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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020/2021] Unique Lady 2  绝世千金完结篇

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Chinese title: 绝世千金完结篇 / Jue Shi Qian Jin Wan Jie Pian
English title: Unique Lady 2

Genre:  Historical, romance

Director: Lin He Long

Episodes: 27

Broadcast Date: December 24th, 2020 - January 7th, 2021



Zheng Qiu Hong as Lin Luojing
Gong Jun‎ as Zhong Wumei
Fang Yi Lun as Liu Xiuwen
Yu Kai Ning as Jiang Xuanyu
Zhu Yun Long as Hua Chiying
Liu Ting Yu as Hua Yingyun
Li Ting Zhe as Zhong Shili
Yi Sha as Xi Que
Qiu Hao Xuan as Jin Chen
Liu Tian Bao as Zhang Ji
Mi Liang as Su Yiyi
Wang Yi as Wen Ruyu
Lin Zhi Yi as Zhong Ziyu
Ye Shu Yu as Xiao Yu
Wang Hui Xin as Tang Meng
Han Xiu Yi as Prime Minister
Wu Qian Xin
Su Xing Qiao
Zu Han


Another adventure begins for the princess who finds herself at the center of a conspiracy. Thinking that she can rely on Zhong Wu Mei, she is shocked to learn that he has dumped her in order to marry another woman.
Lin Luo Jing accidentally discovers that the mastermind behind the conspiracy that has repeatedly endangered her life is none other than her father and that he won't think twice to use her to further his own ambition. Zhong Wu Mei is gravely injured during an attack. Lin Luo Jing and Liu Xiu Wen manage to escape. Upon hearing about Zhong Wu Mei's condition, Lin Luo Jing attempts to pay him a visit. To her surprise, she receives a divorce paper from Zhong Wu Mei as he has decided to marry someone else. As Zhong Wu Mei recovers and his wedding approaches, Lin Luo Jing learns that she has a chance to quit the game early. Will Lin Luo Jing make it back to the present?

(Source: ChineseDrama.info)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Coming soon...


Additional Links:

Unique Lady 2 绝世千金完结篇 Episodes


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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Unique Lady 2  绝世千金完结篇

Unique Lady 2 is available with English subtitles at YOUKU Official YouTube Channel. Drama is region-restricted so you will need to go to the site to see if it is available in your country. (All links available in USA)


Youku YouTube Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLATwx1z00Hsc_7ABYPhU41RaZnaiETHBh


Youku Official YouTube Channel Mainpage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQPTeY3HOk0BprrGuCWCaA/featured


EDIT: Now also available at Viki


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2020/2021] Unique Lady 2  绝世千金完结篇

I knew this drama existed but I read the plot summary and didn't think much of it, believing that the storyline would be rather flimsy and poorly executed like some I have seen. Fortunately, I've had the New Year holidays and am waiting for some other light hearted dramas to air their subsequent episodes. Thank heavens for this lull that I decided to watch the first part of Unique Lady aired in 2019 and now am catching up on this sequel. I read the 2019 reviews from the older forum and can't help agree that the 2019 version had a surprisingly interesting plot. The near-ending episodes were bordering on melodrama and I can't help but feel as if I was watching a TVB wuxia drama (in the episodes leading up to the ending), just a teensy bit but they kept me glued and catching up on all 24 episodes in 2 days!


I must say I find Simon Gong great in his role (first time getting to see him in action and can't wait to see him in A Tale of the Wanderers) and I've had a soft spot for Alen Fang (after catching him in The Love By Hypnotic) - so this drama has really got me hooked. I like the mystery surrounding the mystical saint (Hua Ying Chi aka Hua Hua) and can't wait to find out how come he is still around despite sacrificing himself for our FL (and giving viewers the impression that he was a goner),.... rubbing my hands in glee as I catch up on this 2020 version. Have watched the first episode and I like how they recapped the show prior to this in case some viewers hadn't watched the 2019 version. Here's hoping there are others watching this drama too!

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ok, I've watched till almost the end of E20....and my thoughts are that the plot feels a little old now, and I don't feel half as entertained as watching it the first time round. I know that that usual drama plots (ML loses memory and ignores FL for another woman, evil father turns out to be a step-father and FL is adopted, woman comes into ML's life and turns out to be his sister, after creating some tension) are part of the virtual game's plot but perhaps the manner it was executed seems a little too expected/obvious, to the extent the FL verbally berated the game system for using plots that are too cliche? 


Also, it gets tiring watching the ML push the FL away after promising to treasure her, time and time again. It's like crying wolf a few times and eventually getting ignored (which I wish had really happened). By the third time it happened, I really wanted her to run off and not be found by the ML but the plot made her realise that he was faking it and reversed whatever negative emotions she had towards him. I disliked it that he didn't find a way to secretly notify her and instead kept her in the dark. I liked it though that she realised it on her own, smart girl! 


