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[Drama 2021] Black Sun/The Veil, 검은 태양


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3 hours ago, gm4queen said:

Did anyone watch Spinoff episodes last week? What was it like? I can't find it anywhere to watch! :sweatingbullets:

@gm4queen It's available on VIU. Really love it - tight execution and strong strong performances especially from PHS and JMS, who made me care for their characters in 2 short episodes without knowing anything about them before I started watching. I actually caught it before watching The Veil, and it was on its strength that I started the main drama in the first place.

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Just finished the 2 episodes of spin-off "Moebius Project 2012". Like the actual series, it's action-pack and fast moving which gives a back story of Seo Soo-Yeon and Chang Chang-Woo, makes me understand these two characters better and appreciate them more. Overall it's two great episodes and definitely worth watching.

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'Black Sun' Kim Ji-eun, 'Red Sleeve' Kang Hoon, Rookie of the Year Award [MBC Acting Awards]




At the 2021 MBC Drama Awards, Kang Hoon and Kim Ji-eun received the Rookie of the Year award.




Rookie of the Year Award: 'Black Sun' Kim Ji-eun, 'Oh! ‘Master’s Solbin’, ‘Only Without Going Crazy’ Chun Hee-ju, and ‘Red Sleeves’ Ha Yu-ri, Kim Ji-eun, won.


Kimage_readtop_2021_1222508_1640865527490im Ji-eun said, "Thank you for giving me a meaningful award. This year has been a special year for me. From the first lead role, the first awards ceremony, to the first award. Thank you for leaving my last 20s meaningful to me. I will use this opportunity as a stepping stone to become an actor who works harder. She thanked the senior while preparing for ‘Black Sun’, and there are so many people around her,” she said, expressing her gratitude.





Kim Ji Eun on the red carpet





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MBC Acting Awards' Best Supporting Actor, 'Black Sun' Kim Do-hyun - 'Red Sleeve' Jang Hye-jin




Kim Do-hyeon and Jang Hye-jin received the Best Supporting Actor award at the '2021 MBC Drama Awards'.


On this day, the Best Supporting Actor nominees were Nam-hee Kim, ‘Oh! Among them, Song Yoo-taek, 'Red Sleeves' Oh Dae-hwan, and 'Black Sun' Kim Do-hyeon, Kim Do-hyun received the awards.


Kwon Hwa-hoon, who won the award by proxy, said, "When Kim Do-hyun was filming, when he won an award, he asked how he felt about the award and came out. It's not even my prize, so I'm nervous." He pulled out a piece of paper. He thanked MBC and the 'Black Sun' staff and actors, saying, "I love my respected parents, my daughter and my son. I want to share this joy with my father-in-law and mother-in-law. Lastly, I would like to dedicate this trophy to my respected and beloved wife, who has protected and supported my life as an actor.”


Best Supporting Actress nominees: ‘Black Sun’ Kwon So-hyun, ‘Oh! Lee Hwi-hyang of ‘Master’, Hye-jin Jang of ‘Red Sleeves’, and Hye-jin Jang of ‘Only Without Going Crazy’ received Cha Cheonghwa.





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Jung Moon-seong 'soft charisma'

On the red carpet at MBC Drama awards 2021








MBC Drama Awards] 'Moebius' Jung Moon-seong, Excellence Award "With a longing heart.




Actor Jung Moon-seong won the Excellence Award.

The Excellence Award in the single-act play category was awarded to Jung Moon-sung, who played the undercover agent Jang Cheon-woo in 'Moebius: Black Sun'.


Jung Moon-seong said, "Thank you very much. I'm happy. I hope that people who see it will also be happy." He continued, "I don't think it's because I'm doing something really good, but I think it's an award given to a good work called 'Moebius'. There were a lot of people who started out, and the actors were eager to work hard. "I worked hard on the film, but I was happy that it turned out to be a good work. I am so grateful that I came to this award with a trophy like this. It was not me that received it, it was 'Moebius'," he added.

