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Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Current movie : Space Sweepers, Upcoming movie: Alien]

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Netflix’s Space Sweepers marks Song Joong-ki’s first film since ‘Song-Song’ couple divorced – 5 things to know about ‘South Korea’s Star Wars’, also starring The Handmaiden’s Kim Tae-ri

  • Korean filmmakers have made zombie flicks like Train to Busan and romances like My Sassy Girl, but never a sci-fi epic like Hollywood’s Avatar or Alien
  • Fans want to see how Song copes with his first movie role since his divorce from Song Hye-kyo, who he worked with on Descendants of the Sun

Ever since the decline of the Hong Kong film industry in the late 1990s it has been South Korea that has produced East Asia’s most innovative and exciting films. For all the hype and prestige attached to Hong Kong directors like Wong Kar-wai and Ann Hui, it was Bong Joon-ho’s social drama, Parasite, that made history by becoming the first Asian film to win best picture at the Oscars.

Korean cinema seems endlessly inventive, tackling everything from zombie flicks like Train to Busan to touching tales of romance in My Sassy Girl, but filmmakers in Korea have never made a big budget sci-fi epic – until now. Out on Netflix on February 5, Space Sweepers is Korea’s attempt to break into the genre that Hollywood has made its own with the likes of Avatar, Alien and Blade Runner.


Here are five things to know about what might prove South Korea’s answer to Star Wars.


Song Joong-Ki and Kim Tae-ri are the stars

Space Sweepers has two bankable big names in the leading roles – Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri. This is big news since the film is the first time Song will be on our screens since the break-up of the famous Song-Song couple and his divorce from Song Hye-kyo, the pair having become acquainted when working together on Descendants of the Sun. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what kind of performance he delivers given his recent turbulent private life.


Let’s not forget the other stars, though. Space Sweepers is another significant film for actress Kim Tae-ri. The 30-year-old was a revelation in her first big movie, Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden. Although she has starred in two other films since (as well as popular TV drama Mr Sunshine), those were more low-key affairs. Space Sweepers promises her another chance to establish herself as one of South Korea’s leading actresses on the world stage.


Space Sweepers is being touted as the first Korean space epic

For all the creativity that abounds in South Korean cinema these days, there is a surprising dearth of major sci-fi movies. Wikipedia only lists eight Korean sci-fi films and each of those are rooted on Earth. Put simply, Korean filmmakers haven’t tried anything like this before.

Why? Arguably, the local audiences simply aren’t interested. South Korea’s box office tends to be dominated by romance and drama – it was noted that when Star Wars was rebooted with The Force Awakens in 2015, South Korea was one of the few countries where the film failed to top the box office upon opening. Local drama The Himalayas, denied it that honour.


The film’s backers will be hoping that the star power of Song Joong-ki will help Space Sweepers clean up at the box office, perhaps inspired by the success of recent Chinese sci-fi epic The Wandering Earth.


The film carries a political message about environmentalism 

Although some sci-fi movies are little more than popcorn entertainment filled with spaceships and lasers, many films in the genre use their setting to offer up poignant critiques of the contemporary era. There’s Wall-E with its message about taking better care of our planet and not filling it with junk, District 9 with its focus on minority groups, Starship Troopers with its satire of militarism and fascism, Godzilla with its fears of nuclear weapons and radiation, and the list goes on.


Space Sweepers seeks to join that list of illustrious sci-fi films with a message. The setting is 2092 and Earth is no longer habitable thanks to waste and pollution. Humans have fled into space and our main characters are four misfit salvagers (including the characters played by Song Joong-Ki and Kim Tae-ri) who collect space debris for money on board their spaceship, The Victory. It’s during a day’s work when the crew come across a young girl floating out in space. The crew soon learn that the girl is in fact an android, and a lethal one at that, being hunted by the Space Guards.

It is directed by Jo Sung-hee of A Werewolf Boy and Phantom Detective

A lot is riding on Space Sweepers given the fact that it features two of the country’s biggest stars and is venturing into new territory for Korean cinema, making the decision to appoint Jo Sung-hee as director somewhat surprising then. Although Jo’s 2012 feature A Werewolf Boy was a success, none of the director’s other films have performed quite as well. Nor does Jo have a background in science fiction like, for instance, Bong Joon-ho who directed the Hollywood sci-fi film Snowpiercer back in 2013. The director’s future career may well depend on the job he has done with Space Sweepers.


The film was intended for a cinema release first

Viewers might be forgiven for thinking that Space Sweepers was originally intended as a Netflix production. However, that’s not the case. The film was meant to be screened in cinemas like almost every other big budget film, but Covid-19 shutting cinemas in Korea meant that idea was scrapped.

The first trailer was released in May last year and there were hopes that the pandemic would be sufficiently under control as to allow a summer release. Obviously, that didn’t come to pass. That might be for the best, though, since Netflix, with its global reach across 190 countries, promises a far wider audience for this audacious release.




