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[Drama 2021] Like a Butterfly/ Navillera, 나빌레라

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Navillera: Episode 10

by lovepark



The future becomes a topic of contention as dreams and reality start to clash. While our elderly student wants nothing more than to continue doing ballet, his illness hinders his progress, and our young ballerino believes quitting might be the best option. Even though his love for ballet remains the same, our elderly student must accept his limits as well as acknowledge his current condition because hiding his troubles will not make them go away.



Chae-rok finds Deok-chul crying in the restroom stall, and luckily, Deok-chul recognizes the young man. It dawns on Deok-chul that Chae-rok must have known about his illness all along, and neither can say another word.

They keep Deok-chul’s illness a secret from Seung-joo and make up an excuse to skip their visit to the ballet company. Once they are alone, Chae-rok tells Deok-chul that Seong-gwan knows the truth, too, but he assures him that Seong-gwan will not say anything since he supports his dad doing ballet.

While they walk back home, Deok-chul becomes distracted and crosses the street without looking. Chae-rok pulls him out of the way before a car hits him, and he yells at Deok-chul for not paying attention to his surroundings.


Moo-young returns to the countryside, and on the ride over, he reflects on his meeting with Ho-bum. He wanted to apologize for everything, but Ho-bum accused him of only coming to see him for Chae-rok’s sake.

Back when Ho-bum was a student, Moo-young cut him from the starting lineup and told him to rest for the season and play in college. Dropping to his knees, Ho-bum begged his coach to put him in since he used his dad’s insurance money to play, and he screamed at Moo-young for suggesting that he still had second chances.







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CR was dancing on the snow and Mr.Sim was holding his notebook tightly. Im glad Ho Beom turned around and saw it. I love the way he looked at them.  But, he looks so lonely.  

Okay, finally finished ep 6. All I can say is: poor haraboji.... I just want him to soar!   On another note. I put up a poll, chingus. Please vote @joccu @nrllee @rocher22 @larus @m

I had a feeling that Deok-Chool knew he is ill but I thought he wanted to do ballet as something he has to do before is too late. But it is more heartbreaking and beautiful how seeing Chae-Rok `s danc

Here are still cuts for episode 11. I hope it's looking like CR and haraboji will perform together.



https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003425946 [Translated]

Herald POP

'Navilera' Park In-hwan-Songgang, the beading sweat scene filled with preparations for the two-person dance...

Input 2021.04.26. 8:06 am
202104260804013688585_20210426080525_01_20210426080602035.jpg?type=w430Original view

[Herald POP = Reporter Kim Na-yul] A still containing the scenes of Park In-hwan and Song Kang, who set out to prepare for the two-person dance in tvN'Navilera', has been unveiled.

TVN's Monday and Tuesday drama'Navilera' (Director Han Dongwha/screenplay Lee Eun-mi/producer Studio Dragon, The Great Show) will broadcast'Ballet Priest Duo' Deokchul (Park In-hwan) and Chae Rok (Songgang) before the 11th broadcast on Monday, 26th. The'Storm Practice Begins' still to soar together is being released, attracting attention.

In the last broadcast, as Deokchul's Alzheimer's symptoms got worse and worse, Chae-Rok hoped that Deokchul quit ballet and spend the rest of his life with his family. However, Deokchul continued his passion for ballet by practicing alone every day and striving not to forget the movements even when he could not go to the ballet studio. Chaerok, who was moved by this, confessed to Deokchul to try ballet again, and colored the home theater with deep emotion.

Meanwhile, in the unveiled still, Deokchul catches the eye with his youthful passion when he returns to the ballet studio. He is showing off his basic skills without rust as if it wasn't in vain that he had practiced steadily, even without records. Meanwhile, Chae-Rok hasn't been able to take his eyes off Deok-chul, who has been trying to match his breath after a long time. As if he had a glimpse of the ballet movements and efforts not to lose his senses, his eyes looking at Deokchul are only tender.
In the continued still, Deokchul and Chae-Rok are sweating with beads to prepare for a two-person dance, so they are robbed of their gaze. Chae-rok took off his feet for virtue, which is his lifelong wish to stand on the stage. Expectations are raised on the stage where they will be together only with the priest duo's breath, such as matching ballet movements while holding hands.

The production crew of tvN'Navilera' said, "It is going to contain the last flapping of'Deokchul' to achieve the dream of a ballerino that I lived with in my heart." Please watch.”

