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[Drama 2021] No One But a Madman/On The Verge Of Insanity, 미치지 않고서야


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Jung Jae-young, Moon Sori battle office politics in new teaser for MBC’s No One But a Madman

by tccolb



New video teasers have been released for MBC’s upcoming office comedy No One But a Madman, featuring lead actors Jung Jae-young (Investigation Couple 2) and Moon Sori (SF8).

The story is one that will be relatable to anyone who is or has struggled to survive within a rapidly changing work environment and worried about their career. At one point or another, it’s common to have thought about resigning, changing to a new position, or felt fearful of being laid off.

In this very dilemma is Jung Jae-young’s character, who worked as an engineer for many years at his company and is suddenly re-assigned to the HR team. Moon Sori plays the head of human resources, who Jung now reports to.


Also working at the company are development team leads Lee Sang-yub (Good Casting) and Ahn Nae-sang (Law School), production planner Kim Ga-eun (The Wind Blows), finance assistant manager Cha Jung-hwa (Mr. Queen), and CEO Jo Bok-rae (Navillera) among others.

In the newly released teasers, we get a preview of Jung Jae-young speaking with Moon Sori as she delivers the news about the company restructuring and how Jung is being re-located to work in HR.


The first clip starts with papers flying about the office where Jung Jae-young sits with Moon Sori. A disgruntled Jung asks, “You want me to go where?” And Moon simply responds, “Human resources.” Animated shots fire into Jung’s side of the screen, on the left, as he repeats what she said in disbelief, “Human resources?” Turning to the camera, Jung rants, showing his true feelings to the audience, “You’re asking me, who worked here as a developer for more than 20 years, to go to the HR team to do what exactly? Are you telling me to leave the company? Is this what this is?” As he turns back to face Moon again, the camera switches to the opposite side view of the room so that she is now on the left and Jung is on the right. Taking a sip of coffee, Jung Jae-young accepts his fate, “Well, I guess that’s what has to be done.”



The second teaser shows us another conversation between Jung Jae-young and Moon Sori, and formats the clip like a video game fight between two opponents now in round 2. Jung asks if there are other teams or positions that he can go to instead, “Like software control or something like that?” Moon replies, “Your experience is lacking in those areas,” and Jung tries to negotiate, “Can’t the company provide training and support, for employee development?” Turning away from him, Moon reveals her inner thoughts to the camera, “Employee development is for the young kids. Is the company mad? Why would they invest in employee development for you?” Similar to the first teaser, the camera flips to the opposite view of the room so that their positions on the screen are reversed. Taking on a more professional tone, Moon Sori responds to Jung, “Unfortunately, your higher age is a factor when considering employee development.” Accepting the situation again, Jung says, “I guess nothing else can be done,” and the teaser closes as he walks out of the room.






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New stills were released




Without going crazy’ Jung Jae-young plays an indomitable fight to survive in the office jungle.


On the 8th, MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Only Without Going Crazy' (played by Jeong Do-yoon Jeong/directed by Jeong-in Choi) released a still cut of Jae-young Jung, who transformed into a veteran engineer equipped with 'Nerd + Beauty'. Choi Ban-seok, a “developer in crisis,” who suddenly landed on the HR team due to a sudden blast of layoffs, raises curiosity about how to survive in the office.



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Characters posters were released.

Another N-year-old employee fierce survival story





The production team said, “The synergy of Jung Jae-young, Moon So-ri, Lee Sang-yeop, and Kim Ga-eun is unparalleled. It will provide differentiated fun and empathy as it deals with the fierce survival of n-year-old office workers who met an unexpected crisis.”





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New Office Drama “On The Verge Of Insanity” Unveils Posters Of Lee Sang Yeob, Moon So Ri, And More



Jun 11, 2021
by C. Hong

MBC’s upcoming drama “On the Verge of Insanity” has released character posters with its four lead actors.

“On the Verge of Insanity” is a drama about the fierce battle for survival among experienced office workers who are dealing with changes in their workplace. It will be a relatable and comedic show about regular office topics like “resignation,” “changing jobs,” “dismissal,” and getting along with one’ co-workers.

The drama stars Jung Jae Young, Moon So Ri, Lee Sang Yeob, and Kim Ga Eun as employees at Hanmyung Electronics, who find their positions under threat as the company is swept up in a round of layoffs. Jung Jae Young stars as Choi Ban Suk, who just wants to hang on to his job before his official retirement but somehow ends up in the human resources department despite having been a hardware developer for 22 years.




Moon So Ri stars as Dang Ja Young, the workaholic team leader of the human resources department, whose goal is to become an executive director.



Lee Sang Yeob stars as Han Se Kwon, a troublemaker who stands in her path of steady promotions. He has an excellent academic record but his work skills leave something to be desired, even though his powerful supporters have given him a position as a development team leader. He has a lot of insecurities that he tries to hide with bluster and his goal is to become acknowledged as the No. 1 employee at the company.







Kim Ga Eun stars as Seo Na Ri, Dang Ja Young’s rival and a senior employee in product planning. She is famous for her celebrity-level beauty, as well as being the sister-in-law of the company director. She is also a dedicated career woman who wants to seize both work and love.





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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] No One But a Madman/On The Verge Of Insanity, 미치지 않고서야- Moon So Ri & Jung Jae-young- Wed &Thur- Premieres on June 23

Only without going crazy' Lee Sang-yeop's realistic acting 'Expectation ↑




Lee Sang-yeop returns with unpredictable anti-war charm in 'Only Without Going Crazy'.