Jung Moon-seong also said, "When I'm acting, there are people who always ask me if it's weird, but when they see 'Moebius', they only compliment me. It was such a good piece of work. Thank. I hope there will be more works that are short but complete.”











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Congratulations to Jang Young Nam (The Veil) for winning Excellence Actress award, miniseries at MBC Drama awards 2021


On the red carpet








Jang Young-nam, who played Do Jin-sook in 'Black Sun', drew attention by saying, "I was nominated four times in MBC, this is mine, right?" Jang Young-nam said, "The filming site was fun, it seems like this precious time has come." Starting with "Namgoong-min, the white sun for me," he called out his fellow actors and enjoyed the joy of winning the award. Jang Young-nam expressed his aspirations, saying, "I will work harder and work harder."




‘Black Sun’ Charisma Deputy Director Jang Young-nam, Excellence Award “Precious Time” [MBC Acting Awards]



Actress Jang Young-nam won the Excellence Award. On the afternoon of the 30th, the '2021 MBC Drama Awards' was held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The moderator was Kim Seong-joo.


Jang Young-nam, who played the role of Do Jin-suk, the deputy director of the overseas part of the National Intelligence Service, who is full of charisma in 'Black Sun', won the Best Acting Award in the mini-series category.


Jang Young-nam began her acceptance speech with sensible words, saying, "This is my 4th nomination, right?" she continued, "Thank you for not forgetting and taking care of me. I was happy with 'Black Sun'. It was fun to go to the filming set, and I thought about when I would meet the actors, and it was a scene I missed.


Jang Young-nam also expressed her gratitude to the actors, saying, "It was a black sun, but to me it was a white sun, such as Namgoong-min, Park Ha-sun, Kim Jong-tae, Jung Moon-seong, etc. She continued, "I remember actor Namgoong-min smiling so happy towards the end of (shooting). She said, 'I ate chocolate cake today'. While I was working hard to build my body, I couldn’t eat properly and did action scenes, but I was always so sorry and apologetic because I thought that I was just acting in every corner of the set. I will be more outgoing Happy New Year and I hope you are healthy as you are suffering a lot from COVID-19."




Congratulation! I am happy that she won an award. She is great. I loved her roles in Black Sun and The Devil Judge this year.



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Namgoong-min "Grand Slam of the 3 companies? If you give it..." [MBC Acting Awards]




On the afternoon of the 30th, the '2021 MBC Drama Awards' was held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The moderator was Kim Seong-joo.

Kim Seong-joo told Namgoong-min, "You are a strong candidate for the grand prize. He asked, “Did you know that if you receive it this time, a grand slam from the three broadcasting companies is possible?” Namgoong-min answered, “Common sense, I knew. I'm not planning it," he said humbly.

Kim Seong-joo asked again, "Are you greedy?" Nam Goong-min said, "It's difficult to say." "The work has to be given priority and casting.

Still, when asked, "What would you do if Lee Jun-ho asked you to make a concession?" she added, "I sincerely concede and it's more than enough."








Namgoong-min “Daesang challenge, concession to Lee Jun-ho is possible” [MBC Acting Grand Prize]


At the '2021 MBC Drama Awards', which was broadcast live on the night of the 30th, Namgoong-min said, "If you receive the grand slam this time, it is possible for the three broadcasting companies to perform a grand slam. "Did you know?" he said, "I'm not planning on it, I know."

He declined to comment on the subject, saying, “I think it would be difficult to tell.” However, he soon revealed his candid mind, saying, “Can I be honest?” and “I will try if you give it to me.” Namgoong-min answered, "I sincerely concede and it's more than enough" to the question, "Is it possible to make concessions if  younger brother Lee Jun-ho desperately wants it?" At the same time, he gave a hand heart to Lee Jun-ho, and Lee Jun-ho also sent a hand heart, creating a warm feeling.




Congratulations to Namgoong Min for winning Daesang (Grand Prize).