Netflix's 'Space Sweepers' Ending Explained: Will Kim Tae-ho find his daughter? He must pay $200K to locate her

Netflix’s ‘Space Sweepers’ stars an ensemble cast featuring Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyun, Yoo Hae-jin and Richard Armitage in never-seen-before roles in the Korean film industry

Spoilers for 'Space Sweepers'

South Korean film industry has received international recognition in recent years after the release of movies like ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Parasite’ and ‘The Burning’. With Netflix’s ‘Space Sweepers’, the Korean industry has now entered into a whole new phase where in the years to come, we might see something similar to ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Mandalorian’, being made in the South Korean entertainment industry


Netflix’s ‘Space Sweepers’ stars an ensemble cast featuring Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyun, Yoo Hae-jin and Richard Armitage in never-seen-before roles in the Korean film industry. As earlier stated, ‘Space Sweepers’ director Jo Sung-hee got the idea almost ten years ago when he heard about space junk from his friend. What started with a mere discussion, materialized into something bigger, something that can change the Korean industry for good


Will Kim Tae Ho ever finds his daughter?

In ‘Space Sweepers’, we see Song Joong-ki playing Kim Tae-ho, an ex-military man who used to kill immigrants entering space. In one of his earlier days, he encounters a girl and decides to adopt her. After the young girl enters his life, he focuses on a different aspect of life, resulting in him getting fired from his job. In the quest to earn money, he starts gambling and eventually loses the girl in an accident. When he goes to a company that locates the lost people using the DNA and nanobots, he learns that he has to pay almost $200,000 upfront in the next three years, else he will forever lose his daughter. He joins the Victory space ship that already has Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), Tiger Park (Jin Sun-kyun), and a robot Bubs (Yoo Hae-jin). Together, they try to find space debris and sell them in the local market to earn some money.


Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Song Joong-ki, Yoo Hai-jin in Netflix's 'Space Sweepers' (Netflix)

In one of their quests, they find a humanoid robot named Dorothy (Park Ye-rin), who is projected as a living-Hydrogen bomb by Sullivan (Richard Armitage) -- a 152-year-old scientist who claims that Earth is now completely inhabitable and wishes to colonize Mars using a special tree that will power the entire planet


The crew members from Victory first decide to handover Dorothy to a vigilante group, Black Fox, who had previously kidnapped her. But things quickly slip right in front of them when Sullivan's people barged in and take away the young girl. We quickly learn that Dorothy is not a robot but is a human who has nanobots implanted in her by her father, who leads the Black Fox group.


Song Joong-ki in Netflix's 'Space Sweepers' (Netflix)

After the army attacks the Black Fox and takes away Dorothy, we see Sullivan paying $4 million to Tae-ho so he can go and find his lost daughter. However, Tae-ho now has a change of heart and he joins his crew members to bring Dorothy back to them. As we enter the third act of the movie, we learn Sullivan’s gruesome plan to kill all the humans living on planet Earth. Tae-ho and his team members from Victory now find a way to end Sullivan’s capitalistic ideas and save the entire human race.


In the final scenes, we learn how Dorothy helps Tae-ho locate his daughter, but since three years have now passed, Tae-ho’s daughter has sadly left their orbit.


While talking about ‘Space Sweepers’ and his character Tae Ho, Joong-ki told Soompi that “My personal feelings were similar when I was portraying Tae Ho. Tae Ho had gone through many ups and downs and was feeling desperate, but I thought of him as someone who, after meeting his crew, was able to grab the threads of his life while gaining courage and determination.”





‘Space Sweepers’ debuts at No. 1 on Netflix

By Lim Jang-won



A scene from “Space Sweepers” (Netflix)

The first Korean sci-fi blockbuster set in space, “Space Sweepers” reached the top of the Netflix movie chart on Saturday after its worldwide release Friday, showing the potential of Korean-made sci-fi flicks despite some shortcomings.


Set in 2092, “Space Sweepers” by director Jo Sung-hee is about a space cleanup crew trying to sell a weapon of mass destruction: humanoid Dorothy.


The movie, with a star-studded line up of Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri, reached the top spot in the Netflix movie rankings of at least 16 countries across the globe, including France, Malaysia, Croatia, Korea and the Philippines, on Saturday, according to market research firm FlixPatrol, signaling a triumphant start for the Korean space blockbuster.



A scene from “Space Sweepers” (Netflix)

The movie showed that Korea is able to create space movies that have cinematics on par with the best Hollywood films, setting a high standard for Korean sci-fi movies to follow. The film with a budget of 25 billion won ($22.4 million) had more than 1,000 people from eight companies working on special effects and computer graphics.


In addition to Korean being the main language of the film, elements such as the iconic 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul in 2092 feature in the opening sequence, with the Korean flag on the cleanup crew’s spaceship “Victory” and crew playing a Korean card game keeping the Korean characteristics alive. The acting also keeps the audience engaged, especially that of veteran actor Yoo Hai-jin, who showed off his chops as the voice of robot Bubs.




Reprogrammed military robot Bubs, voiced and played by Yoo Hai-jin (Netflix)


While the movie excelled in many areas, though, it lacks in character and plot development.


Many recent Western sci-fi films in space, such as “Interstellar,” “Gravity,” “Ad Astra,” “The Martian” and others, have delved deeply into the science behind space adventures, along with incredible visual and sound effects to mesmerize the audience.


“Space Sweepers” is not a movie with supernatural heroes nor is it a movie with much scientific depth compared to the other sci-fi films. Scene-by-scene, the acting, humorous lines and special effects grab viewers’ attention, but as a whole, the plot raises many questions. For example, one of the villains without a background story seemed to appear abruptly at the end while a certain twist seemed forced without a proper buildup.


