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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Minning Town 山海情

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Chinese title: 山海情/ Shan Hai Qing
English title: Minning Town

Genre: Village, drama

Director:  Kong Sheng and Sun Molong

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: 1/12/2021



Huang Xuan as Ma Defu
Zhang Jia Yi as Ma Hanshui
Yan Ni as Magistrate Yang
Huang Jue as Ling Yinong
Yao Chen as Wu Yuejuan
Tao Hong as Mother Fu
Wang Kai as Secretary Pan
Re Yi Zha as Li Shuihua
Huang Yao as Bai Maimiao
Guo Fei Ge as Bai Maimiao (young)
Bai Yu Fan as Ma Debao
You Yong Zhi as Li Dayou
Hu Ming as Zhang Shucheng
Jiang Guan Nan as Shui Wang
Wang Sha Sha as Xiu'er
Guo Jing Fei as Chen Jinshan
Zu Feng as Bai Chongli
Bai Yu as Ding Shijun
Lang Yue Ting as Ma Qiuhong
Sun Qian
Li Jin Jiang as Yang Gawa
Han Dan Tong as Juan Zi
Zou Yuan Qing as Ma Dehua
Tan Xi He as Secretary Tan
Jiang Qi Lin as Guo Minhang
Feng Hui
Wu Jin Xin as Huang Zhanqi
Yan Xiang



The government wants to build the rural housing land, and encourages the farmers of Xiji Country to migrate or relocate. However, the conditions of the desert is too harsh. The villagers who moved there mostly left the second day. Ma Defu uses every ways to mobilize everybody to Diao Zhuang, and tries his best to get the villagers to stay. In 1966, the the Party Central Committee made a strategic plan to promote counterpart cooperation between the East and the West, which identified Fujian counterparts to promote poverty alleviation work in Ningxia. Fujian experts came to the village to teach the villagers to grow mushrooms, so that everyone was able to earn their first pot of gold. They then tried their best to find a market for the mushrooms. The workers in Fujian encouraged and promoted the export of labor services in Ningxia, and actively created conditions for the villagers to go to Fujian to work. Poverty alleviation policies have blossomed in all directions, and Minning Town has begun to take shape. Zhang Shucheng took the post of the Secretary of the Party Committee of Minning Town. While continuing the three-level water pumping project, he also strengthened the export of labor services and attracted investments. The appearance of Minning Town was given a new look, and more and more villagers signed up for relocation. As time passes, Minning Town was given a new lease of life.

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Minning Town 山海情 Raw Episodes



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