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Namgoong Min at the red carpet at MBC Drama Awards 2021




I thought that MBC were giving Daesang by popular vote. I am glad that it is not the case. It has not happened this time but I wonder when they changed the format. :D



[2021 MBC Drama Awards] Black Sun 'Namgoongmin' Grand Prize Winner!!!





Actor Namgoong-min won the grand prize at the '2021 MBC Acting Awards' following last year's SBS. He once again proved his title as an 'trustworthy actor' based on his solid acting skills.




The '2021 MBC Drama Awards', which aired on the afternoon of the 30th, was conducted exclusively by MC Kim Seong-ju for two consecutive years.


The strong nominees for the grand prize on this day were condensed to 'Black Sun' Namgoong-min and 'Red sleeves  ' Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young. Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young were awarded the Best Actor and Actress awards, and Namgoong-min was chosen by MBC. It was the first button to break the start of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama and escape from the drama's sluggishness, and it was the result of his high effort, who spared no effort in acting by increasing his weight by 10 kg to digest the role of Han Ji-hyeok, the top field agent of the National Intelligence Service.


Namgoong-min recalled, "It was a while ago, but I participated in the 'MBC Acting Awards'. He continued, "Thank you for giving me such a big award. I talked to the director on the phone two months before filming for the drama and prepared for the filming. I think I was able to finish it well thanks to you. Thank you to the staff and actors who participated in the drama. When I go, I try to prepare meticulously, but I couldn’t prepare everything for ‘Black Sun’ because there were so many things to prepare. But all the actors on set were with ‘Black Sun’ characters. My body and mind were very tired. But thanks to that, I was able to shoot with all my strength until the end,” he said, with tears in his eyes, expressing his gratitude. He also did not forget the message to his lover Jin Ah-reum. Namgoong-min showed off her love affair, saying, "Oh, thank you for always being by my side and I love you."


The highest number of crowns at the MBC Drama Awards was 'Red sleeves'. It won a total of 8 awards, including Drama of the Year Award, Male and Female Best Acting Award, Best Couple Award, Achievement Award, Writer Award, Female Supporting Actor Award, and Male Rookie Award. 'Black Sun' stayed in 5 crowns that fell short of this.



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I've been keeping my eye on MBC Drama Awards 2021 but I almost forgot that it was held today. Thank you so much @larus for all the updates! This is one K-drama that I enjoyed so much this year! Downloaded the full series and often listen to OSTs... Huge congratulations to the whole team of The Veil including Namgoong Min & Kim Ji Eun! Hard work finally paid off! :hooray:


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3 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

Huge congratulations to the whole team of The Veil including Namgoong Min & Kim Ji Eun! Hard work finally paid off!


The Veil team took 5 awards. It was the second most succesful drama of MBC this year. And they took many awards tonight. Congratulations to all!




Dec 30 2021

See list of winners at the “2021 MBC Drama Awards”


See list of winners and nominees at the “2021 MBC Drama Awards.” The award show took place today, December 30, 2021. Two big winners from the award show are “The Veil” and “The Red Sleeve.” “The Veil” received 4 awards, with the Grand Prize awarded to Namkoong Min. “The Red Sleeve” received 7 awards, including “Best Drama,” “Best Actor” (Lee Joon-Ho) and “Best Actress” (Lee Se-Young). Congratulations to everyone nominated.

All the winners here




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2021 MBC Acting Awards] Black Sun 'Jang Young-nam' mini-series Excellent Acting Award!





2021 MBC Acting Awards] Mobius: Black Sun 'Jung Moon-seong' Won the Excellence Award for Single Act Acting!




[2021 MBC Acting Awards] Black Sun 'Kim Do-hyun' won the Best Supporting Actor Award!







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Congratulations to all the winners! Am particularly thrilled for Jung Moon-seong for winning Best Actor in Short Drama award - very well deserved. While Park Ha-sun and Jung Moon-Seong didn't win Best Couple, it is a testament to their chemistry as SSY and CCW in Moebius:The Veil that they were nominated. Well done all!

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