The film was made for theaters, and watching it on a small screen, one could not help but imagine how it would have been to watch it as intended. The movie decided to release on Netflix after the theatrical release was pushed back because of COVID-19. The large screen and quality speakers of theaters would have done the movie justice.


The actors seemed aware of the disadvantage, as actress Kim suggested during Tuesday’s press conference to “raise the sound like a movie theater” to enhance the viewing experience. Yoo and Jin Seon-kyu also mentioned there are many affordable sound bars available on the market and suggesting watching the movie with quality sound.


So far, no plans have been announced to screen the 136-minute movie in theaters.


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The first South Korean space blockbuster ‘Space Sweepers’ is set to premiere this week on Netflix, but who are the cast of this highly-anticipated sci-fi flick?

Netflix continues to add fantastic titles to its vast library of Korean content with the first South Korean space blockbuster, ‘Space Sweepers’.


The film will premiere around the world this week on Netflix, but who are the cast of this highly-anticipated science fiction movie?




  • Song Joong-Ki as Tae-Ho
  • Kim Tae-Ri as Captain Jang
  • Jin Seon-Kyu as Tiger Park
  • Yu Hae-Jin as Humanoid Robot Bubs
  • Kim Dae-Han as Researcher 2
  • Park Ye-Rin as Dorothy
  • Richard Armitage as James Sullivan


Kim Tae-Ri is a South Korean actress from Seoul who is best known for her roles in The Handmaiden (2016) as Sook-hee, Little Forest (2018) as Song Hye-won and Mr. Sunshine (2018) as Go Ae-shin.


The 30-year-old won countless awards for her performances in those three films including the Best New Actress for The Handmaiden, Best Leading Actress for Little Forest and Best TV Actress for Mr. Sunshine.



She is set to star in the highly-anticipated science fiction movie Alien, which is due to release later this year.


It also appears that Kim Tae-Ri doesn’t have an official Instagram page, with her fan page being followed by more than 100,000 people.



SHANGHAI, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 19: South Korean actress Kim Tae-ri attends Tiffany & Co. 'Vision & Virtuosity' exhibition celebrating the brand's 180 years of artistry on September 19, 2019 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)




6 Korean Historical Dramas on Netflix Wilder Than Bridgerton

After Bridgerton, these Korean historical dramas are the perfect follow up, exploring a different history while delivering on romance and scandal.

Netflix's Bridgerton is currently in the spotlight as one of the most intense and wild period dramas in recent years. The widely successful show is set in London during the Regency Era, and it features a series of dramas, scandals and romances that are bound to keep viewers coming back for more. For those who have finished the show already and want to satisfy their thirst for more gripping romance tales set in the backdrop of real history, South Korean dramas have plenty of those to offer, and all of these are available to stream on Netflix right now.

Mr. Sunshine


While this drama is indeed historical, it the closest show to the modern day on this list. Set in the late 1800s, the drama focuses on the time period just before the Japanese Annexation of Korea. Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) was a former slave born in Korea's Joseon Dynasty, but he moved to the United States and grew up to become a Marine Corps officer. Choi is assigned to a mission in Joseon and later falls in love with Go Ae-shin (Kim Tae-ri), a member of the Righteous Army, a civilian militia formed to fight off the Japanese invaders. Mr. Sunshine has plenty of love triangles for viewers to go through, all while telling the captivating tale of Choi's fight for Korea's sovereignty.



You Have 10 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth  


FEBRUARY 5, 2021 5:30 PM
Space Sweepers
What is it?: A Korean-language sci-fi romp. 
What is it about?: Lovable, isolated misfits — like any good space movie. It’s 2092 and pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), ex-pirate Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun-kyu), and and former military robot Bubs (Yoo Hai-jin) crew the spaceship Victory. At this point, the final frontier is a competition ground for space debris, and the Victory’s crewmembers are experts in the field. 
On the latest mission, the group accidentally comes into possession of a dangerous and extremely in demand humanoid — who also looks exactly like an adorable little girl. Faced with a possibly huge pay day, the Vanish crew must decide what to do with their morally complicated new boon.
See or skip?: See for a fun popcorn night in. Space Sweepers may be a foreign-made film for Americans, but it has all the makings of a traditional blockbuster hit, from its big budget visuals to quippy cast chemistry.
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'Seungriho' 1st place, topped Netflix for just one day of release Successive baptism

Input 2021.02.07. 7:16 PM
 Revision 2021.02.07. 7:18 pm

'Seungriho' #1 photo = NetflixThe movie'Seungri-ho' (director Jo Sung-hee) takes first place and is gaining great popularity on Netflix.

According to the streaming ranking site Flix Patrol,'Seungri-ho' took first place in the Netflix TOP10 within a day of opening.

Earlier,'Seungriho' was released to the world through Netflix on the 5th.

'Seungri-ho' is a Netflix movie about the story of the crew of the space garbage sweeper Seung-ho in 2092 discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, and then jumping into a dangerous trade.

Actors Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Seon-gyu, Hae-Jin Ha, etc. starred, and director Cho Seong-hee, who showed a new view of the world with unrivaled imagination in the movie ``Wolf Boy'' ``Detective Hong Gil-dong: The Lost Village,'' grabbed a megaphone.

