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Jo Bo Ah / Cho Bo Ah 조보아 - Ongoing Netflix variety show "New World" with Exo's Kai, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hee Chul, Eun Ji Won and Park Na Rae

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RELEASED DATE: 15 AUG 2015 TO 14 FEB 2016




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RELEASED DATE: 24 Oct to 13 Dec 2016













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[ Old article ]


Posted by germainej   Saturday, February 29, 2020 

Kim Chung Ha reveals cinematic MV for 'Everybody Has' starring Jo Bo Ah


Kim Chung Ha has revealed her music video for "Everybody Has" starring actress Jo Bo Ah.


read full story by click this url:-



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Posted by germainej   4 hours ago 

'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' actress Jo Bo Ah parts ways with label SidusHQ after 10 years


'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' actress Jo Bo Ah has parted ways with her label SidusHQ after 10 years.


Read Full story here:-







All the best dear! Whatever decision you make, i will be happy for you! Aja :)







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As I am trying to know Bo-Ah and her previous projects, I came across to her portrayal of Jin Seo-Joon.  This one was different from her usual sweet & cute rich girl character.  What do you expect from series produced by OCN, but mystery and thriller/crime plot.


In this drama, she worked with Kim Kang-Woo (Goodbye, Mr Black) and Park Hee-Soon (Seven Days).


And if you are a fan of Kang Ha Neul (When The Camellia Blooms), you might as well want to see him in Episode 1-2 as guest appearance.





RELEASED DATE: 28 Mar to 30 May 2015













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[ Another news article related to Bo-Ah ]


I am glad to find news about her from international media... 

soon my dear... soon....





source: https://theindependent.sg/actress-jo-bo-ah-and-agency-part-company-after-10-years/


Actress Jo Bo Ah and agency part company after 10 years


They go their separate ways "after a long period of discussion"

joboah.png Jo Bo Ah has left her agency SidusHQ after 10 years. Picture: Instagram



January 30, 2021

Seoul — South Korean actress, model and host Jo Bo Ah has parted ways with SidusHQ after a decade with the agency.

On Tuesday (Jan 26), the agency shared the following statement:

“Hello. This is SidusHQ. This is our statement regarding the expiration of Jo Bo Ah’s contract.

“After a long period of discussion with actress Jo Bo Ah, whom we have been with for the past 10 years, we came to an agreement to end our management duties.

“It was an honour to be able to accompany her since the moment of her debut, while discussing and growing together. We express our gratitude to Jo Bo Ah for being with us for a long time through our precious relationship. We will continue to support her even more brilliant future as a beautiful and lovely actress.

“Also, we express our thanks to the fans who always love Jo Bo Ah and ask that you continue to show interest and support. Thank you.”


xxadoraa.png Jo Bo Ah starred in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Picture: Instagram




According to soompi.com the next day, the 29-year-old Jo shared the following post on Instagram:

“I will always love you. My Sidus family members. Ten years ago, you turned the naive young child Jo Bo Yoon who didn’t know anything into the actress Jo Bo Ah and raised me, protecting me within a safe and sturdy fence, and I thank you for that.

“And I also was so happy to be able to be together with such amazing people. In order to make sure that the 10 years we spent together is not in vain, I will continue to work hard and be happy while I act, becoming an actress who improves. Thank you so much…”

Jo made her acting debut in 2011 with a small role in the daily sitcom I Live In Cheongdam-dong on cable channel jTBC. This was followed by a hosting gig on the audition programme Made In U (also on jTBC) and an appearance in the Korean-Japanese co-production Koisuru Maison: Rainbow Rose.

In 2012, Jo landed her first major role as a former rich girl who falls for a rocker in tvN’s coming-of-age series Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Later that year, she appeared in her first network TV series with a supporting role in the MBC period drama Horse Doctor.

In 2013, Jo and Kim Woo Bin hosted Mnet’s weekly music show M Countdown for two weeks (on April 4 and 11).

The last drama that Jo starred in was Tale Of The Nine-Tailed opposite Lee Dong Wook. The 16 episodes were aired from Oct 7 to Dec 3, 2020. /TISG

Send in your scoop to news@theindependent.sg 


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This may take longer.. finding out which  agency Bo-Ah sign-up :wut:



Silence can really be deafening at times :sad1:


However, it doesnt mean we love her lesser for being quiet ^^


We will endure this no matter what ..

For the meantime, while on waiting mode:eats2:



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She took such a lot of projects and is so much hardworking. She does such a lot of matters for us. I cant consider that we are able to be seeing her blog post so early on this month this is on 16th yuhuuuuu.

