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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Not Crazy, 미치지 않고서야- Moon So Ri & Jung Jae-young- Wed &Thur- Premieres in first half 2021

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Drama: Not Crazy/Out of Your Mind

Hangul: 미치지 않고서야

Genre: office

Network: MBC


Director: Kim Keun-hong (Welcome 2 Life, Make a Woman Cry)

Writer: Jung Do-Yoon (Witch's Court, The Time That I Loved You, Babyfaced Beauty)

Release Date: April 2021

Runtime: Wednesday and Thursday

Production Company:



Official site:




Not Crazy is a story about the hot survival of middle-aged workers struggling to survive in a turbulent society.




Moon Sori as Dang Ja young

Jung Jae Young as Choi Ban-seok

Lee Sang Yeob

Kim Nam Hee  as Shin Han-soo




Character descriptions


Choi Ban-seok (Jung Jae Young)  is an engineer with a cool, rational, warm heart and a desire for humor and the head of HR team.













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Moon Sori returns to MBC in 12 years with “Not Crazy”




Actor Moon Sori appears in the MBC drama 12 years after “The Golden Age of My Life” (2009).


MBC TV announced on the 21st that actor Moon Sori was chosen as the lead role in the new Wednesday and Thursday drama'Not Crazy', which is scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of next year.


“Not Crazy” is a drama about the fierce survival of middle-aged people to survive at work, and Moon Sori plays Ja-young Dang, the workaholic head of the  human resources team of an electronics company who dreams of becoming the first female executive in the company. Producer Kim Geun-hong, who directed “Jumong” and “Queen Seondeok,” was directed, and the screenplay was written by writer Jeong Do-yoon, who wrote “The Court of Witches” and “Dongnam Beauty.”







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Jung Jae-yeong's appearance confirmed.




Actor Jung Jae-young is making a comeback with a survival office play with a different level of empathy through “Not Crazy”.

MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday miniseries, scheduled for the first broadcast in the first half of this year, (Director Geun-Hong Kim, play Do-yoon Do-yoon, and iWill Media) depicts the fierce survival of middle-aged workers struggling to survive in a turbulent workplace.

Above all, Jung Jae-young confirmed the appearance, raising expectations even more. There is a keen interest in the meeting between Jeong Jae-young and Moon Sori, two “deities of acting” who do not need explanation. The attention is also focused on the transformation of Jung Jae-young, who returned to MBC two years after the “Partners of Justice 2”.


Jae-young Jung plays the role of “Ban-seok Choi,” the developer of Hanmyeong Electronics' home appliance division. Choi Ban-seok is a veteran engineer who has a cold reason, a warm sensibility, and even greed for a child's gag. He survived the gust of job cuts that struck one person before, but after twists and turns, he crash landed on the personnel team. Ban-Seok Choi, who is ‘incognito (who does not know personnel affairs)’ is in danger of resetting 22 years of experience and efforts. He decides to recover rather than retire, and begins to endure with indomitable will. Here, he is entangled in an inevitable symbiotic relationship with Ja-young Dang (played by Moon Sori), the head of workaholic personnel team with his fierce will, and unfolds a hot survival period that cannot be sustained without being crazy.





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Jung Jae-young to act opposite Moon Sori in midlife crisis office drama

by tineybeanie





After months of negotiations, it’s been finally confirmed that Jung Jae-young (Partners for Justice, Duel) will join Moon Sori (The School Nurse Files) in upcoming MBC drama, No One But a Madman. It’s an office drama about a middle-aged man who struggles to survive in an ever-changing workplace.


Jung Jae-young plays the main character who is faced with a decision that many company employees are faced with at some point in their careers: the undesirable choice to resign, switch jobs, or be fired. He’s just a regular logical, warmhearted guy, who likes cracking dad jokes all the time.

Originally, he was a veteran engineer in the consumer electronics department of a large conglomerate. He manages to survive the mass layoffs that happened at his company, but he ends up in the personnel and human resources department, and everything he’s learned in his 22-year-long career becomes moot. The drama is set to show his story as he starts from zero again, under a tyrant-like workaholic team leader, played by Moon Sori.


Written by Jung Do-yoon (Witch’s Court) and directed by Kim Geun-hong (Welcome 2 Life), Wednesday-Thursday drama No One But a Madman will begin airing in the early half of this year on MBC.




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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Not Crazy, 미치지 않고서야- Moon So Ri & Jung Jae-young- Wed &Thur- Premieres in first half 2021
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6 minutes ago, larus said:

I am glad that I will see Lee Sang Yeob in another drama. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that he will join the drama.

I'm pleasantly surprised as well! :D

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There will probably be no romance in this one (romance between older couples would be a plus for me:D), but the storyline and cast have me waiting expectantly. True to life Workplace drama has a special place in my heart. I hope the story is good and stays good to the last episode!!

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Lee Sang Yeob Confirmed To Star In New MBC Drama Alongside Jung Jae Young And Moon So Ri


Lee Sang Yeob has been confirmed for an upcoming MBC drama!


On February 23, it was reported that the actor would be making his return with MBC’s upcoming drama “No One in their Right Mind” (working title). The drama follows the story of middle-aged office workers struggling to survive in their competitive workplace that is undergoing substantial changes. It will touch on the “hot issues” of office life, such as resigning, moving to a new job, as well as being laid off.


Later that day, Lee Sang Yeob confirmed his appearance as Han Se Kwon, who works in the business sector of an electronics company. Although Han Se Kwon is related to the company group’s owner, he is considered an inferior who is unable to properly fit into the owner’s family. His character has a strong desire to receive recognition and succeed on his own.


This upcoming role will serve as a complete flip from Lee Sang Yeob’s romanticist characters of 2020, such as in SBS’s “Good Casting” and KBS’s “Once Again.”


He will be joining confirmed cast members Jung Jae Young and Moon So Ri, who will appear as his co-workers.


Jung Jae Young will play Choi Ban Seok, a developer in the home appliances division of Hanmyung Electronics. He boasts an impressive academic background but is not the best worker, making him look extravagant on the outside when he is a sloppy character in real life. He is a veteran engineer who is reasonable, warm, and determined to make people laugh. Although he displays an incredible sense of survival through a period of downsizing at Hanmyung Electronics, he eventually ends up in the HR team through a series of ups and downs.


Moon So Ri plays the leader of HR, a workaholic named Dang Ja Young. She is her team’s best, quickest, and most active employee. With her fierce tenacity, she dreams of becoming the company’s first-ever female executive. However, the addition of Choi Ban Seok to her team becomes an obstacle as she becomes unsure of what to do with him.


MBC’s “No One in their Right Mind” will premiere this June and air every Wednesday and Thursday.



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