In particular,'Seungriho' is the first space science fiction movie in Korea and is receiving favorable reviews with its release.


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Actress Kim Tae-Ri Describes ‘Space Sweepers’ As A Story With A Heart

Kim's character Captain Jang may seem cold-blooded but it's just a facade.
Kim’s character Captain Jang may seem cold-blooded[+]


When Kim Tae-ri first took the role of Captain Jang in Space Sweepers, it was more for the lighthearted story than the film’s message. The film’s space-roving crew of misfits spend their time scouring the universe for space junk, playing games with a money-obsessed robot and getting into petty fights. But, she says, there was more to the heart of the film

“The characters are all straightforward and clear-cut, and the plot is casual,” said Kim. “But if you look deep into this simple story you find love. Love for all humankind, you could say. They are not well-rounded, kind people. These are not people you’d think of as heroes —not at all. But they end up saving Earth without any hesitation. Our movie is very human. It’s set in 2092, when people can travel in space, but it’s also very grounded in reality.”

Retrieving space debris offers an opportunity to strike it rich, but the risks are so high that only the desperate sign on for such missions. It takes a determined woman to command the ship’s motley crew, played by Song Joong-ki and Jin Sun-kyu, with Yoo Hai-in providing the voice for the snarky robot. 

 “She leads a ragtag crew as the captain of a spacecraft that cleans up space debris,” said Kim. “They have to deal with many different situations and she’s the sharpest and most insightful. Highly intellectual and tech-savvy, she isn’t the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She seems very cold-hearted. But as you get to know her, you notice she’s actually warm-hearted. So the most important part to me was the relationship she built up with her crew. I wanted the audience to notice the trust and love between them even if their words and behavior could sometimes be pretty harsh.”

 For Kim, one of the most enjoyable parts of shooting the film was the teamwork between the cast and crew.

 “We did everything as a team in Space Sweepers, down to the tiniest details,” said Kim. “We’re all experts in our respective fields, but this is the first space movie to ever be made in South Korea, so it was a challenge and a first for everyone. The journey itself, with all the actors and the crew to bring the movie to completion, was such a pleasure for me in itself.”

While Kim plays an effective spaceship commander, she’s not prepared for an actual space flight. Not yet.

“Well, I’m not that good with new technology,” she said. “It takes a while for me to adjust to new things. For me it still sounds very far off. But it seems sure that space will become a part of our everyday lives in the not too distant future, just as in Space Sweepers. If such a time comes, I’d like to soar through space just like Captain Jang


Kim Tae-Ri  attends 'The Handmaiden' (Mademoiselle) photocall during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival .
Kim Tae-Ri attends ‘The Handmaiden’[+]



made her feature film debut playing a maid in Park Chan-wook’s erotic thriller The Handmaiden, chosen for the role from among 1500 candidates who auditioned. The role won her multiple awards at 7th Blue Dragon Film Awards, Director’s Cut Awards, 25th Buil Film Awards and Busan Film Critics Awards. 

The Handmaiden undoubtedly provided me with a wider choice of opportunities,” said Kim. “As an actor, it’s a career of waiting to be chosen. The Handmaiden played a big part in helping me be chosen by directors and writers now. The movie was my first feature, and it’s meaningful in that it allowed me the first step onto this stage. Before that I’d mainly experienced theater, so it was a huge learning experience for me, helping me adjust to the field of commercial film.” 


She also starred in the the historical TV drama Mr. Sunshine with Lee Byung-hun and the manga-based film Little Forest with Ryu Jun-yeol. Her role in the political thriller When The Day Comes won her a Best Actress Award at the 55th Grand Bell Awards and in 2019 the actress was ranked among Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Entertainment and Sports category.

Kim describes acting as a “double-edged sword.”

“It gives you infinite freedom, but it also gives you the feeling that you’re trapped inside a box,” said Kim. “It is heart-fluttering to alternate between the two, but it’s also something fearful. At first I simply loved expressing myself freely. But it can sometimes suddenly feel like my entire body is tied up. As if my thoughts have stopped flowing and are stuck, like water that’s trapped and can’t flow. It is such a struggle for actors when they don’t find themselves flooded with fresh ideas. Every time I meet a new character I learn that it’s not easy. But it’s also very exciting, because there are moments when the dam bursts open and all the water starts surging.”

Kim is currently shooting Choi Dong-hoon’s film, tentatively titled Alien, a sci-fi film about aliens in Joseon-era Korea. Choi wrote and directed Tazza: The High Rollers, Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard, The Thieves and Assassination.

“It’s a new film by Choi Dong-hoon, another director I’d always wanted to work with,” said Kim. “We’re still shooting at the moment. I’m looking forward to talking about it, but, you know, it’s the kind of film that’s more fun the more in the dark you are.”







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Song Joong Ki's 'Victory' debuts at #1 on Netflix




Article: Movie 'Victory' hits #1 on Netflix's world movies rank just a day after release

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

1. [+1,090, -151] It was a lot better than I thought ㅋ

2. [+558, -86] It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the movie showed potential in Korea's SF movie market to play up to par to that of Hollywood's SF. I personally love the SF genre and enjoyed 'Stranger Things' as well as the Marble and DC series. Recently, I've been enjoying 'Sweet Home' and 'The Uncanny Encounter' on Netflix. I was so surprised at how well produced they all were, and they all exceeded my expectations. More than anything, I was surprised at how far Korean SF has come along. I'm pretty honest when it comes to something being born and will turn it off immediately but these were all enjoyable.