Edited by Kayle amer
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@Beycuteful -- i like her bangs that i even had it for myself since a month ago :lol:


wonder what would be bo-ah's next hairstyle? 


it always reflect her new character...


i personally like to see her in "idol" look since she is not getting any younger so i want to see her once with a swag.. u know with all those coloured hair & sexy cool outfit :glasses: :heartxoxo:




@Kayle amer -- i noticed also how hard working she is and it made me love & appreciate her works all the more ^^

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Thank you @Joboahinternationalfanpage for sharing below in your IG :)



Translated from Korean to English by Gabby twitter @ daegorr


read full blog from this link :-




(( excerpt on Bo-Ah's Interview part ))

[Translation] Lee Dong Wook & Cho Bo Ah – 1st Look Vol. 204 magazine interview

Gabby Gabby
11 hours ago

Cho Bo Ah 


– You’ve been busy with the filming of “Tale of the Nine Tailed” right? 

Yes, filming began in April so we are almost in our 5th month of filming now.   In between filming “Tale of the Nine Tailed”, I’ve also been doing photoshoots like today and shooting CFs. It’s barely possible for me to go out these days, so I’m almost at home all the time on days without filming. Haha.

– Actually, when we only heard the names of the leads and the title “Tale of the Nine Tailed”, we thought that Cho Bo Ah would definitely be the one playing the role of the gumiho. But you were actually playing the role of the PD of a program about supernatural stories who falls in love with the gumiho, so we were surprised by this unexpected casting.

Rather than following the traditional and normal portrayal of a gumiho that people are familiar with, the gumiho in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” will be somewhat similar to the vampires in western culture. In the headline for the casting news, our drama was even described as a “Korean version of ‘Twilight'”.  Just because it’s a gumiho does not mean that it has to have nine tails and fangs, but the gumiho in our drama will appear more dreamy and sensual instead. Reading the script, it was so natural and charming to the extent that I thought the gumiho character was really more befitting as a male. Having the gumiho as a male character in the story did not feel very out of place. I will be appearing as a human who chases after him, and as both our roles synergise well together, I could sense the appeal. 



– Lee Dong Wook whom you are having the photoshoot with together today is going to be that male gumiho. Is he exactly like the gumiho you imagined when you read the script?

The moment I thought of the actor Lee Dong Wook, I thought he was really suitable as a gumiho. Haha. I was a little excited. I think he is an actor who is really suitable for such a fantasy character. Thanks to the unrealistic appearance (?) of senior Lee Dong Wook, I thought he suited the role very well, to the extent that I can’t imagine anyone else playing it.

– The chemistry was overflowing throughout the photoshoot. Lee Dong Wook is a senior who has been in this field for 21 years, which of his shows did you enjoy watching?

I definitely saw “Goblin”, and I also enjoyed watching “Life”. But I really liked his appearance in his recent drama “Strangers From Hell”.


– The character Nam Ji Ah is described as an enthusiastic woman of action who doesn’t overthink and a character who “walks around carrying her liver outside her belly”. Is the real Cho Bo Ah also similar in any way?

Ji Ah is an energetic, ambitious and fearless person. She is also a straight talker. I think I’m very different from that. So it was very thrilling and interesting to act as Ji Ah. I am able to say and do things that I’m unable to do on normal occasions. Haha, but I think her energetic side is similar to me. 

– Can we look forward to seeing Cho Bo Ah’s style of “energetic” and fancy action scenes?

Haha, the action is being done by most of the gumihos. This is a project with plenty of action scenes and there are instances where I get embroiled in the action, so I had to go to action school before filming and work hard to rehearse my movements with the gumihos and ghosts.

– This is your first time playing a role of a PD. So we heard that you had many discussions about the details with PD Kang Shin Hyo who has experience in this job in reality. 

Yes that’s right, there are aspects that differ from the characters I’ve played thus far, so I’ve been working hard with the director to get the tone right. We met often to talk about this. Actually, I heard that the character Nam Ji Ah was written based on our scriptwriter as a motif? Haha, she said that aspects like her personality and confident appearance stemmed from the writer’s own self, so I observed the scriptwriter very closely.


– “Tale of the Nine Tailed” is a captivating and cruel love story. Nam Ji Ah may be an independent person, but she also gets caught up in fate beyond her control. Is Cho Bo Ah the kind of person who believes in fate

I’m not sure, although I do believe in fate, I don’t think I’m the kind who will just go along with it. For example, the work that I’m doing now came to me like fate initially. But as I continue working, I got the feeling that I was being organically entwined with my job. Because I like it and I want to continue doing a good job, so I ended up working hard. It seems like everything is a combination of fate and hard work in appropriate proportions.

– In that case, what kind of “fate” or “hard work” will “Tale of the Nine Tailed” be to actress Cho Bo Ah?