And watching the 2nd ML pine after the FL and protecting her, and knowing that she is making use of him to make the ML jealous, erodes the image of the FL somewhat. I think she should have been dignified enough not to use him, though she did try to limit the extent of using him. 


It's quite funny that Hua Hua has a new actor and to explain that, the character gave the explanation that he took a medicine that altered his appearance as the FL kept looking at him wondering why he looked different (thankfully they appeased the audience's logic with that explanation)! What a lark :P


Well, it's going to be the release of all episodes leading to the ending tonight - I suspect the 2nd ML will cause an uprising to try and return his home country to its former glory/regain sovereign dignity and I wonder if it will come to pass that she will have to choose between saving the man who loves her (but she doesn't love) and the man she loves. And whether the ending will again be the overused plot of her exiting the virtual game and one day while walking on the road, meet a man who looks like the ML, followed by exchanged glances and an open ending. Let's see!

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OK, I've not watched all episodes, instead I watched the last episode and this is what happened in the drama, not quite cliche but it does explain certain things.


Xiu Wen and Yi Yi toured the world (it looks like he gave up his throne to do so, will update later once I have watched the rest of the episodes) and eventually Xiu Wen died next to Yi Yi. There was only one antidote left and being the gentlemen he was, he gave it to her. Our FL receives a letter stating that Xiu Wen wants to meet her (but he doesn't show up) and Yi Yi shows up, handing her the dagger she bought him. Yi Yi tells her he went to a faraway place and is peaceful now. Our FL suspects something is amiss and pulls out the dagger. Something is inscribed on it but I can't read what it says - I suspect that he says he has gone ahead and can no longer keep his word of being by her side anymore. Our FL is saddened and she asks her husband if he knew all along that he didn't have the antidote, and he says to respect Xiu Wen's decision.


By that time about a decade has passed, and our FL has given birth to both a boy, then a girl. She is feeling a little nostalgic and she asks him what would happen when they grow old or if one day she would have to leave and go to a faraway place and can no longer see each other, would he recognise her if they met in another place or would she be able to forget him? The ML gives a knowing smile and says he reckons they would recognise each other even if it was in a different place, as it is someone they love (don't you think so, he asks her? and swoops in for a kiss).


Eventually, she lives out the rest of her life happily with the ML and I think (although not explained), upon death, she returns to the real world. One day she gets mail in her mailbox, she has been hired for a job (as an assistant to an MD/CEO), with instructions to deliver a document to an address. She goes to the venue which looks like a spa or masseur centre or possibly a hotspring and asks for direction from a lady who looks exactly like Xiao Yue (the maid who betrayed her and died). Then she goes into a room (to hand the document over as instructed) and sees a man soaking in a bathtub with a towel covering his face. She ogles at his six-packed abdomen but turns away somewhat shyly and is a little disgusted that her work involves doing such chores. After leaving the document on the bathtub, she tells him that she will head to the office to report and leaves. The CEO's lips curl into a smile after hearing her voice. We hear her talking to herself that the CEO has such a great body, but it's too bad that she can't see him face and she wonders what he looks like.


She then heads to the office where she has been hired to work and it's a computer gaming company. At the turnstile door, she meets a Xiu Wen-lookalike who calls her a pretty lady and offers to give her a job as his PA. She is baffled how he knows her name and he says he has seen her particulars. However, Jiang Xuan Yu-lookalike tells her him that their company has hired her - hands-off! Xiu Wen-lookalike (CEO of another company) is told off by Xuan Yu-lookalike that his company is in the opposite building. He concurs and tells her that she has a place in his company anytime she wishes. 


He (Xuan Yu) tells her off for not knowing who he is (I think he says he is the HR manager?) and leads her upstairs to the office and she accidentally clashes into a Hua Ying Chi-lookalike and is told by the Xuan Yu-lookalike to apologise, he's a professor who is about to join them (at least I think that's what he said). She is getting more and more bewildered by the second, at how the people around her look like the characters from the virtual reality game. She is ushered into an office and sees the posters of the game characters and the settings for the various premises featured in the game, hanging on a wall.


A Range Rover parks at the building entrance and out gets our ML. He walks into the office that our FL is standing in. She speaks to herself, "If all the characters have appeared in real life, then the CEO who was in the bathtub/hotspring just now is ...." She gets an answer promptly as he waltzes into the room, calls her "stupid woman" in that usual condescending tone of voice (though watching it second-time-round, it's more toned down), pulls her close and kisses her (boy, it's a real proper kiss), and he holds her close to him - they both stand and watch out the window. The scene changes to a virtual game environment (costume drama-like) and the drama ends as they give each other one last contented glance. - The end-


my thoughts on the ending...


