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Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Current movie : Space Sweepers, Upcoming movie: Alien]

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I love Kim Tae Ri. I'm her long time fan.    ctto  



Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, And More Discuss Their “Space Sweepers” Characters, Why They Chose To Join The Cast, And More

Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, And More Discuss Their “Space Sweepers” Characters, Why They Chose To Join The Cast, And More

Feb 3, 2021

Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin joined Director Jo Sung Hee on February 2 for an online press conference for their film “Space Sweepers”!

The movie is set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they find a humanoid robot named Dorothy that’s also a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a dangerous business deal.

Originally, the film was set to premiere last summer and was postponed twice due to COVID-19. Now, the film is finally set to premiere this week on Netflix all around the globe. Director Jo Sung Hee said, “I don’t feel disappointed but rather just excited and thankful. Since this movie can now be seen across the world in many different countries, I hope viewers globally are able to think, ‘They’re making a wide variety of movies in Korea.'”

Kim Tae Ri shared, “As a member of the audience, I enjoy the movie theater so there is a disappointing aspect. However, I’m happy that we get to greet viewers through Netflix.” Laughing, she continued, “A request I have is that you turn up the volume lots so you can view it loudly like in a movie theater. Then I think it will be realistic and you’ll enjoy it more.”

The director spoke about the film’s origin story, sharing, “’10 years ago, I first heard about space junk from a friend. That’s when I started writing the script of ‘Space Sweepers’ and I’ve been adding ideas little by little to create this movie. Compared to other movies, there was more I had to prepare starting from the free production stage. On set, the actors, staff members, and I all had to use our imaginations. There were difficult aspects but I worked on filming while looking forward to it.”

Song Joong Ki has previously worked with Jo Sung Hee on the 2012 film “A Werewolf Boy.” The actor commented, “When we were filming ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ he said he was preparing for a movie like this. Back then, I just vaguely thought, ‘That sounds fun.'”

He continued, “10 years later, he suggested it to me. When he gave me the script, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do this,’ and then I began reading. I remember the story being different back then. However, it’s still true that it was shocking and novel.”


In the film, Song Joong Ki plays Kim Tae Ho, the pilot of The Victory. He commented, “When I saw the script and was introduced to the character of Tae Ho, my first thought was ‘desperation.’ I began filming thinking that he was a character who had put aside everything in his life, had no thoughts, and was in a rut.”

Song Joong Ki added, “My personal feelings were similar when I was portraying Tae Ho. Tae Ho had gone through many ups and downs and was feeling desperate but I thought of him as someone who, after meeting his crew, was able to grab the threads of his life while gaining courage and determination.”

Kim Tae Ri told the story of why she chose to star in “Space Sweepers,” sharing, “The script was great but they thankfully had also called on me. The director showed me many different images. He had prepared so much. I felt that he had a lot of affection for this project so I felt confident.”


Regarding her character Captain Jang, Kim Tae Ri commented, “I don’t think she’s like me at all. When the ‘Space Sweepers’ teasers were released, I saw comments that I looked cool. That’s why I texted it to a few people. I think I have a kind of unorganized charm. On the other hand, Captain Jang is charismatic. There’s a scene where she screams at the three crew members and it was thrilling. I was able to work hard because my seniors were so good to me.”

Jin Sun Kyu revealed that he was 120 percent satisfied with his character, explaining that he’d looked bulkier in the movie than he’d thought. “His warm heart is also evident,” he said.


Yoo Hae Jin portrays a robot in the film, of which he commented, “It was truly a new experience. I was curious to see how it would come out. Although it was a new experience for me, those who worked with me had a hard time. Due to the technical problems, they filmed both with me and without me. That’s why I think there were definitely some difficulties.”


“Space Sweepers” has been coined Korea’s very first space sci-fi blockbuster. Song Joong Ki commented on this feat sharing, “I think that Director Jo Sung Hee probably feels the most pressure. Although he probably doesn’t want to feel pressured like a national athlete, I do think he feels pressured. I feel the opposite. I feel more excited and am looking forward to more things. I feel as if I’ve become a kid.”

Kim Tae Ri added, “When someone says sci-fi, I’m used to thinking of Hollywood. I believe ‘Space Sweepers’ feels Korean. I’m also looking forward to the sci-fi films that will come out after ‘Space Sweepers.’ I’m proud and feel good that we were able to use ‘Space Sweepers’ as a starting point and combine our strength to film. As an audience member, I’m also really looking forward to it.”

“Space Sweepers” premieres on February 5, and you can check out a trailer here.




