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EVENT: [Drama 2017] Tunnel 터널 RE-WATCH

Final poll: Thoughts about Tunnel  

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  1. 1. What did you think of Tunnel? (choose as many as you like)

    • The plot was intense and kept me invested until the very end.
    • The drama was so suspenseful. I kept biting my nails.
    • Man, I cried so many times.
    • I'm sad it's over.
    • Great acting especially by the leads
    • The villains were interesting and had many dimensions to their story lines
    • I was confused by the time travel element
    • Oppa looked hot
    • I wish they had showed more of what happened in the end and how Prof.Shin and Seon Jae's lives changed.
    • It was fine, but I wouldn't watch it again.
    • Nah, not my cup of tea.
    • Something else. What?
  2. 2. Which plot twists surprised you the most? (choose max 3)

    • That Prof. Shin was Park Kwang Ho's daughter
    • Seon Jae's real identity
    • That Mok Jin U was a serial killer
    • Every time someone tried to strangle or kidnap Prof. Shin out of the blue
    • How the young Park Kwang Ho got his name
    • That Yeon Sook had passed away in the future timeline
    • Something else. What?
    • Nothing surprised me because I had watched this drama before / I am an amateur detective
  3. 3. Do you think the future changed once Park Kwang Ho returned to the 1980s?

    • Yes, Prof Shin (Park Yeon Ho) and Seon Jae grew up happily "together". Mok Jin U was caught earlier, and young Park Kwang Ho survived.
    • Not sure. Wish they had explored this part more in the drama.
    • No, I don't think so.

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Ep 7


I found these scene to be male chauvinist..so sorry for @Sleepy Owl :grin:





Towards end of Ep 7... look at his shocked popping eye upon realising the late Seo Yi Soo husband appearing out

of the sudden.

30 years ago Park Kwan Ho was investigating the death of Yi Soo and was tele-ported to the future and he

met Chief Kim and now Yi Soo husband.

So, that means Liutenant Kim is the little toddler that Park Kwan Ho cuddled !  



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[Drama 2017] Tunnel 터널  RE-WATCH EVENT     Welcome chingus to the Tunnel re-watch event!   1. How do I register? Raise your hand and say you're in. You can join at

Even though Choi Jin Hyuk is my oppa, I've only watched it once. You must really like this drama then?  

Thanks chingu I was trying to think what I might struggle with. Personally I think it would be hard to time travel 35 years ahead in time and find out in a short time frame about all the tragedi

@Min2206  @Sleepy Owl

Thank you for clarifying the details. I knew there were two killers( Mok, the real killer and Jung Ho Young, copycat) but  I didn’t realize I had many blank spots related with these psychos (things I forgot/missed/confused…gosh)   I think things got more confused when PGH and KSJ thought Jung Ho Young was the main culprit and tried to going after him on that premise.  
Btw it’s time to go back to EP4 and check out 7dots victim  thanks :blush:


20 hours ago, partyon said:

Some quick comments about ep 9 and 10


  • Park Gwang Ho's scenes when he found out his wife is dead and that he has a missing daughter were just heartbreaking. :tears: Oppa did such a wonderful job depicting the emotional aspects of these scenes.
    I would also like to add that in my opinion, oppa is a pretty crier. :wub:
  • I liked how Sun Jae was able to help him pick up the pieces and decide to continue looking for the serial killer so that Gwang Ho can go back to 1986 and make everything right again. Go bromance!
  • We finally got confirmation that there are two serial killers and that Jung Ho Young is most probably a copy cat killer. Or is it the other way around?
    The revelation that pathologist Mok Jin Woo is a serial killer too and that he again started killing, made my blood freeze
  • The heated discussions between Prof. Shin and Park Gwang Ho in ep 10 where he more or less accused her of showing no concern to the victims / families of the murdered by provoking Jung Ho Young was intense.
    She deciding to try to lure out Jung Ho Young herself - probably because she has no family who would care if she'd be killed or not, was a huge sacrifice. Wow!
  • When she was attacked I could barely breathe, and when oppa finally found her unconscious and with his whistle hanging around her neck my heart broke.
  • He found his missing daughter :tears:



I know it’s heartbreaking to see how PGH wails next to his daughter but I couldn’t help thinking how young PGH looks.    Yup it’s the illogical side effect of having time travel.  :innocent:
It’s fun to watch the bromance between PGH and KSJ.  After PGH learnt about KSJ, he is ready to protect KSJ with his life yet when he becomes Prof. Shin’s dad, his attitude changes 180 degrees against KSJ.  As a dad PGH becomes a gate keeper against any insolent future SIL like KSJ haha  :joy:




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Ep 8


Glad to know Sun Jae finally believes in PKH, hopefully both are able to solve the serial killer(s) and none of them get killed at the end. The medical examiner seems suspicious to me,, he seems to be intested in PKH but Sun Jae tries to brush off the topic.

The two country bumpkins cops are joker at times, but they do make a good police team.



Without the arsonist and the photo of his wife, PKH thought his wife is still around and waiting for his return.

He was shocked to see his wife photo and Chief is speechless when PKH questioned him.


With the photo of LKH wife, the search continues with Chief assistance. During the search, PKH seems very desperate to get answers,lucky with Chief help certain infor were not disclosed esp the Pharmacy scene.

At the hospital,when PKH finally convinced that his wife had actually died,is so sad to see him cried.  That scene was beautifully shot.



Kinds of creepy when the door to Prof Shin’s house rang and when so opens there’s nobody.

Could the killer(s) be stalking her ?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… is Prof Shin PKH long lost daughter ???? with the last scene showing us the whistle !

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Sorry sis @partyon that I am late :please:

It was after watching ep 6 that I couldn’t help myself to not binge watch this drama as it has a way too special magnetic force that keep making me hooked into it.

Lemme write the review just like what I thought as I watched each ep !


Ep 7 & 8 review

Ep 7

Whom did he call ?

No plz dont spill out everything to that creepy Dr.   .....Sun jae yaa chebal !

Its like he (autopsy dr) way too trustable to be doubtful.


The scene where Kwang Ho calling his wife through phone and she talking about Him to their child was directed so damn well !

My heart pricked as I heard their conversation.


Am just sad at the same time happy that Sun Jae is digging out about Kwang Ho.

Both the search (modern Kwang Ho by our Kwang Ho and about. our Kwang ho by Sun Jae)

Its not too slow & not too fast at the same time...its perfect !


By the way,

look at the way Kwang Ho holding the phone !


I just love the tiny details the drama shows ! 
I seriously love it !


Oh myyyyyyy...

Sun Jae dont suspect him ...

please hear out to him please .......


Well this was the moment I fall for Yoon Hyun Min ! (The acting is on point ) 

Dont wanna say anything about Uri Jin Hyuk ssi HE IS ALWAYS PERFECT !


The encounter between Sun Jae’s dad and Kwang Ho !


Am in love with the writer ... how beautifully she revealed the truth to Sun Jae. 

Ep 8:

yeah  yeah

Bromance is in the air



Can I get another drama with them please ?

I love everything they do together !


Poor Kwang Ho I pray along with him to let him meet his beloved soon.


the whistle !

Prof. Shin daughter of Kwang Ho ?!



This drama is worth to recommend for !



will let know my ep 9 & 10 review soon !










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Hello everyone 



Ep 9,10 & 11,12 review:


The murders keeps on increasing and I am restless as much as detectives.
I cried along with se Yeon’s Oppa.


Shin is surely a awesome prof. 
I love her teaching method !


And this question keeps pondering in my head as I listen to the story of Jung Ho Young !

Is a person itself being bad or is it the circumstances that brought to a person is bad ?! 

Uggghhh not again plz

This man is so quick uuggh 

we lost him again ?!


WTH ? 
Autopsy Dr is a serial murderer ?

Never in my wildest dream i thought he would be a murderer.

I thought he would be an accomplice of the murderer or something but why didn’t I end up with such a suspicion out of all those random thoughts !