3. [+385, -71] I would've cried if I had to pay to watch this in theaters

4. [+253, -17] It was worth a watch but still a bit awkward when it came to the acting and directing. I think it was an admirable attempt at the genre though. We can get some great new works to come out of this.

5. [+254, -64] It was honestly pretty boring. I turned it off midway. But I see some people think it was fun so I guess it's down to personal preference.

6. [+80, -0] The foreigners were so bad at acting... I couldn't focus ㅠㅠ

7. [+75, -7] It's the first Korean movie to attempt the space genre and I think they did pretty well considering that

8. [+58, -7] I watched it with my mom yesterday, it was fun! I had a lot of expectations since it was hailed as the first Korean space SF movie. The CG was done perfectly, the quality was outstanding! The acting was fun and good, and the child actor was cute as well ㅎㅎ I hope more Korean movies attempt this genre!

9. [+49, -2] I would've preferred that they gave the characters more depth instead of focusing on melodramatic scenes. Korean movies always do this! They think they can sum up an antagonist's change with a few dialogues or introduce the main characters' storylines with a few brief scenes. Directors, please realize that character development is more important than melodramatic scenes!

10. [+47, -3] I didn't have high expectations going in but it held my attention the entire way.


Source http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2021/02/song-joong-kis-victory-debuts-at-1-on.html?m=1

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'Space Sweepers' sweeps Netflix's streaming rankings worldwide


Korea's very first sci-fi action film 'Space Sweepers' topped the streaming chart rankings on Netflix worldwide.


According to FlixPatrol, 'Space Sweepers' took home the first place for the most popular movies on Netflix in the world. Other than Korea, 'Space Sweepers' was the first place on Netflix's Top 10 contents in 16 different countries including Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Ukraine.  


'Space Sweepers' talks about a story of space pirates who collects space junks on a janky spaceship Victory in 2092 when the Earth was devastated. Actress Kim Tae Ri plays the role of Captain Jang, while actor Song Joong Ki and Jin Seon Kyu play pilot Tae Ho and engineer Tiger Park, respectively. Actor Yoo Hae Jin tops off the outstanding lead cast by playing a humanoid robot Bubs. 

'Space Sweepers' was originally set to hit theaters last summer, but its distributor decided to take it to Netflix after several delays due to the COVID-19. The film was released via Netflix on February 5th. 

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Source/BTS photo's -http://www.topdaily.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=92365


Song Joong-ki x Kim Tae-ri unveils behind-the-scenes of Netflix'Seungriho'


Top Daily Reporter Choi Ji-eun = Netflix's movie <Seungri-ho> has unveiled the behind-the-scenes stills of the filming site that make you expect explosive chemistry and amazing spectacles. In 2092, the film ``Seungri-ho'', a film about the story of the crew of the space garbage sweeper Seung-ho discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, jumped into a dangerous trade, was filmed behind the scenes thanks to the intense love that poured out. Revealed. 

The unveiled still attracts attention with the warm atmosphere of the filming site and the appearances of actors immersed in the filming. <Seungri-ho>, created by the efforts of those who have built up a fantasy chemistry while living in a spaceship for several months, presents unprecedented fun to viewers around the world with amazing spectacles and vibrant stories. Song Joong-ki, who said that the scene of <Seungri-ho> was a ``scene where the heart goes through,'' and Hae-Jin Ha, who said that ``actors of similar colors'' met and did not leave laughter, handed a congratulatory cake to Hollywood actor Richard Armitage, who appeared in a Korean movie for the first time. The appearance of the staff also makes us guess the warm atmosphere of the shooting site.

Since more than 2,000 of the total 2,500 cuts were completed with VFX work, the filming site of <Seungri-ho> had many chroma key green mattes for compositing, and it required considerable concentration and effort from all the staff and actors. Director Seung-hee Cho said at the online press conference held on the 2nd, “There were a lot of things to be prepared in the production stage, and it was a site that required imagination for all of the staff. There were difficulties, but everyone went on to shoot with anticipation." After adaptation, the chroma key green matte looked out of space." suggesting that there was. 

<victory Lake> public a throw shooting hot in extraordinary effort and enthusiasm is being streamed jeolchanri in 190 countries around the world through Netflix. 






[Personality] Korean version of Puriosa, possible because it was Kim Tae-ri of'Seungriho'

Input 2021.02.08. 11:01 am
 Revision 2021.02.08. 11:12 am
Eyes ize Written by Sujeong Kim (Columnist)

Photo provided by Netplex

※ Some spoilers for the movie content are included.


Watching the trailer, my anxious mind disappeared as if snow melted at the start of the movie. This is the story of the movie'Seungri-ho' (director Jo Sung-hee, production film company Silken-gil). To be precise, it is the story of Tae-ri Kim of'Seungri-ho'. When I looked at the trailer that was released, it was questionable whether Kim Tae-ri naturally melted into Korea's first blockbuster space movie. I was worried that the universe movie, the pinnacle of the genre, and Tae-ri Kim's unique natural charm would harmonize with each other. In addition to the external situation of Chungmuro's first,'Seungri-ho' was also the first work in which the ensemble of various characters is important as an individual Kim Tae-ri. I was worried about whether Kim Tae-ri could show the taste of smoke for ten minutes in a situation where devices other than acting were in the air.