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[Reporter Lee Won's Ent Prism]'Seungri-ho' would have been better if I saw it at the theater

latehope@kookje.co.kr | 2021.02.03 18:48
Seeing the movie'Seungri-ho', which will be released through Netflix on the 5th, is one step ahead of the audience through a reporter's preview, it leaves a lot of regret. Most of the regrets after the reporter's preview come out when the evaluation of the movie is not good, but this time it is different. This is because'Seungri-ho' has excellent box office success and excellent workmanship, which is the opposite of'I wish it would have been opened in the theater
Seungriho', one of the most anticipated films of last year, with a production cost of 24 billion won and Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-gyu, and Hae-Jin (voice appearance) appeared in the movie. And decided to release it on Netflix. From the perspective of the investment distributor, it would have been decided that the release of the production cost would not be easy with the opening of the theater, and the release could not be delayed anymore by spending the promotional expenses. However, in the movie world, it is said that the completed'Seungri-ho' is not more fun than expected, saying that it will be possible to recover the production cost even if you only pay for'But Save From Evil' and'Pinsula', which collected 4.35 million and 3.8 million viewers respectively Also did.

However, rumors about'Seungri-ho' were rumors. Set in 2092, the story of the crew of the space garbage scavenger Seung-ho's discovery of Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, and then plunging into a dangerous trade was exciting, and there was a corner that made the reversal of the second half confusing. The CG of the battle scenes of the ships, which I was most concerned about, was flawless when viewed on a 75-inch screen (though it may be different when viewed on a large screen). It was a science fiction movie that blended the charms of Korean movies well while being halfway between'Star Wars' and'Guardians of the Galaxy'. While watching ``Star Wars,'' I criticized it as an American and white-centered film, but I thought that Korea's status would increase as ``Seungri-ho,'' which is released to more than 190 countries through Netflix.
However, after watching the movie, regret remained. This is because I thought that if I had watched'Seungri-ho' with a big screen and good sound in the theater, I would have been much more fun and moved, and I would have filled the busy theater district with audiences after a long time. Looking at the features of movies released this year's New Year season, which is the peak season in theaters,'Seungriho' is more regrettable because there is no tentpole movie that can gather audiences. One of the theater officials said, "I wish I could screen'Seungri-ho' at the theater at all costs." How can I see'Seungriho' in the theater? I want to see the movie'Seungri-ho' again on a screen rather than a CRT. latehope@kookje.co.kr
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Stopping by here, hey @DrBooger long time no see :waves:


I need to say I have forgotten neither KTR nor this thread. I am looking forward to the release of space sweepers tomorrow. It could be the first thing I do -watching it- when I wake up. So excited for new KTR content 




I was busy with RL and Soompi,  doing bts work :tightdeadline:

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Hey @Berou hope your are doing well!!


I am stoked as well, the movie unfortunately couldn't get a theatrical release due to covid but hey it's now getting a release on one of the biggest platforms and a worldwide one at that!! Looking forward to Captain Jang:hooray2:








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Actress Kim Tae Ri excites fans by launching her very own Instagram



Actress Kim Tae Ri has joined Instagram!


On February 5, the actress's label J.Wide Company launched an official Instagram account co-managed by the agency and the actress herself, treating fans to a pleasant surprise. In her first post, Kim Tae Ri greeted her followers with a casual selca outdoors, writing,"Hello, this is Kim Tae Ri." 


Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri most recently starred in the sci-fi blockbuster film 'Space Sweepers', which premiered worldwide exclusive via Netflix on February 5.


Follow Kim Tae Ri's new Instagram below!




Netflix's 'Space Sweepers' is an interstellar thriller about class inequality







Fans of shows like 'Cowboy Bebop' or 'Firefly' will definitely get something out of 'Space Sweepers'


The year is 2092. As a heavily polluted earth barrels its way towards total societal collapse, the colossal company UTS prepares a new society for humanity on a terraformed Mars. But between a bleak present and a utopian future are a ragtag group of off-planet runaways who, little do they know, are in for the ride of their lives.

It’s a heck of a premise, and it’s executed with aplomb by the upcoming Netflix original movie Space Sweepers, Korea’s first outer space sci-fi movie, set to come out February 5.

The story revolves around a motley squad of spacefaring rogues. There’s Captain Jang (played by Kim Tae-ri), an ex-space pirate with a mysterious past; Tiger Park (Jin Sun-kyu), a gruff and heavily tattooed engineer; Bubs (voiced by Yoo Hai-jin), a sentient, smart-talking robot saving up money for skin grafts; and Tae-ho (played by Song Joong-ki), a talented space pilot with a chip on his shoulder.



These 4 form a group of space sweepers, who pilot the decked-out spaceship Victory. Think of space sweepers as astro-janitors, tasked with the dangerous job of recovering the debris and trash orbiting earth. The lives of these sweepers are turned upside down when, after snatching up a crashed shuttle in their latest haul, find a little girl inside. News reports have been circulating of a human-like robot wanted by UTS, and when the crew decides to give the girl up in exchange for a ransom, their lives – like debris hurtling through space – spin way out of control.



Expect Korea’s first outer space sci-fi flick, directed by Jo Sung-hee, to make a meteoric impact. There’s the star-studded cast: you might recognize Song Joong-ki, who previously worked with Sung-hee on A Werewolf Boy, for starring in the acclaimed K-drama Descendants of the Sun. Kim Tae-ri also made waves for her performance in 2016’s The Handmaiden. Did we mention Richard Armitage is in this movie too?