I would have been less shocked then if it were so !

And i could feel myself the suspicious atmosphere around Autopsy Dr Mok turning into dark clouds !

uggghh !


Ep 10 review



Dont show that poker face Mr Mok

Aaakal moerireul hwak jijo beorilla (I”ll rip off your mouth)

Things are going crazy !

And its makes me pull my hair all together thinking that no ene would suspect this stupid man for time being !



Prof. Shin is creepy ,

But Yeah she is damn brave I gotta admit it ! 


no please don’t make yourself a bait !



Salute to all those Tunnel watchers that you managed not to binge watch it !

I can’t stop watching it until I finish it !


Ep 11 review

He deserved to get beat more !

Beat him more !



Oh myyyyyyyy

Two cry babies

Choi Jin Hyuk & Yoon Hyun Min can you pair up yourself for another drama please !


Jung Ho Young is a copycat !

This drama never fails to shock me with each episodes !

oh no !

uggghhh -Mr.Mok - 

can I kill this *********** ?!


Jung Ho young killed himself and am sorry not to feel sorry for him !

aaaiisshh but still !

He should have revealed everything before he died !


Ep 12 review !


This episode was literally a rollercoaster ride !

I definitely thought that the pace of plot would get slower and writer proved me wrong !

I love this writer alot ! 

By the way this man is soo damn handsome




i donno why things keep getting in favour of Mr Mok !

I cant address himself a Dr. anymore !


This shitty murderer too is soo quick !

Is that the reason He was able to hide for this long ?!

Or is it he was “lucky” enough ?

whhhhaaaaat aaaam iiii watching !!!!!!!


Kwang Ho went back to past !



This drama is definitely worth the time !

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2 hours ago, 4evrkdrama said:

This drama is definitely worth the time !

Thank you for letting me know , @4evrkdrama


Epi 11

Didn’t know that whistle plays such as important role.   It saves Prof Shin's life and the one that connects PGH to his daughter.  Wow!  

Like the the scene where Park GH sitting outside Prof Shin's ward next to Kim SJ.  PGH was listening to the traumatic past on his daughter's childhood.  Tears were flowing.  Must be hurting bad, being a father.  He suddenly became a father of an adult daughter - must be pretty shocking for him.  But why he didn't he want to confess to her that he's the father?

First thing Prof Shin woke up was asking about him, this Jung Ho Young.   Aishhhh
And the scene when she gave the statement to Kim SJ, she suddenly burst into tears.  She said she's not okay.    So she does feel fear.  I hope she will recover soon - the nightmares will be haunting.

So it was Jung Ho Young who witnessed Coroner Mok murdered Seon Jae’s mother, that explained the copy-cat murders (minus the dots).   Geez, can't stand the mom, her expression when she talked down her son in the cell.  Oh well, do you believe in karma.  I could not watch - she is so evil.  I felt bad for JHY on the lack of love and support from young.  The mother is equally responsible.

And best part is PGH finally realizes that there is a 2nd murderer.  

But why Prof Shin keep going back to visit and talk to that Coroner Mok?!!!!   

Must find time for Epi 12




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Ep  11
The fight scene between Jung Ho and Sung Jae is pretty intensity.  Sun Jae is fighting the killer of his mother in his mind and Jung Ho is trying not to get locked up again. Frantic PGH now knows  Prof Shin is his daughter through the whitsle (connection to his wife, her mom).  You can feel the pain PGH is going through as he talked to his wife about Prof Shin being their daughter.  He feels pain that he had not recognized her at all.  Prof Shin dreams more about her mom and the whistle.  When she has give her testimony, she chokes up remembering how she almost died.  It feels like she letting her guard down as she weeps in the arms of Sun Jae. Sun Jae is trying to get Jung Hoo to confess his crimes from 30 years ago especially about his mother so he can get justice for his mother.  However Jung Ho does not confess and even say he was trying to save to Prof Shin (smh).  Finally, PGH reminds him about what he said when he was arrested when he was younger.  That scared Jung Ho but still no confession.  When PGH mentions dots on the victim, Jung Ho knows nothing about the dots.  So PGH believes he is not the killer of 30 years ago and therefore Jung Ho is not their guy.  PGH figures that Jung Ho was a witness and not the killer of Sun Jae’s mom.  He finally makes a confession after his mom comes in but he confess to all the murders.  When PGH offers him a cigaratte, Jung Ho said he has never smoked.  However, PGH remembers the killer smoked. Both him & Sun Jae believes that Jung Ho is not the killer of 30 yrs ago but a witness.  We get a flashback of him witnessing the murder and also it seems he like it.  Loved the scene when PGH is acting like protective father by not letting Sun Jae go to Prof Shin’s house.  The eposide ends with PGH receiving surprising news.

