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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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The OP said that when he passed by he saw a man in white shirt shining from a distance and his wife recognized that that the man was Soohyun... One Ordinary Day is currently filming in Cheongradong Incheon





















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Kim Soo-hyun X Cha Seung-won ‘One Day’, Lee Seol - Yang Kyung-won - Kim Shin-rok - Kim Hong-pa Confirm Appearances…Strong Lineup




Kim Soo-hyun X Cha Seung-won ‘One Day’, Lee Seol - Yang Kyung-won - Kim Shin-rok - Kim Hong-pa Confirm Appearances  <PhotoSource=Link Management, HiSTORY D&C, Just Entertainment, Management Pieona> ©BreakNews


Actors Lee Seol, Yang Kyung-won, Kim Shin-rok, and Kim Hong-pa have finally confirmed their appearance in Coupang Play's first exclusive content 'One Day', completing an impossible 'strong lineup'.

Coupang Play's first exclusive content, 'One Day' (Screenwriter Kwon Soon-gyu/Director Lee Myung-woo/Producer The Studio M, Green Snake Media, Gold Medalist), to be released in November, is a public perspective through the fierce story of two men surrounding the murder of a woman. It is an 8-episode drama that explores the criminal justice system. In particular, 'One Day' is receiving a lot of attention because of the collaboration of Korea's best actors, Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won, who need no explanation.

In this regard, Lee Seol-Yang Kyung-Won, Kim Shin-Rok, and Kim Hong-Pa are building a 'super-strong well-made lineup' that cannot be seen anywhere else, raising expectations. Lee Seol-Yang Kyung-Won, Kim Shin-Rok, and Kim Hong-Pa are expected to heighten the extreme immersion with an irreplaceable presence that portrays each character with a passionate performance.

First of all, Lee Seol, who received favorable reviews for her acting skills in ‘Bad Detective’ and ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’ takes on the role of Seo Su-jin, a freshly hired young chick lawyer. Attention is focused on Lee Seol's acting transformation as to what kind of relationship Seo Su-jin, who is united with humanism, will become entangled with Kim Hyeon-soo (Kim Su-hyeon) and Shin Jung-han (Cha Seung-won).

Yang Kyung-won, who showed a strong personality in 'Crash Landing on You', 'Arthdal Chronicle', and 'Vincenzo' with solid acting skills that has been on the theater stage for a long time, plays the role of Park Doo-shik, who deliberately crashed into prison to be loyal to the boss. appears. Yang Kyung-won, who has detailed acting skills ranging from comics to life acting and charisma, is expected to renew his life again with the character Park Doo-shik that will be drawn in 'One Day'.

Kim Shin-rok, who made a strong impression on the public with his intense acting as the head of the homicide team in the drama 'Monster', will play the role of Ahn Tae-hee, an elite prosecutor who is a gold spoon, graduated from a prestigious high school, and passed Seoul National University law school and bar exam. Although she is a prosecutor with a 100% win rate who has never lost a trial yet, expectations are rising as to what kind of filmography Kim Shin-rok will create through the role of Ahn Tae-hee, who suffers from failure every time in her promotion to the chief prosecutor.

From dramas such as 'Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 1 and 2', 'Whisper', and 'Aide 1 and 2' to movies such as 'Seobok', 'Astronomy: Ask the Sky', 'Duke', and 'Malmoi' Kim Hong-pa, who has shown a wide range of acting that does not discriminate, transforms into Park Sang-beom, the head of the detective department with 32 years of experience, whose job and daily life is to catch a violent criminal by looking at the body. Ahead of his retirement, he takes on the case of Kim Hyeon-soo (Kim Soo-hyun) and finds himself in an unexpected situation while investigating the case, adding tension to the play.

The production team said, "Lee Seol-Yang Kyung-Won-Kim Shin-Rok-Kim Hong-Pa are actors you can trust and see, who show a unique presence." "Lee Seol-Yang Kyung-Won-Kim Shin-Rok-, who will prove 100% perfect character digestion based on solid acting skills. Please look forward to Kim Hong-pa’s hot performances.”

Meanwhile, Coupang Play's first exclusive content 'One Day' will be released through Coupang Play in November.




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Kim Soo Hyun received another coffee/food truck. This time it’s from KSH DC Gallery, it was sent to the filming location of “One Ordinary Day” in support of Actor Kim Soo Hyun


Cr:FB by All about KSH



Mungkin gambar 2 orang dan luar ruangan



Mungkin gambar 1 orang, kosmetik dan teks



Mungkin gambar makanan dan dalam ruangan

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날

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