On the other hand, tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama'Navilera' is a youth record drama of a priest duo depicting the growth of'Deokchul', who started ballet at the age of seventy, and'Chaerok', a ballerino wandering in front of a twenty-three dream. Episode 11 of'Navilera' will be aired at 9 pm today (26th).
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Another touching episode. I agree with haraboji said, there is no such thing as being 100% ready. Sometimes you do things even if the circumstances aren't ideal.


I have to agree with Seongsan, asking for 2nd opinion from another doctor is okay. When it comes to health, looking at all options possible is ok.


Glad that ChaeRok and dad's relationship is improving, including HoBeom. And they are invited to the show. Hope Sejong gets to watch as well if he isn't busy.


Feel sad for Seongsan. I hope he finds a better job soon. But to see his transformation as well, including his hairstyle after resigning. I don't know anything about baseball, so can't understand haraboji's explanation.


This episode focuses on having each other's back, having another person to support you, be there for you.


However, this show started with only haraboji standing up for himself. He kept his ballet dreams to himself, as most everyone around him was opposed, or didn't believe he would last long. But he believed in himself and kept going. That inspired others, and later on they changed and are now supporting him.

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I am relieved the whole family knows about haraboji now. There is no doubt that halmoni is a strong woman, but with haraboji's condition worsening, she realistically can’t take care of haraboji by herself. It’s good the children are willing to step up and care for their father as well. I was proud of Eun Ho when she reminded her family that they should not decide what they think is best for haraboji without considering what he wants as well.


When Eun Ho called CR, I liked that he asked her to meet up. During times like this, it can be difficult for someone to talk to their own family about it. I was glad she was able to share her thoughts and feelings about haraboji with CR. When she thanked him, I was touched when CR replied, “I am not sure if you should thank me. All I do is stand by haraboji’s side. Just like he stands by me.” Also, I felt it gave Eun Ho a perspective to do the same. I loved that she returned haraboji’s words of encouragement by sending a message through the radio station as well. When haraboji heard it, the smile beaming on his face was priceless.


CR's maturity continues to amaze me. I am impressed with how he's able to be the bigger person with his father and Ho Beum. When his father apologized for not having been there for him, rather then let him to continue to be sorry, he tells him that he can be there for him from now on. With Ho Beum, extending the gala invite to him was like extending an olive branch. I really hope these two can become friends.


The ending of this episode was heart-wrenching like the bathroom stall scene, if not more. My heart really breaks for halmoni.

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I am really, really late.  But it's better late than none at all, right?  


It didn't click to my mind that I have read the webtoon before :ph34r: Well, one of those moments when one's too focus on something else.


It was one of BTS V's recommendation:




Credit to the owner


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Which little devil is cutting up onions in my living room. Ah man sad it's all over. This was some good soul food your drama.happy in love GIF by Christine Drawing Krysteen

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Wonderful and lovely drama! Will truly miss it.  Has been a tearjerker until the end.  A lot of scenes got me choked up, including the scene at the airport.

As an addition, I hoped that haraboji continued his ballet lessons at the studio in spite of his condition. Physical exercise could help with it. Also glad that his plan to go to the nursing home didn't push through.  I also hoped that maybe Chaerok's dad got to visit him in between his stay abroad, to make up for their lost time.


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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2021] Like a Butterfly/ Navillera, 나빌레라

Just watched the finale. I held it together until the airport scene. I totally :tears: when haraboji embraced CR and said he shouldn’t forget his face. It’s evident that haraboji’s condition is progressing, but CR and ballet continue to keep his memories alive. Their bond really enforces the belief that the memory is inside you. Your body will remember it. Don’t give up yet. After time has gone by, I love that they reunited during the snowfall. Haraboji eventually remembers CR and dances again. They both smile.



As for everyone else, I am happy they found peace with themselves. We got to see Seong Gwan finish his documentary. I think it will serve as a reflection for haraboji to remember himself well.


Thank you writer, PD and cast for such a beautiful story. This drama is truly a gem.

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“Navillera” Ends On Personal Best Viewership Ratings



Apr 28, 2021
by C. Hong

tvN’s “Navillera” went out on a high note!

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Navillera,” which aired on April 27, recorded average nationwide ratings of 3.679 percent. This is a jump up from the ratings of the previous night’s episode on April 26 (2.992 percent), which was itself a rise from last week’s ratings. This also sets a new personal best for the drama, which it last recorded in episode 4 with 3.623 percent.


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