Ep. 12
We see Prof Mok visit Jung Ho but he does not recognize him at first but as they continued to talk he figure it out who is Prof Mok.  His creepy laughter as he says “Hide well and deep. I can see you.”.  He tells Prof Mok that he wonders who will recognize whom first and who will catch whom first.  This puzzles Prof Mok but he does not think any further.  Prof Mok reminds Jung Ho that he will be locked up like he was when he was in the mental institution.  This brings fear in Jung Ho of being locked up and not being able to go anywhere.  This drives him crazy.  We later see him writing a note in a bible then he kills himself.  The note he left as a clue was the word “Noel”.  Funny how there is so much light from the window of  Prof Mok as sip a cup of coffee.  Again reminds me of the comment he made about hiding in the light and not the darkness.  Sun Jae finally tells him that they don’t believe Jung Ho is the murderer but that he witness the murder.  That brings the words Jung Ho to mind when he visited him at the prison and PGH walks in.  At this point he figures out that PGH Is from the past.  He smiles instead of being afraid of PHG.  The team begins to work on their own to find the killer of 30 yr ago.  They went with the route of the ink from the dots and the note from Jung Ho.  They find that Noel was a baptism name from catholic church and they find out there are only two people with that name.  The one guy they met recalled there was another one with the same name.  He explains to them there was an old soldier who used to brag about the people he had killed (they were filthy people).  The soldier had tattoo of how many people he killed. This give our killer some history as to why he started this process and dots on the victims.  I also recalled when Prof Mok said that Sun Jae’s mom was not good.  Prof Mok goes to meet Sun Jae at the station and I believe here PGH start to suspect Prof Mok.  PGH goes home and checks on Prof Shin.  When she sees him stare at the whistle, she remembers what he said over her when she was unconscious from the attack.  They finally learn that Prof Mok was the last person to visit Jung Ho. This is all the red flags for PGH but no Sun Jae.  PGH continued his suspicion of Prof Mok and start to look in his background and found out he lived in Hwayang in 1980.  PGH runs to Prof Mok’s office and find the pen with the name “Noel”.  Prof Mok calls him to meet him by the tunnel and he also threatened him to come alone.  We finally see the backstory of the current PGH.  He found out that Prof Mok was killing the older people in the village.  So he did not stop his killing just changed method from stocking to drugging the older people.  Sun Jae tells Prof Shin that PGH is her father.  We go back to the tunnel where a fight ensues and PGH goes back to the past and Prof Mok can’t find him.  The end.

On to ep 13 & 14.

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Epi 12


What or Who is NOEL? 

This episode focused more on Coroner Mok.   The intense glare between the two – Mok and PGH.  
First time was in Mok’s office when KSJ accidentally mentioned that the murderer smoked a cigarette in the tunnel 30 years ago.  Dang! 

Who will recognise whom first?   Coroner Mok

And who will catch whom first?   ____

The whiteboard tussle -  When Mok showed up at the police station, another tensed moment.   Did PGH saw the name on the pen in Mok’s breast pocket.    It must be that NOEL … I think.



Another staring competition at Mok's office again, when both KSJ and PGH went over after learning that Jung Ho Young had a visitor.  Both PGH  and KSJ were surprised.  Now why Coroner Mok did not mention it. 
Mok was not amused.  So was PGH.