Although there were exceptions, the characters that I’ve played all this while required a lot of things to be done externally. I had placed effort on my hair, make-up or dressing for those characters and I also did it excitedly, but Nam Ji Ah mostly moves around freely at the scene, she dresses very naturally and doesn’t dress up either. Since I did not have to put so much energy on those aspects, I think my acting and the inner personality of my character that I had worked hard in preparing will be able to stand out more compared to my external appearance. Hence I’m looking forward to that. You will be able to see other sides of myself that I had not been able to show all this while.

– You were also very active in variety shows. Memes like “Cho Bo Ah-sshi come over here”* and “This food is not tasty”* are still being used on social media  (laughs).

I’ve seen those before. Was there one that goes “Cho Bo Ah who observes the situation like a puppy”*? Haha, I’m not too sure since I do not encounter these memes often, but I hear that they are being circulated a lot. I could sense that I received a lot of love through variety shows.

*These are funny quotes from her appearance on “Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant”.


– That is proof that Cho Bo Ah actually has many lovable and interesting facets. Do you personally agree to the comments calling you a “variety show personality”?

Haha. I really have no variety sense though…I think I appeared that way because the show was made well. I’m really thankful.

– Whether it’s acting or variety shows, you are steadily building Cho Bo Ah’s very own path with every piece of work. Clearing each given challenge in front of you one by one, was there any moment where you felt that you were growing?

Whenever I overcome something, whatever it may be, I become more familiar with the film set, become more comfortable, and I sense myself becoming more at ease. I spend most of my time at the film set without rest, and I gradually find myself wanting to enjoy myself at the set. That alone is really satisfying, and I’m always grateful that I am able to find my job interesting and grow my ambition in the process.

– In that case, was there a piece of work or a particular experience that became a “turning point” for Cho Bo Ah? 

I always try to make every project a turning point for myself, so I wish to say that it’s “Tale of the Nine Tailed” at this point in time. I grew ambitious upon seeing the script alone and I was looking forward to it right from the beginning. I’m working hard at filming now in order to do my best in delivering this story, but I have no idea how the result will be like.  I would like to have some expectations for it.




– What makes you become determined and think that “I definitely have to take on this project”?

Although the project in its entirety is important, I’m the kind who places greater priority on my own character. I think I look for roles that allow me to show something refreshing, and roles that are different from the characters I’ve done before. Nam Ji Ah in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” is exactly like that.

– Given that you have a good image and have not received malicious comments, you once said this very memorable line that you “have not been properly placed on the chopping board yet”. What does it mean to you to be “properly placed on the chopping board”?

Haha,  I’m not sure. Since there are many things that are hidden in between and I can hide, and I’m not in a state where I can reveal myself totally, so I was afraid. I’m thankful if people say good things about me, but there’s probably another side of me too apart from that, and I’m worried that people will be disappointed with that. In terms of capability, I ought to be confident and unashamed of myself, but I wasn’t and it seemed like I only had hard work to count on at that time, which was probably why I said that. Actually, I’m always being placed on the “chopping board”, but I want to become an actress who is appraised and acknowledged for my proper abilities while I’m there.


– It has almost been 10 years since your debut. While working as an actress, if that fear or anxiety goes beyond a certain point, how do you usually control your feelings and pull yourself back together?

I don’t necessarily try to make effort to get rid of those feelings. Having been an actress for close to 10 years, I think those kinds of feelings always coexist with the feeling of excitement. There’s nothing that can be done about it. This is a job where I need to get chosen, so there will always be the feeling of not being able to have something. Although I can distract myself through exercise or other hobbies to feel better, I don’t really force myself to do that. 

– Is there anything new that you discovered about yourself recently?

I always make an effort to approach the people around me in a friendly way, but this time round, my fellow colleagues who are acting with me said they find it very hard to get closer to me? Haha. But things are fine once we get closer. I got a shock hearing that their first impression of me was that I someone difficult to approach. 




– Are you usually shy?

I thought I’m not, but it seems to be the case…Haha. But once I get very close to someone, we can be really close. I didn’t know I had such an unfamiliar side to me either. Haha.

– You said you are almost like a homebody when you are not at the film set. Most people are probably like that these days (due to the pandemic), how do you spend your time during this period when face-to-face contact is limited?

Netflix is almost like my best friend. Haha. A show that I got really hooked on in re-watching recently is “Anne of Green Gables”. It was released as a drama. Lee Dong Wook sunbaenim (senior) seemed to watch a lot of documentaries so I received some recommendations from him too. So this is how I continue to spend my time at home with Netflix.


– How do you wish to wrap up the remainder of 2020 as an actress or as a person?

