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[Upcoming Drama 2022] Yumi's Cells Season 2 유미의 세포들 - Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Jin Young - premieres June 10th


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Agreed. It’s so true because I haven’t ever seen anyone from JHIs fandom bash her and they did so much press and cute couple shots together.  Now I only see Choi Minho as Soonrook. He has the cute curly hair and cuteness.  Plus, they didn’t get much time in canola together and they seem to be friendly and look great together. I’d like her to do a drama with her friend Suho too but he’s in the army.  

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GOT 7 is the only K-pop band that I have listened to 'cos of Jackson and their group dynamics. The only drama I saw of Jin Yoing was LOTBS, as a teenage version of LMH. I think 'cos he joined BH there's a possibility of he getting casted.

I think he can pull of Soonrok.



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I binged read this webtoon because of this casting news. And boy I was hooked. I was so invested in the character, rootings for ships and sad when ships failed. 

I am really hoping they do it right. It's quite a challenging project - it could be a meaningful witty slice-of-life style of drama or it could ended up being veryyyy childlish and over the top, or it could turn out to be like a typical harem series...lol.


I'm happy KGE got casted as the lead. I wonder if they will follow the original story or re-invent it to the 2 guys 1 girl typical triangle format for K-romance. 

Is it worrying that I don't know the assigned writers well to trust them for Yumi's cells? 

Ran to this little fan-made video. SO CUTE 


I totally forgot about Ryu Jun Yeol, he would fantastic for Woong! 

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"Original Webtoon Drama Coming This Year - Yumi Cages" 


Reporter Lee Jong Hyun




Yumi Cell Special Exhibition


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Jong Hyun = Among the many dramas based on web cartoons, the most anticipated work of this year was named Yumi Cages.


On the 1st, online research firm Research First announced the results of a survey of 1,000 men and women between the ages of twenty and fifty over two days, beginning on the 25th of last month, about a webtoon-based drama.





Kim Go Eun to Star in “Yumi’s Cells”


Posted on February 2, 2021 by Kay




Yumi's Cells Korean Drama - Kim Go Eun


Kim Go Eun (The King: Eternal Monarch) will star in the upcoming Korean drama Yumi’s Cells. Yumi’s Cells is based on a webtoon about an ordinary office worker from the point of view of the brain cells in her mind who control everything about her.


Kim Go Eun will take on the role of the office worker. The drama comes from the writer of Memories of the Alhambra and the writer of Find Me in Your Memory.


Yumi’s Cells is hoping to air sometime in 2021.



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@YoyoyoI can see you're really rooting for Choi Minho to be Soonrok:joy: Where did your post with with Minho's YT song go?:blink:

Like @kaqueskisaid I would like Ryu Jun Yeol to be Woong especially considering the fact that he and Ggone are real life friends and they look good together. 

So we have Choi Minho/PJY as Soonrok

LJS/Ryu Jun Yeol/Kim Ji hoon as Woong

Who was recommended for Babi?

Why is it taking so long to announce the MLs? GGone's casting news was a month ago. 

Bored Daily Show GIF by CTV Comedy Channel

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EVENT: My Ultimate Oppa - Part 2


Your request has been granted. :kiss_wink: We put up a new My Ultimate Oppa poll!


This time featuring:

Ahjussi oppas, Super Ahjussi oppas, Grandpa oppas and Keanu Reeves


Please vote for your favorites!



re: @Lmangla



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From the web to your TV screen — a look at adaptations to come


February 3, 2021

Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” and tvN’s “True Beauty” is just some of the content receiving worldwide recognition for gripping narratives and universes that derive from original webtoons. 
"Yumi’s Cells," a webtoon which was published for more than five years and ended with 512 episodes, is the next in line for a remake and fans are anticipating how their favorite two-dimensional characters will come alive through screens.  
According to an online research company Research First, which surveyed 1,000 participants aged between 20 to 50 for two days from Jan. 25, the most anticipated series this year is “Yumi’s Cells” with 11.3 percent singling out the series as the television adaption of an original webtoon that they are most looking forward to. In joint second place were Naver webtoons' “The Dexluxe Taxi” and “The Remarried Empress” with 10.8 percent, followed by “Frightening Cohabitation” (8.7%), “All of Us Are Dead” (7.8%) and “D.P” (7.1%).  
Below is a wrap-up of some of the most popular webtoon-turned-television series which are scheduled to air this year.  