Finally PGH found out that Mok was the dot murderer, recalling Mok’s conversation about the fountain pen and the list of ink suppliers.   He went over to his lab office and received a call to meet in the tunnel. 


They met at the tunnel, talked about old times and fought.   Whoosh!!
Who went where, to when?   
Geez, aishhh .. i saw an old bicycle and radio?   PGH went back to his past and he was NOT like pleased.  

Epi 13 - Tunnel, here I come!   
Choi Jin Hyuk at his best in this drama - glad he took this role.  . 

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5 minutes ago, joccu said:

Again I'm so behind.

I l try and write last week's recaps today. 

I am not rushing you LOL, dont get me wrong

Just me got so excited cos I m watching it.

you guys are watching so many other dramas .. the new ones.

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Annyeong chingus! :kiss_wink:


Despite having been super busy lately, I have managed to keep up with the Tunnel re-watch schedule (despite being behind on all of my other dramas), and finished ep 13 and 14 last week. I am yet to watch the final two episodes.


In any case, I have to say that I am enjoying this drama immensely. It is keeping me on my toes with its reveals, but also making me feel emotions as the three leads are doing a wonderful job conveying the complex feelings of their respective characters. :heart:


We found out that Mok Jin Woo was a serial killer, oppa Park Kwang Ho jumped back into 1986 and then back again to the current timeline. Also, Dr. Shin found out who her father was. That was a very emotional scene. :bawling:




Ep 14 ended with Mok Jin Woo kidnapping Dr. Shin. :scream: I wanted to continue watching ep 15 and 16, but I want to savor the moment. So will watch it closer to Thursday next week when we get to comment on the final two episodes.


How is everyone else's rewatch going? Did y'all watch the final 2 episodes already? :kiss_wink:

@joccu @Min2206 @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl @4evrkdrama @agenth @tiMadam @booha

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Thank you all for your wonderful recap or account of the episodes.


Tunnel Epi 13

My Epi 13 would be the sweet interaction between Park Gwang Ho and Yeon Sook.

I was so happy that PGH returned to the past but I also want him to finish off his job in the present, that is to catch the old Coroner Mok
The reunion between PGH and Yeon Sook was so sweet and precious.
Even though there was no kissing so far, you can feel this man’s sincere, tender love.  

Choi Jin Hyuk’s shoulders are so broad, wife looks so petite in his arms.   Awwww

They went to the river cruise as promised and PGH bought a teddy for Yeon Ho.
Also at the dumpling shop, did you see PGH ‘s loving gaze looking at his wife eating the fried dumpling.   You can see the love from his eyes – Choi JH is good. 

Aww, big man doing laundry, the old fashioned way using feet.
I also like the hug scene when PGH had to leave to catch the culprit when Yeong Ja called, agreeing to testify.  Yeon Sook pleaded him not to go.   He gently assured her that he would be back, calling her pretty even when she cried or angry.   Sigh …. (somehow I knew he would be going back to the future).

His arms wrapped her up in hug.  – CJH, you are so tall - he had to bent down to hug her. 

Now on Prof Shin / Yeon Ho  - waaa, she finally broke down, seeing MOM’s photo PKH (Ah Pa)’s apartment.  I hope she heals fast.  

By the way, I have a BIG Question – is it me or what … something is amiss with Kim SJ’s look.  How come his face look thinner?    Or because he has been smiling lately?  


Lastly, on Coroner Mok -  first time seeing him losing his cool in the office, hehe , when he realised his NOEL was missing.


The ending -  I was right – when he started to chase Mok in that tunnel – he travelled forth to the future, again.    Now, you’d better make sure you catch the old Mok.




11 hours ago, partyon said:

How is everyone else's rewatch going? Did y'all watch the final 2 episodes already? :kiss_wink:

@joccu @Min2206 @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl @4evrkdrama @agenth @tiMadam @booha

Yes, I have. @partyonBut will re-watch the final two.  And I am sure gonna cry again on the last episode.