The filming of our drama has been extended a little because of natural disaster or Covid-19. So it’s likely that I will be busy with “Tale of the Nine Tailed” till the end of this year. As much as I had a jam-packed busy year, I hope our drama will be loved by as many people. 





Loading video


https://theqoo.net/dyb/1621127795 (partial interview)
Full interview text from magazine copy

Check out more behind-the-scenes photos here: 






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Translated from Korean to English by Gabby twitter @ daegorr


read full blog from this link :-







(( skip to Bo-Ah's interview part ))


[Translation] Lee Dong Wook & Cho Bo Ah – Dazed Korea October 2020 issue magazine interview


Bo Ah: I’m playing the character Nam Ji Ah who is a PD of a TV programme called “Unveiling Urban Legends”. With the determination to spend her whole life searching for her parents who went missing when she was little, she studied hard and became a PD. She was always certain that something non-human exists out there, and they end up meeting each other while she was going around searching for the unknown being that took her parents away. 


How did Bo Ah interpret the character Nam Ji Ah? Are there any similarities between Cho Bo Ah and Nam Ji Ah?

Bo Ah: I worked hard to bridge the gap between Nam Ji Ah and myself as much as possible. Nam Ji Ah has quite a different feel from all the characters I’ve done so far. So I’ve been discussing a lot with the director and my seniors in order to do a good job.


How is Nam Ji Ah different from the other characters that Bo Ah has played before?

Bo Ah: How should I put it…if my previous characters were mostly delicate and passive, my character this time is extremely independent, strong and brave.


We are curious about your rapport with the other cast members. 
Bo Ah: Actress Kim Yong Ji will be playing the role of Yuri, and I think her portrayal is really mysterious and charming even though I’m a woman myself.  The character that Yong Ji is playing is also a gumiho, and I think she suits the role really well. Just like how Dong Wook oppa matches the vibe of a gumiho.



But we heard that Bo Ah doesn’t pale in comparison either. You dig into the script and your role too.

Bo Ah: It seems like a kind of habit, I need to have the script in my hands all the time, or it needs to be somewhere within my line of sight for me to feel at ease. 

Earlier in the waiting room, we saw that Bo Ah’s fans decorated the room prettily with balloons and stuff to celebrate Bo Ah’s birthday. What was all that about? 

Bo Ah: That was done not just by my fans, but also the staff members who work with me. There was supposed to be an arranged birthday party but it was cancelled due to the virus situation so the plans could not be carried out, but they came to the film set since dawn to celebrate for me like this. I’m really so blessed to be able to meet such great people and a good team. 

Even before getting to meet you and talk to you like this today, we have an image of Bo Ah as an easygoing and natural person imprinted in our minds based on the various variety shows that Bo Ah has appeared in. The real Bo Ah is not very different from that right? 

Bo Ah: Yes, I think that is exactly how I’m like (laughs).  Actually it’s not possible to fake your personality on a variety show even if you wanted to.  In “Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant” for example, the cameras are turned on the whole day since it is an observational reality show, so it’s natural that my personality will be revealed.  






Bo Ah is turning 30, so we would like to ask you about your thirties. Since you are 30 now,  what do you think awaits actress Cho Bo Ah in the future? 

Bo Ah (laughs):  In my twenties, I thought I would hate getting older, but as I got older each year, those thoughts began to disappear instead. I’m also proud of the road that I’ve walked thus far. The kinds of roles that I’m able to take on will change, and the range of emotions I have as a person and actor will change too, so I’m excited and looking forward to my thirties.  (laughs)







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Since she is probably having a short break and resting after hectic schedule in 2020, enjoying Bo-Ah’s CF is another way not to miss her too much.


Hope she'll get new endorsement very soon.


credit to KoreanCFtv

source: youtube.com
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  • Beycuteful changed the title to Jo Bo Ah / Cho Bo Ah 조보아

Thanks @grapefruit7 I like that too for her next drama character.

:highonflowers:  I love to see her in different clothing style with a swag.


While this is a compilation of her different fashion style but it got a little bit mixed up...





at the VIP screening of film 'The Sheriff in Town'

While this one is at her endorsement Event...






As one of the MCs at 2020 Grand Trot Awards... (I couldn't find a close up photo of her wearing a white gown)...









As one of the MCs at 2020 KBS Drama Awards...





At the presscon of TOTNT drama...


at the V Live Countdown to premiere of TOTNT drama...




all photos and videos credit to the rightful owners


Edited by Beycuteful
Additional video link on spoiler tag
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  • Beycuteful changed the title to Jo Bo Ah / Cho Bo Ah 조보아 - Ongoing Netflix variety show "New World" with Exo's Kai, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hee Chul, Eun Ji Won and Park Na Rae

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