However, it was possible'Seungri-ho' because Kim Tae-ri was present. In the midst of the film going from place to place in the universe and from place to place again, Tae-ri Kim unequivocally played the role of the captain of Seung-ho. Captain Jang, played by Tae-ri Kim, said, “No. Just one line saying, “It’s not just right” was clearly stuck in my ear. No, it was Kim Tae-ri who pointed out the important lines in'Seungriho' with the clearest pronunciation. The calm, low-pitched voice worked well in space movies.


By far, Kim Tae-ri shined at the center of the many achievements of'Seungri-ho'. Many people mention it, and the perfection of computer graphics that I also admired and watched was overwhelming. With less than half of the Hollywood production cost, most of the scenes show near-perfect results. In addition to this, the diversification of gender identity and attempts to break the typicality were surprising. As anyone can see, the robot Updong (Yoo Haejin), a male character, undergoes a human skin transplant and becomes a woman. In fact, the idea that robots have sex in the first place was a prejudice. That's why the scene where a child, Kkot-nim (Park Ye-rin) calls kam-dong "sister," is more meaningful.

Among them, Kim Tae-ri's character, who did not play the so-called'Pretty', was really nice. The pleasure I felt while watching the furiosa of'Mad Max' was felt by Tae-ri Kim of'Seungriho'. Kim Tae-ri played a big role in adding a sense of sprinting to'Seungri-ho'. Plus, it's even slightly funny. Kim Tae-ri is able to perform such a brilliant act, so it was fresh to see how far this actor's character digestion would be. The visual that made my head tilted through the trailer alone is now difficult to imagine as an actor other than Kim Tae-ri. The all-back hairstyle, which was unfamiliar at first, and Boeing sunglasses are now likely to become one of Kim Tae-ri's trademarks. It would be too exaggerated to say that Kim Tae-ri is the first actor after Ryan Gosling in the movie'Drive' who has digested a leather jacket like this. Anyway, both visually and characterly, it was a stage that saw a new possibility that Kim Tae-ri had never seen, and it was not necessarily a pretty and cute appearance, but even more interesting.


Looking back, my destiny in the work was always Kim Tae-ri, who managed to win by herself. In the movie'Girl', he tore his maternal grandfather's book and proclaimed himself as the savior of the young lady (Kim Min-hee), and in '1987' he cried out for the abolition of Hoheon and overthrowing dictatorship. In the drama'Mr. Sunshine', he threw off his prestigious status and loaded his muzzle resolutely. How about in'Little Forest'? Stop eating cold convenience store lunches and choose a life that runs through the four seasons at your own pace, even if it is slow. Even in'Seungri-ho', it was not openly just, but rather, it was more like a snob, but in the end, it was Kim Tae-ri, the trusted captain running toward justice.
For Korean audiences who wonder if there is a new trauma,'Seungriho' may be a 2% lack of work. In this unique character, worldview, did I have to choose the code of paternal love? It is certainly a regrettable point if there was no other option. It was also true that the ending was so excited. Still, I want to applaud some of the achievements of the movie. At the center is Tae-ri Kim.


Space Sweepers is the Down-and-Dirty Space Comedy We Need Right Now

Space Sweepers swoops to Netflix as the one space opera blockbuster movie of 2020. It's also Korea's first Science Fiction space opera blockbuster. It never made it to theatres due to the coronavirus and ended up getting sold to Netflix, which actually means more people across the world will see it. And it's the space opera comedy we didn't know we were craving.
Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix
Space Sweepers: Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster to Premiere on Netflix

The heroes of Space Sweepers are a bunch of down-on-their-luck working stiffs stuck scavenging for scraps and salvage, barely getting by and constantly in debt. Bitter hotshot pilot Tae-Ho (Song Joon-Ki), tough-as-nails Captain Jang (Kim Tae-Ri), foul-mouthed ex-gangster-turned-engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun-Kyu), and snarky reprogrammed war-droid Bubs (Yoo Hae-Jin) can barely stand each other as schlubs in a dead-end job tend to be. When they salvage a little girl who turns out to be a nuke, they think they've hit the big time – they can sell it off for a sum to clear up their debt. But they grow fond of the "kid" and become a family-of-choice and decide to instead fight against the evil corporation whose head (Richard Armitage) is the source of all their problems and past tragedies.

Space Sweepers fits in the current trend of space operas that feature blue-collar characters instead of the grand elite from the military; current Star Trek shows notwithstanding. Where the usual iteration of the genre featured aspirational characters in the military setting forth on grand missions involving war, exploration, and colonialism, the emphasis in novels and non-Trek stories are about working stiffs in spaceships. Just look at The Expanse, Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, even The Wandering Earth, where the spaceship is the entire planet. This isn't the grand, cosmic vastness of space. In late capitalism, space is just another workplace that can kill you. It's littered with corporations, brands, and junk that society has taken with them to the stars.