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Tunnel Ep 14


So, PGH is back to 2017!
PGH cried again in despair – thinking of Yeon Sook, his promise to return, her fear and the baby.

Lately, there have been a lot of tears in the drama.
Kim SJ is angry because all this while, he trusted that Coroner Mok whom he respect as a mentor, not knowing he is the one who murdered his mom.  


PGH just realised he left the NOEL back in 1986!  Dang!

Despair but not beaten, PGH went back to the police station.  Poor Chief Sung Shik was in shock to see his sunbae returning, leaving his wife.  Wonder how is he going to return?

The tearful reunion between Prof Shin / Yeon Ho and her Ah Pa.
KSJ informed that he finally revealed the whole thing to Prof Shin.   PGH went over to hug his daughter for the first time and Yeon Ho sobbed louder, overcame by emotion.  The bonding was so emotional..  
Didn’t know my tears too were pouring.  Huuuuuu

Roundtable discussion

I know the table is rectangular.    PGH is real cute – he is so concerned over KSJ – wondering whether he was okay upon learning that Mok was the killer.   I was smiling like a cuckoo when during their discussion, Chief taught Yeon Ho to call PGH Appa.  :D  Your Ah Pa is so young looking and handsome , LOL

Cut short the story, they got Coroner Mok in for interrogation but without any concrete evidence, no NOEL, he was let go within 48 hours.  Sigh

Was cracking so loud over the hilarious scene when the 2 comedian detectives were informed of PGH’s background story.  One of them laughed so loud when Chief mentioned that Prof Shin is PGH’s daughter. 

We are so used to call him Kiddo and the young and handsome Kiddo now has an adult daughter.  Hard to swallow, right?

Why PGH keeps nagging at her daughter about Kim SJ .. fine, Appa, I know you are worried about my safety but what’s wrong with my choice of BF. 

You got bad taste of men, he said, you should be like your mom LOL. 

Wow –– I really love the connection.  This writer is daebak!    Yeon Ho had 2 flashbacks – her 1st, the NOEL pen conversation between her mom and herself.  How precious the pen was to her Appa and that it must be hidden safely.  Her 2nd one was the red Teddy. 

Now where is that red teddy?

So, apart from the whistle, this Red Teddy is another important tool.


Oh no, the old Dr Mok got to Yeon Ho before she gets to her Appa!    Please do not kill her, no!  What an ending.

My first time watching this actress Lee Yoo Young.   I am beginning to like her. 

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On 3/5/2021 at 2:09 AM, tiMadam said:

yes i'm done.


Awesome, I hope you come back next week when it's time to post your thoughts about the final episodes, and tell us how you liked the drama.


I plan to put up a poll too! :glasses:


2 hours ago, Min2206 said:

Lately, there have been a lot of tears in the drama.

The tearful reunion between Prof Shin / Yeon Ho and her Ah Pa.
KSJ informed that he finally revealed the whole thing to Prof Shin.   PGH went over to hug his daughter for the first time and Yeon Ho sobbed louder, overcame by emotion.  The bonding was so emotional..  
Didn’t know my tears too were pouring.  Huuuuuu


Yes, sweetie. There are a lot more tears in this drama than I recalled, and all the actors are doing such a phenomenal job conveying the complex emotions to us viewers.

And I've been sobbing like a baby watching some of the scenes too..... :bawling:

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Sorry for mia aJf7hF7.gif Yeah no idea such endless trivial things decided to gobble up my life. My pathetic mundane middle class existence lol X7q3yZd.gif:lol:X7q3yZd.gif

Wow only one more week left for Tunnel
I appreciate more after watching it the second time… all those details are so well thought out and executed.



(a thing I noticed)
About Prof.Shin’s mentor, Dean  and Jung Ho Young's Mother,
 I like the way the writer juxtaposes them, like how their looks change progressively in an opposite direction.  I feel these two actresses who have such unique faces are so right to play for their given characters.  