The film in itself is a real blockbuster, with action-packed scenes, stunning special effects, and incredible space-chase choreography, and great writing. Fans of shows like Cowboy Bebop or Firefly will definitely get something out of Space Sweepers, and that’s also due in no small part to the movie’s smart, deep writing.



Two of the biggest Korean movies that have broken into the mainstream, Snowpiercer and Parasite (both directed by Bong Joon-ho) tackle class inequality, and Space Sweepers also works with these themes. It will strike you when you watch the film how oddly prescient Space Sweepers is to our time, though this is to be expected of most dystopian fiction. It hits a little close to home to watch denizens of earth clock into work nonchalantly while wearing gas masks, and the character of a rich CEO terraforming Mars resembles — to close for comfort — our own real-world billionaires who would sooner pour their obscene wealth into spacefaring over anything else.

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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Current movie : Space Sweepers]



Tae-ri Kim x Na-eun Son, fashionista's'after work'

[Sports Trend]


Kim Tae-ri went on a fashion tour. He recently visited the flagship stores of Rimo and Cheongdam, and showed an all-black set-up styling to create a more elegant atmosphere.




As a fashionista, Son Na-eun also visited the Valentino Roman Stud pop-up store on the first floor of the Galleria Department Store EAST. On this day, Son Na-eun caught the eye with her lovely beauty and bright styling.




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I watched the movie




I got to understand why they call it korean first sci-fi movie and why KTR said  when she thinks of sci-fi movies, she thinks of the hollywood movies. 


Space Sweepers is a very ambitious movie for korean standard, they had to cast a lot of foreign actors  aside the CGI effects. I don't know  its reception in Korea and in the rest of the world. Hopefully it will be a hit ' cause I want more sci-fi movies from Korea ! Sometimes when I want to watch a korean movies,  all I see are thrillers, so it would be nice to have more diversity. 



Captain Jang was cool, badass and very upright.  She had a lot of charisma that I found myself fangirling :please:


KTR nailed it



Whatever we want






What a surprise to have an official instagram account of KTR ! I couldn't believe it first, I mean she was against using SNS. I heared the account is managed by her agency though.



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Watched the movie too



It was a good watch, the cast did a great job, the plotline was simple yet effective and the CGI was really impressive given that the budget was only 25million!! The foreign actors weren't up to the par, the villain IMO was not effective and I feel Tae Ri was underutilized, I wish we got alot more of her (the villain had more screentime than Tae Ri:tears:) however the movie as a whole was really good, especially for a first ever korean sci fi movie and Tae Ri as Captain Jang did a great job and I if Pierre wasn't me.....we all were simping for Captain Jang..












It is at no.1 spot on korean Netflix!! It is trending at top 5 in several countries, so I am guessing the reception has been quite good over all!! I remember KTR saying she was a little sad that it couldn't get a theatrical release and it's a shame because the effects would have looked so much cooler on a bigger screen with the sound effects..             Excited for her upcoming movie  Alien, it's got a great cast and another big budget movie, a crime sci fi(a wow another one for KTR) QUEEN TAE RI WORLD DOMINATION     :tenor: I  was actually pleasantly surprised that she opened an account on insta since recently she said she had no plans to, however she did add she might someday (I think that someday came quite sooner than expected) but yaaaaaay!!!  That means more KTR updates?? Yeah it is run by her company or that's what her bio says...       






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From the first day of release, the movie'Seungriho', which was taken on Netflix's'World' ranking #1
Donghyun Ji
img_20210207065703_97eq88z7.webpThe movie'Seungriho

[Insight] Reporter Ji Dong-hyun = The movie'Seungri-ho' gained hot popularity right after the release and quickly rose to the top of Netflix.


According to the Netflix homepage on the 6th,'Seungri-ho' ranked first in the global content rankings that day.



One day after it was released the day before,'Seungri-ho' received overwhelming attention from domestic fans.


'Seungriho' is a story about the future of the Earth set in 2092.






After discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, the crew of the garbage scavenger Seung-ho enters a dangerous deal.


Actors Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Seon-gyu, and Hae-Jin Ha have received a lot of attention even before the release.


Seung-ho is known to have taken 10 years from conception to production, and it is evaluated as a masterpiece with a production cost of 24 billion won.


As much as the high production cost, the reaction of fans immediately after the release is also hot.










In particular, the high-level CG of a Hollywood movie, as well as the actors' hot acting, is receiving acclaim from domestic fans.


Initially,'Seungriho' was created with the opening of the theater in mind, but after delaying the release of the theater due to the Corona 19 incident, it was finally decided to release Netflix.


However, many fans who watched the movie, citing overwhelming immersion and CG effects, are regretting that they cannot see'Seungri-ho' in the theater.



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  • DrBooger changed the title to Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Current movie : Space Sweepers, Upcoming movie: Alien]

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