1. Yumi’s Cells

Actor Kim Go-eun was cast for the role of Yumi in the TV adaptation of the Naver webtoon which garnered more than 3.2 billion views on the platform, written and drawn by cartoonist Lee Dong-geun.  
The story itself revolves around Kim Yumi, an office worker in her 30s, whose body is controlled by some 200 cells who are busy controlling her flow of thoughts and ultimately her behavior. Although she’s clumsy about expressing her own feelings she makes the little things matter in her life through her relationships and work, and the variety of emotions and worries that spring from her efforts can be related to anyone who wants to love and feel a sense of achievement in their life.  
To accurately portray the tiny cells in Yumi, the television series will be a fusion of animation and live-action.  
The screenwriters are Song Jae-jung, who was behind MBC sitcom series “High Kick!” (2006-2007) and tvN drama series “Memories of the Alhambra” (2018-2019), Kim Yoon-ju, behind MBC series “Find Me in Your Memory” (2020), and rookie writer Kim Kyung-ran. Producer Lee Sang-yeop of tvN series “Familiar Wife” (2018), MBC series “Shopaholic Louis” (2016) and “King’s Daughter Soo Baek-hyang” (2013) will take the helm of production.  
The filming is to begin in the first half of this year.  




List of 2021 Webtoon Drama Adaptations: Yumi's Cells in Hell




Yumi's cells. photo / Webtoon

Posted by Nuraini Ica - 6 February 2021


tirto.id - In addition to dramas Real Beauty and Sweet Home, a number of Korean dramas (Drakor), webtoon adaptations such as Yumi's Cages, We Are All Dead, DP and Moving ".

Below is a list of webtoon drum adaptations that will air in 2021, as well as a short synopsis and names of some of the main characters.


Yumi cells


This drama is an adaptation of the eponymous webtoon Lee Dong Gun. Yumi's Cells is about a lonely woman named Yu Mi who doesn't know how to express herself. Yu Mi grows up to be a woman who happily lives her daily life, working and loving. Yu Mi is said to have cells in her brain that regulate Yu Mi's emotions like love, pain, happiness, and sadness. Veteran Korean artist Kim Go Eun has been confirmed to play Yoo Mi in the drama "Yumi's Cages," which is slated for release in 2021 via TBA.


Translated from Indonesian google




Film page:


Yumi’s Cells (2021)





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Webtoons transform into Korean dramas


By Avery Alexander — Staff Writer

Published: February 18, 2021


Webtoons, a form of fun and nifty virtual comics designed to be read on the go, have become a fairly regular part of Western pop culture. Today, this medium, which was originally popular in Korea and other East Asian countries, continues to evolve. As the webtoon industry changes, it has the potential to help bring Asian entertainment further into the foreground for the rest of the world.


As with other aspects of Korean popular culture —  like skin care, K-pop, food and makeup — once the market for webtoons became known in the United States, Americans quickly grew interested in the industry...


In December 2020 alone, WEBTOON released two major K-drama adaptations — “True Beauty,” released on the streaming service Viki, and Netflix original “Sweet Home.” WEBTOON doesn’t show signs of slowing down, with other adaptations already planned for the coming year. One highly anticipated show is an adaptation of “Yumi’s Cells,” a comic that has over 500 thousand readers...




Yumi's cells will come out in
aired in 2021






Achieved only 3.2 billion views. One of the typical Naver webtoon works, <Yumi's Cells> is a webtoon that empathizes with reality that happily mirrors the story of Yumi, an average worker in her 30s, through the eyes of the cells in her head. Kim Go Eun, who showed a high level of sync with the webtoon character with acting only as Hong Seol in "Cheese in Trap," was cast as Yumi. "It will be a joyful, reality-sympathetic drama that takes advantage of the beauty of the original work, which distinguishes the real world in which Yumi lives and Yumi's head in which her cells live." Production begins airing in 2021.



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  • partyon changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2022] Yumi's Cells Season 2 유미의 세포들 - Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Jin Young - premieres June 10th

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