At the beginning Dean’s expression has something of a creepy/sinister feel and then gradually her face softens showing she is a good person who really cares about Prof. Shin like a mom.  Whereas JHY’s mom, she appears just ordinary but as a disappointed mom.  Slowly her facial expression changes into contorted hatred and she reveals her true character, a monster.   
Dean took in Prof. Shin, a troubled kid with a tragic past and guided her out.  And JHY’s mom turned her trouble minded son into a serial killer.   





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3 hours ago, booha said:


(a thing I noticed)
About Prof.Shin’s mentor, Dean  and Jung Ho Young's Mother,
 I like the way the writer juxtaposes them, like how their looks change progressively in an opposite direction.  I feel these two actresses who have such unique faces are so right to play for their given characters.  

At the beginning Dean’s expression has something of a creepy/sinister feel and then gradually her face softens showing she is a good person who really cares about Prof. Shin like a mom.  Whereas JHY’s mom, she appears just ordinary but as a disappointed mom.  Slowly her facial expression changes into contorted hatred and she reveals her true character, a monster.   
Dean took in Prof. Shin, a troubled kid with a tragic past and guided her out.  And JHY’s mom turned her trouble minded son into a serial killer.   


Well put @booha
Thanks for pointing out.  

Choi Jin-hyuk offered medical mystery drama Beautiful Mind » Dramabeans  Korean drama recaps | Korean drama, Gu family book, Drama

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Well Chingus, I am so behind in writing the posts. Anyway, these are my thoughts on 11-14th episodes. 


So, Prof. Shin is saved, Jung Ho Young arrested. But its not over, since they just can't prove that Jung Ho Young did it, and this dude just wants to keep silent. Anyway, one thing that really impressed me was the fact that they showed Prof. Shin being traumatized and suffering from it for sometime, and we didn't see her all normal, and cool after all that happened. Kudos to Lee Yoo Young for portraying those emotions quite well. 


So Jung Ho Young has suffered and instead of taking him to have therapy his family decided to abandon him, and get him locked up in the mental hospital. Of course it acted some catalyst to start committing those crimes. He ends up confessing it all thanks to all the harsh words his mom does have for him. 


HE does get a visit from the NFS dude, and why would he not, all his hard work went away since a petty killer took the credits of it all. Its funny how hard he was trying to prove that there were two killers, so that no one would get the credits of his murders, but it happened, and next we see Jung Ho Young killing himself, since he is still traumatized by his time in the mental asylum. Still, he was good enough to leave out a hint for Kwang Ho and co. 


I liked the fact that Kwang Ho was suspicious of the forensics dude. While others ignored it, even after knowing the killer is someone from inside, only Kwang Ho was the one who stayed suspicious of him, and continued the investigation with him as the suspect. Anyway, he continues the investigation, gets to know it was indeed the forensics dude, and well, they meet up at the tunnel only for Kwang Ho to return. 


I actually liked the fact that he returned back, of course it was untimely, but at least he got to meet his wife, and the poor lady could finally see her hopes for him to be alive come true. I liked all the scenes where they were together, and they even went on the cruise ship which they had promised to do. Of course in the present timeline everyone was suffering, especially Prof. Shin who now knew Kwang Ho was her dad, and just then he suddenly went missing, and the problem was they could do the actual search since he was not the real Kwang Ho. 


Searching for the killer, he ends up at the forensics dude's house in the past, another chase, they end up in the tunnel again, and BOOM, Kwang Ho back in future. Mystery solved too, for him to time travel, he should be in the tunnel with the forensics dude. 


While episode 13 was all about Kwang Ho spending time with his wife, and of course solving the case in past, episode 14th was all about Prof. Shin meeting her dad and they spending quality time with each other, as both of them never got to before. All those scenes where Kwang Ho tells Sun Jae that he does not approve their relationship was hilarious, and poor Sun Jae got left behind when they went to eat outside :joy:


So now, everyone knows forensics dude is the baddie, but can't really prove it, and Prof Shin got kidnapped again :facepalm:


I am yet to watch the final 2 episodes, hopefully will do it in the coming week. For those who watched it the first time, I hope you all loved it, looking forward to reading your posts this week and comments on the drama :heartxoxo:

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