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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama] Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 premiered May 23, starring Zeng Shun Xi, Yang Chao Yue & Liu Yu Ning


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Hot drama specials|Listen to Zeng Shun Xi talking about 'Heroes'
Interview with 'Life Style Magazine'
After four months of filming of "Say Heroes Who Are Heroes", we met the leading actors Zeng Shunxi and Yang Chaoyue in Shanghai in early summer. Different from the traditional martial arts world, this time the crew of "Who is a hero" will create a "different martial arts". Turning their thoughts back to the channel belonging to Wang Xiao Shi and Wen Rou, Zeng Shun Xi and Yang Chaoyue have complex and profound resonances with the characters.
When he first entered the rivers and lakes, in Zeng Shunxi's eyes, Wang Xiaoshi was "a child like a stone", with a pure heart and a rock-like heart, and he seemed to be able to break the predicament in his own unique way. He is indifferent to fame and fortune, and emphasizes love and righteousness. Although he is not good at expressing his own feelings about his love, he believes that he will never leave and be dependent on life and death. Unlike the popular definition of a hero, Wang Xiaoshi's life philosophy is more important than dedication and salvation is to live every day worthwhile.
Hot-blooded teenagers, this play focuses on the description of the male group portraits of the rivers and lakes, creating a hero map with different charms and distinctive characteristics. In addition to breaking through the traditional style of martial arts drama in terms of styling, the play also made precise and non-exaggerated designs in terms of action. Wang Xiaoshi has a unique style of martial arts. Zeng Shunxi felt like a "ninja" when shooting martial arts. There is an action, which is a bit like the skill action of Yasuo in League of Legends
The director of the play Li Muge, has directed many popular dramas in recent years. In addition to his excellent aesthetics and a large number of ingenuity in real-time shooting, he is good at portraying the hearts of the characters, allowing the characters to achieve emotional landing in stories with different backgrounds. Zeng Shun Xi and Yang Chaoyue were "tortured" by him during filming. In addition to the excellence of the martial arts filming, the director gave them guidance and interpretation of the role and plot in many ways. "This is very stimulating and effective for the actors."
“Many of Wang Xiao Shi’s practices are indeed the same as mine. We will make the same choice.” Zeng Shunxi likes to find resonance in every character he plays. “ We will do our best to fight for what we really need. If you haven’t decided what you want to do before, you’ll be calmer and choose to see and walk around and learn more. ”
Q: What is the role of Wang Xiaoshi in your eyes?
A: At the beginning, he was a kid who had never seen the world before. He walked into the rivers and lakes just to deliver a courier, and then took a trip around the mountains and rivers by the way. In fact, he was very lucky. He met like-minded friends from the beginning of the journey. Together with Wen Rou, second and eldest brothers, he slowly understood what is the world. Wang Xiaoshi has a pure heart, and he is growing fast while looking for his own morality.
Q: Previously you also starred in Zhang Wuji "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre". What kind of world does martial arts look like in your heart?
A: I still respect the world of martial arts. Maybe every boy has a dream of martial arts. There are many things that you can't meet in real life. The world of martial arts can be touched and realized by you. It satisfies all the imaginary things in my heart.
Q: What is the experience of shooting a martial arts drama?
A: Actually shooting martial arts stories is very painful, haha. The workload is very heavy every day. In addition to the physical exertion of the actors, the emotional aspect is also mostly a role with ups and downs. In the process of filming, I occasionally encounter situations where I am physically exhausted and emotionally unable to be in place. The director will continue to guide and stimulate me on the spot. This process is actually very painful, so martial arts is actually a subject that tempers people.
Q: What opportunity did you take over this role?
A: Actually, when I got the script, the first reaction was to refuse. I really don’t want to make any more costume dramas. I have already filmed two consecutive films before that, which means that if I film this drama again, I will be in Hengdian stayed for more than a year. But later I went back and read the novel carefully and read the script. The original book wrote that Wang Xiao Shi had big clear eyes. I felt more and more that I was him. I felt a bit sorry for not shooting. The script was also very touching and based on The story of the younger generation pursuing love and ideals. From the perspective of Wang Xiao Shi, I can't help crying for the story of my elder brother while putting on makeup
Q: If you can meet Wang Xiaoshi, who has just entered the arena, what would you like to say to him?
A: Stick to your free disposition. In fact, this character is something that many people can't do. In the face of power, betrayal, and all the dark sides, Wang Xiao Shi is the only person who insists on this small piece of land under his feet. Wang Xiao Shi's name is not only cute, but more importantly, it has the meaning of being firm as a rock, so I hope he can strengthen himself.
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3 hours ago, Magician said:



ZSX always cute to me :lol:

About Liu Yu Ning, really? Because I like his style in Long Ballad than Heroes. But wait and see


Hahaha! In Long Ballad, he usually or always wore a hat which I personally think detracted from his looks. In this drama he looks more free with long hair.

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 premiered May 23, starring Zeng Shun Xi, Yang Chao Yue & Liu Yu Ning
  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄

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