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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Five Great Thieves 五行世家 starring Wang Da Lu, Ren Min, Zhao Hua Wei, Wang Xiu Zhu & Tan Xiao Fan


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Chinese title: 五行世家 / Wu Xing Shi Jia
English title: Five Great Thieves

Genre: Period, fantasy, adventure

Director: Ju Xing Mao

Episodes: 12

Broadcast Date: 

Network: Youku



Wang Da Lu as Huo Xiaoxie
Ren Min as Shui Yao'er
Zhao Hua Wei as Zheng Zedao
Wang Xiu Zhu as Hei Sanbian
Tan Xiao Fan as Lin Wan
Wang Ruo Lin as Yan Jingtian
Hei Zi as Fourth Master Zhang
Ju Xing Mao as Innkeeper Qian
Bao Xiao as Pan Zi
Xing Min Shan as Mr. Zhou
Zhao Liang as San Zhi Liu
Huang Hai Bing as Shui Wang
Zhang Shuang Li as Mu Wang
Wang Shuo as Huo Wang


Tells the story of Huo Xiao Xie, an orphan in the market, who was forced to be involved in a troubled world. In order to be able to protect the people around him in times of crisis, he was born to death several times and fought against evil forces. Finally, The high-burning legend of vitality and light with the blood and wisdom of the market. In the early years of the Republic of China, the warlords ruled and the world was in chaos. The mysterious treasure jade beads tracked by tens of thousands of people appeared in the rivers and lakes. It is rumored that the clues of the "five elements holy kings" symbolizing the throne were sealed. Around the jade beads and the "Holy King Ding", the revolutionaries and progressive students launched a campaign to protect national treasures. The Central Plains martial arts headed by the Five Elements family responded positively and determined to eradicate Zhang Si Ye and Zhang Si Ye, who are committed to restoration and regression. The Japanese Black Dragon Association robbed China's national treasure. Huo Xiao Xie was caught up in it by mistakes, protecting the national treasure all the way, all kinds of difficulties, dangers, and all kinds of dangers. He used his kindness, justice, cleverness, and alertness to overcome the difficulties, and finally integrated the family of the five elements, making the family of the five elements". A reliable force in the revolutionary struggle to expel the Tartars and restore China.


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**



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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Five Great Thieves 五行世家
  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Five Great Thieves 五行世家 starring Wang Da Lu, Ren Min, Zhao Hua Wei, Wang Xiu Zhu & Tan Xiao Fan

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