Space Sweepers: Trailer for the First Korean Space Opera Blockbuster Still from "Space Sweepers," Netflix

Director Jo Sang-Hee is deliberately not subtle about the themes of class warfare and late capitalism in the movie. It's also what Quentin Tarantino calls a "hangout movie" because the crew of The Victory spend a lot of time just messing about on the ship bickering and hanging out before the action kicks into high gear and any slow patches in the middle of the movie are erased by a rollicking climax. Space Sweepers is a movie eager to show off its chops and compete with anything from Hollywood at a fraction of their budgets. It also has a fresh nasty streak and social outrage that's very Korean. A little girl who's literally a bomb is yet another metaphor for parenthood that you kind of expect from a Korean movie these days, and that just adds to the fun. This is a Korean space opera through-and-through, and it wants us all to know that.

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Why Kim Tae Ri and Song Joong Ki’s ‘Space Sweepers’ is the women's empowerment movie we’ve been waiting for



One of the main outstanding themes of South Korea’s first space sci-fi movie is the fact that it is predominantly female-driven. One might argue that Song Joong Ki is the protagonist of the film, but without a doubt, the true power lies with the women of the narrative.


[Spoiler Alert! Reading beyond this point will inevitably lead to a bombarding of spoilers.]



The Captain of ‘Victory’ is Captain Jang, a powerfully independent woman with a sharp intellect and terrifyingly strong personality. The key to rejuvenating life on Earth is a young girl, Kkot Nim




The only reason why Tae Ho gives up his well-paying “job” for the space government, let’s say, is because he comes face to face with life in its purest form, a baby. He takes her in and raises her like his own, and it changes him as a person from inside and out. Even at the climax of the film, the promise he made to Su Ni prompts him to save Kkot Nim and, thereby, the world.




Finally one of the most special characters in the entire film is undeniably Bubs. Bubs is a robot with a male assigned voice. There are no other explicit gender signs on them or about them other than their voice, which is perceived to be male. They are generally referred to with he/him pronouns, but it doesn’t take Kkot Nim more than a short while with Bubs to recognize the woman in her.




This is a powerful scene in the film, especially for the queer community, as the representation of gender non-conformity has never been addressed so beautifully on such a large scale ever before, especially in Korean cinema. Bubs shares that she wants to get skin grafts but is afraid that people will laugh at her. Positively one of the most badass characters in the film is intimidated by society even in space, floating in the middle of nowhere. 




However, by the end of the film, Bubs does, in fact, get her skin grafts, and she is as beautiful as her personality. Kim Hyang Gi takes on the role of Bubs in the final scenes, and it is perhaps the most adorable cameo ever. However, her voice has not changed. 




While deciding which voice she wanted to get, Bubs takes Kkot Nim aside and asks her which one she thinks would suit her best. Kkot Nim, representing the Earth’s last saving grace, tells her that her original voice is what suits her the most. Once more, in a genius but subtle defiance of gender norms and what society considers masculine or feminine, by the end of the film, we see that Bubs has kept her original voice in full realization of her femininity. She’s just as strong and fearless, standing strong in her identity.




All the incredible action sequences, emotional bonds, humor, and tears aside, ‘Space Sweepers’ is a perfect culmination of the world as it should be, not as it is. As a matter of fact, through a post-apocalyptic depiction of what could come of the world in a few more decades and further signaling its revival, the film shows and paves the way for change on a grass-root level that humanity should work towards in order to avoid the catastrophe that prefaces this film. Therefore, it is only natural that a significant part of this change lies in the dynamics of gender identity and human relationships.



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'Seungriho' Richard Armitage "I want to be born Kim Tae-ri in my next life"

[Star News Reporter Hyunghwa]

Richard Armitage and Kim Tae-ri Steel appear in'Seungri-ho'.
British actor Richard Armitage praised the reasons for appearing in the movie'Seungri-ho' and for the actors who played.

On the 9th, Netflix shared his impressions of the appearance of Richard Armitage, who played the role of Sullivan of UTS, a space development company, on'Seungriho'. 'Seungri-ho' is a film about the story of the crew of the space garbage sweeper Seung-ho, set in 2092, and plunged into a dangerous deal after discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction. Director Cho Seong-hee, who directed'The Wolf Boy' and'Detective Hong Gil-dong', grabbed a megaphone, and Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-gyu, Hae-jin Hae-Jin and others took a breath.

Richard Armitage, well-known in Korea for the'The Hobbit' series and the'Avengers' series, showed a three-dimensional anti-war acting on'Seungri-ho'.
Richard Armitage said, "I watched all the works of director Jo Sung-hee, especially the'Wolf Boy' starring Song Joong-ki. It was really touching and the acting was great. I wanted to work with them." “'Seungri-ho', which contains a variety of languages and cultures, contains a perfect story for audiences around the world. It is an honor and pride to be offered to appear in such a film that would be great for the Korean film industry to have great pride.” Ho' is a work that will raise the level of Korean cinema to the next level."

Regarding the four actors he worked with, Richard Armitage said, "They are actors with impeccable beauty. Song Joong-gi is a person full of inner life, and his innocence is revealed in his acting. Tae-ri Kim is a great actor with great concentration. In his next life, Tae-ri Kim is I want to be born. Jin Seon-gyu is the person with the most laughter among the'Tough Guys' I've ever met, and Hae-Jin Hae is a genuinely fun person."

