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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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Watch: Kim Soo Hyun And Cha Seung Won’s New Drama Reveals Premiere Date And Suspenseful Teaser


Oct 22, 2021

by E. Cha


Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won’s upcoming drama “One Ordinary Day” has set its premiere date!


On October 22, Coupang Play officially announced that “One Ordinary Day” will premiere on Saturday, November 27. 


A remake of BBC’s “Criminal Justice,” “One Ordinary Day” will star Kim Soo Hyun as Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary college student whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Cha Seung Won will star as Shin Joong Han, a lawyer who barely passed the bar exam and is the only person who reaches out to help Kim Hyun Soo—while never asking him about the truth of what happened that fateful night.


The upcoming drama also released a new teaser that captures the tense dynamic between its two leads. The clip features Shin Joong Han visiting Kim Hyun Soo in jail and telling him gravely, “Hyun Soo, starting from now on, don’t say a single word about what happened that night. Ever.”


As glimpses of a murder scene flash by on screen, Kim Hyun Soo says nervously, “But you need to know the truth.” Shin Joong Han cuts him off, warning, “The truth? You know, if you obsess over that truth of yours, you won’t be able to get anything done.”


The clip ends with Kim Hyun Soo asking hesitantly, “The girl… did she die?”


Check out the full teaser below!





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