'Han Se-kwon', played by Lee Sang-yeop, is a person with a handsome appearance and sweet speech, and is the youngest development team leader in the division. If there was something he wanted to get, he somehow managed to achieve it by any means, and Koyama achieved the myth of selling dishwashers with a vicious side. Han Seung-gi (Jo Bok-rae), the young CEO of Hanmi Electronics, and his close and distant eighth cousin look like a golden spoon with everything, but inside he is full of complexities and desires to be part of the royal family. An ambush appears in the path ahead of him. Dang Ja-young (Moon So-ri), a divorcee who knows her true face, and Choi Ban-seok (Jung Jae-young), a formidable developer. Attention is paid to Han Se-kwon's method of office survival, which is on the way to promotion.


Expectations are high for Lee Sang-yeop's performance as he is a character who sets a confrontational angle with Jung Jae-young and Moon So-ri. In the meantime, the reversed face of Han Se-kwon, who goes back and forth between ‘cool’ and ‘salty’ in the published photos, arouses interest. Han Se-kwon, who leisurely rides a bicycle on his way to work. Like him who cares about ‘appearance’, he is perfect from head to toe. In the photo that follows, Han Se-kwon's proprietary patent 'Raising blood pressure with a smiling face' catches the eye with the momentum of subduing the opponent. In contrast, Han Se-kwon's 'smiling' appearance was also captured. Han Se-kwon faced an unexpected obstacle. His office survival method to survive adds to the curiosity.


Lee Sang-yeop explained why he chose the work, saying, “The biggest reason is that the script was fun.” He continued, "I didn't want to miss the opportunity to work with Jung Jae-young and Moon So-ri as a character who is entangled in one work." Also, “I think it will be a work that can show the emotions that the characters feel when they face a certain situation more realistically than other dramas. I'm thinking about what real emotions are. I hope that those efforts will be conveyed through the screen.”


He also showed special affection for the character. Lee Sang-yeop said, “I didn’t want to portray the character ‘Han Se-kwon’ unconditionally as a bad and clever person. Perhaps Han Se-kwon is the most realistic character in this drama. He is a sad person who lives the day with anxiety, avoiding the situation with his eyes and lies.” He continued, “In order to express what kind of person Han Se-kwon is, I am also paying attention to clothes, accessories, and props. I think he will be another point of observation.”


(Google translate)



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Jung Jae Young, Lee Sang Yeob, And Moon So Ri Are Competitive Office Workers In Posters For Upcoming MBC Drama


Jun 16, 2021
by S. Cho

The upcoming office drama “One the Verge of Insanity” has released new character posters!

MBC’s “On the Verge of Insanity” stars Jung Jae Young, Moon So Ri, and Lee Sang Yeob as employees at Hanmyung Electronics, who find their positions under threat as the company is swept up in a round of layoffs. The drama will touch on regular office topics like resignation, changing jobs, dismissal, and co-worker relationships in a funny and relatable manner.

The first poster features Jung Jae Young as veteran hardware engineer Choi Ban Suk. His eyes appear empty and sullen and the caption reads, “I’ve worked for over 20 years as a developer. How can I go to human resources?” Although he was once a well-established developer, he cannot do anything about the changes that come with time.




Moon So Ri plays workaholic Dang Ja Young, the team leader of the human resources department who aspires to become an executive director. In her poster, she steps up a winding staircase and the caption says, “The swordsman of the human resources team? It becomes dull after a couple times,” showcasing her tenacity.

Despite the difficult road to get to where she is now, she continues to live a tumultuous work life, having to put up with her team’s endless complaints. In the midst of their company’s hectic round of layoffs, she’s met with a new obstacle when experienced developer Choi Ban Suk is introduced to her team, even though he has no experience in her department.



Lee Sang Yeob will transform into Han Se Kwon, Dang Ja Young’s ex-husband, who is an outwardly extravagant but an inwardly insecure character. Han Se Kwon is the youngest development team leader who seamlessly received promotions thanks to his eloquence and ability to handle situations.

His poster features him on a bike holding a robot vacuum cleaner box, looking like he has an ace up his sleeve. It reads, “I’m Han Se Kwon. The hero of the 1 million dishwasher sale myth.” Han Se Kwon is a character who can get anything he wants through any means, but still has insecurities that others don’t know about.





The producers of “On the Verge of Insanity” commented, “This is the story of average office workers who have passed their prime and are faced with the downhill period of their lives, that may also lead into turning points. Their struggles as they try to navigate their changing workplace will offer many laughs and relatable points. Please look forward to the realistic characters that will make viewers laugh and cry.”



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June 16 2021

Teaser trailer #3 for MBC drama “On The Verge Of Insanity”


Teaser trailer #3 added for MBC drama series “On The Verge Of Insanity” starring Jung Jae-Young & Moon So-Ri. The teaser trailer begins with the voice of Jung Jae-Young as he states “I’ve worked for over 20 years as a developer, but are you telling me where to go?”

“On The Verge Of Insanity” first airs June 23, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Choi Ban-Seok (Jung Jae-Young) is a veteran engineer, working as a developer in the consumer electronics division of Hanmyung Electronics. He has a calm disposition and a warm heart. He also has a sense of humor, but he faces the biggest crisis of his 22 year working career. To avoid being caught up in a wave of dismissals, he is transferred to the personnel department. He is completely unfamiliar with the personnel department. He decides to survive in the personnel department and not quit this job.

Dang Ja-Young (Moon So-Ri) is the leader of the personnel department. She was promoted to the position recently. She is a workaholic and she wants to become the company’s first female executive. Choi Ban-Seok is a new member of the personnel department. She doesn’t know what to do with him, but her life slowly changes by working with him.








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