He chose director Bong Joon-ho's films such as'Okja','Snow Country Train' and'Parasite' as his favorite Korean films. "Artistic storytelling, love for humans, and details are Korea that can be found in the works of Bong Joon-ho and Jo Sung-hee. It is a characteristic of the movie. Director Cho Sung-hee added to it, "a person who has a childlike gaze and joy."


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Excerpt from the interview


[DA: Interview ②] Director Sung-hee Cho, “Seungri-ho” “Appearing in Kim Tae-ri, it’s still weird”



Regarding the role of Captain Jang, who led Seung-ho as a female captain, “I never thought that actor Tae-ri Kim would do this role. Kim Tae-ri is an actor that all directors want to do together.” “Rather than thinking of Kim Tae-ri from the beginning,'Will you really do it? Shall we even say something?' Actor Kim Tae-ri positively imagined the parts that did not appear in the screenplay, and decided that there was room for making the character as well, so I started working on it. “I am very grateful for having been with us.”

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Excerpt from the interview


'Seungriho' Song Joongki “Kim Tae-ri, is there anyone you don't like these days?” [M+interview②]

Enter 2021.02.10. 6:46 am
 Revision 2021.02.10. 6:48 am
Song Joong-ki interview photo = Netflix
Among them, he also praised Kim Tae-ri, who showed a female leader as Jang Sun-jang (played by Kim Tae-ri) in this work.

“There are some of the scenes where Kim Tae-ri appeared, and she liked it. One of them is when I say'What RickRoll'D?' When you do, pouting your mouth. I liked that expression. It appears in the preview, but I like Tae-ri Kim the most. There seems to be no one who doesn't like Kim Tae-ri these days. It is an actor who is loved so much, but I think it will be more. I think that he is a clever actor, and the biggest advantage is that he is an honest and well-organized actor. He has tremendous confidence, but he is also a friend who is considerate of others. So I talked a lot with Jin Seon-gyu and Hae-Jin Ha. There are three older brothers, so you might be very embarrassed by yourself, but we talked a lot about being an actor with a good personality to get along with. It is an interesting point for me to have a good affinity and that Tae-ri Kim filled Captain Jang.”
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Korean actress Kim Tae-ri says she enjoyed bossing her ‘Space Sweepers’ co-stars

  • Tuesday, 09 Feb 2021

    4:00 PM MYT
Kim Tae-ri (right) with her 'Space Sweepers' co-stars (from left) Yoo Hai-jin, Jin Sun-kyu and Song Joong-ki. Photos: Netflix

Playing Captain Jang in the Korean sci-fi flick Space Sweepers provided multiple award-winning actress Kim Tae-ri with new opportunities.

This includes playing a commander of a spaceship, and working against green screen as Space Sweepers is the first Korean sci-fi film set in space.


It also gave the 30-year-old actress a chance to boss her cast mates around. She shared this during a recent virtual press meet that StarLifestyle participated in.

“I had a lot of fun on set because I got to shout at all the other (actors playing the) crew members, ” said Kim, whose breakthrough role was in the film The Handmaiden which was showcased at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Kim Tae-ri was excited to play a character she has never played before in 'Space Sweepers'.Kim Tae-ri was excited to play a character she has never played before

in 'Space Sweepers'.


Describing the set of Space Sweepers as a great place, she added: “The film is a story about the crew on board a spaceship who are much like a family under the leadership of Captain Jang.

“I got along with the rest of the cast from the very beginning.

“And I gradually became close to the filming crew as well, so I could get a lot of great energy from everyone on set.”

When Space Sweepers’ trailer first came out in 2020, netizens loved Kim’s look in the film.

The Mr Sunshine star confessed that even some of her friends texted her to say that she looked really cool as Captain Jang.

You don't want to mess with this captain.You don't want to mess with this captain.In the film, Jang wears leather jacket on top of T-shirts with really cute pictures, sunglasses and her hair pulled back.

“But in real life I’m a clumsy person, not at all like Captain Jang,” admitted Kim. “Captain Jang is determined and perfect with everything that she does.”

The fact that Captain Jang is unlike anything she has played before is what ultimately drew Kim to the movie.

Space Sweepers (available on Netflix) is set in the year 2092, centring on a crew on board a spaceship that collects space debris.

One day, they pick up a valuable item that promises to change all their lives for the better

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Excerpt from the interview


Who would have played the movie <Seungri-ho> Billan'Shift Captain Camilla' [Zoomin:Turbo]

[The Kyunghyang Shinmun]
※ A spoiler for the movie <Seungri-ho> is included.


Carla Avila, who played the role of'Camilla' in the movie <Seungri-ho> released through Netflix, was delighted, saying, "The reaction to the movie in Latin America is so good." Netflix provided
"That's why the appearance of <Seungri-ho> is more valuable," said Karla. About the actors who appeared together, he said a lot that he was "warm". “I wasn't able to reach out to other people because I wasn't good at Korean and had a habit of mixing half words. I pretended to only look at my cell phone at the set, but Tae-ri Kim first tried the conversation in English. I know that Korean is difficult. At the last filming, I cried a lot for regret, but Jin Sun-gyu gave me a warm hug. It was a truly unforgettable experience.” After six months of filming, he presented the director and fellow actors with a drink produced in his hometown of Guadalajara,'Tequila'.


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