations will stick with me for a long time.

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Just finished watching this show. It's definitely one of the best written series I have watched. While it's not perfect, it's probably one of the most realistic series on the many faces of depression and how personal failures cripple some people. I love its slow pace and gentle approach. This is like complete opposite of makjang, lols. Even affairs depicted on here are so 'gentle', non-judgmental and adult-like. Yes, it feels like nothing is happening which can be frustrating to a lot of viewers (Can't blame them. They are used to fast pace), but to me, the pacing is just right. Perhaps it's because I'm used to super slow films. 



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19 hours ago, africandramalover said:

I remembered that such a list exists...


Too funny that Penthouse showed up on both lists.


Wow, these experts were hard to please, eh? I don't expect Lost to show up in everyone's Best list, but for it to show up in a Worst list is a surprise. If anything I figured it was a quiet little drama that most people overlooked.

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