So I suspect the characters in the virtual game were based on real people and the ML in the game was a real person who was probably playing the game himself (I can't quite tell if the other male characters were or not) - I surmise that it was a multi-player virtual game. Being the owner of the company (and probably inventor perhaps?) he would have tested out the game and experienced the life that we saw unfold throughout the drama with our FL, in the game itself. So the mysteriously spoken line that they would probably recognise each other held that meaning. It was pretty cool that he hadn't let slip any of this throughout the game/drama (or I was too blind to realise it... LOL). OK, at least this type of ending is rather congruent with the overall drama plot - I buy it, scriptwriter!


Edited: after watching E25-27


OK, there have been some hints since E20 that Xuan Yu's fiance was jealous of his affections for the FL. Having had a few buttons pushed by Jin Chen, she collaborates with him which results in the FL being captured by him. To prevent losing sight of her beau Xuan Yu, she has him drugged? and held captive in a room. 


Eventually, Jin Chen controls Xiu Wen through some drug/mind control and has him fight it out with our ML. In trying to free the FL from her bonds, Xiu Wen kills our ML. Xiu Wen is somewhat conscious and tells our FL to flee but she begs him to regain his senses, which he does and he kills himself in a bid to prevent himself from hurting her. The game pauses at that stage and the FL is told that this is the bad ending she is experiencing. Eventually the bracelet that she wears around her wrist (given by Hua Hua) is a tool in the game that allows her to relive out the turn of events and she is given a choice by the game to seek revenge or rescue the two men. She realises that if she were to seek revenge, she would be no better than Jin Chen. So she chooses to rescue them instead.


Long story short, she succeeds in turning things around - the gift of hindsight is truly applicable in her case as she already knows how things will turn out. She manages to thwart Jin Chen and he is apprehended. Xiu Wen it seems, has been hell-bent on revenge himself as he thought that was the agenda his master had. But it turns out that a letter from Hua Hua written by his own master (or Hua Hua's master - my bad, couldn't quite make out what it was) reveals that Jin Chen has a vendetta to wipe out the Persian race and was using Xiu Wen all this while. When Xiu Wen finds that out, he has a change in perspective and collaborates with our ML to save the FL, which they succeed in doing. Not only that, he gives our FL the antidote to the poison she's been fed, likely the same poison he's been ingesting as well.


In any case, I admire our ML who has typically been portrayed as being extremely possesive and jealous, for being so magnanimous. Xiu Wen has one last request that she accompany him to tour/sight-see the city before he leaves. The FL can't believe her ears that he (the ML) agrees to it. When his bodyguard/assistant asks the ML why he would allow her to do so, he explains that this is probably the only scenery he wishes to savour. And not only that, the crystal that has been brought up numerous times in the story and been coveted by Jin Chen is made out of a pair. The ML keeps one to guard his country and gives the other to Xiu Wen to guard Persia - I see it as him realising the FL will choose him over Xiu Wen and he has no reason to be possessive anymore, and that he recognises her right to have affinity for other men.


Our FL and Xiu Wen enjoy a good time, and it seems like the ML was right. The FL goes all out to enjoy herself, food, sights and sounds, and all he does is look adoringly at her, truly satisfied that she is happy. They finally end up on the roof-top, he is extremely comfortable, balanced precariously on the roof while she is glancing fearfully. He explains the view here is good and he can have her all to himself (gaze at just one flower, his words) whereas if they had been in a restaurant, it would have been too noisy and distracting with the myriad of lights. He thinks to himself that all he wishes for her in future (regardless of where he is), is that she is happy. And she apologises once again to him for not being able to reciprocate to his affections. He smiles and tells her that (it's fated? his fortune?) that he met the right girl at the wrong time. To relieve the akwardness, and perhaps 'placate' any feelings of regret he has, he tells her that in another story, she believes he will be the ML, and in that different story/world/dimension, there would be an alternative her who would choose to live out the rest of her life with him. He seems rather puzzled by her suggestion. She points to the stars and says that perhaps those stars represent that world. He says, "Alright then - in the future if you miss me, just look at the stars." She asks him why it sounds as if she won't get to see him again; the two countries may be far apart but if they have the heart to do so, they should be able to meet up again." [Of course he knows why he said that, but she doesn't.] She adds, "If the ML makes an issue of us meeting up, I'll kick him home." And Xiu Wen gives off a charming grin again.


This leads up to my last summary where Xiu Wen and Yi Yi leave to tour the world.


I have to say I really like Simon Gong in this role, there's something in his eyes that conveys his emotions. But the person who really made my heart stir a little was Alen Fang. Dashing with a wisp of hair hanging down his forehead, a headband keeping his long hair in place, as it hangs around his shoulders, his boyish smile appears after teasing her. [I tried to place a screenshot but the method I used to use to upload pix doesn't seem to work anymore. If anyone reading this can help teach me?]








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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2020/2021] Unique Lady 2  绝世千金完结篇

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