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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Forever Love 百岁之好一言为定


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Chinese title: 百岁之好,一言为定 / Bai Sui Zhi Hao, Yi Yan Wei Ding
English title: Forever Love

Genre: Romance, youth, school

Episodes: 28

Director:   Wen De Guang

Broadcast Period: December 14th - December 28th, 2020



Wang An Yu as Jiang Zhenghan (voiced by Su Shang Qing)
Xiang Han Zhi as Xia Linxi (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu)
Chen Si Ying as Xia Linxi (young)
Chen Ze as Chen Yichuan (voiced by Wei Yi Fan)
Pan Mei Ye as Gu Xiaoman (voiced by Yi Xin)
Yuan Hao as Qin Yue (voiced by Li Long Bin)
Zhao Hao Hong as Zhang Huaiwu
Miao Xi Lun as Duan Ning
Fan Zhen as Chu Qiuyan (voiced by Ma Jia Xi)
Yang Yue as Shi Ying (voiced by Jiang Cong)
Li Yu Tong as Shen Wenyue (voiced by Ma Xin Lei)
Jiang Rui Ze as Zhuang Fei (voiced by Yuan Chen)
Zhang Yan Yan as Mother Xia (voiced by Ren Ming Song)


About the story of Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi, and the story from classmates to colleagues and eventually husband and wife.

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Additional Links:

Forever Love 百岁之好一言为定 Viki Episodes

Forever Love 百岁之好一言为定 English Subbed Episodes


Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam. Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, etc. should be reported to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.  PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

For any Issues and Abuse

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Forever Love has been liscensed by several streaming sites. There will be subs! 

The drama is region restricted so you will need to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. (All links working in USA)


WeTV:  https://wetv.vip/en/play/e2qnf7d05mpktas-Forever-Love/u0035e7y42p-EP01--Forever-Love

Viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/37502c-forever-love

Tencent Video YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5oKNKJoOwCEflI1mwIxu5t3




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  • 2 weeks later...

Anybody watching this beautiful drama???? wny there are no posts at all in this thread???? It is one of the best chinese youth drama airing now.  All the characters are real and not annoying at all.  I like Wang An Yu in his previous drama DBTQD.


The OTP are really having a super chemistry and their acting too is so good.  The FL seems to be a rookie and only 18 y.o but she is doing fine.  She is really refreshing because she is different from the usual cute girls in Chinese school dramas. She is like the girl next door who would look pretty if she put some efforts in her clothes and make up.  The OTP are so natural and after they fall in love they try to protect each other and even when there is a misunderstanding created from others to come in between them, they try to clear it without any hiccups.   The best part of this drama is that not a lot of time is spent on the other friends and their love interests. Most of the time is spent on ML and FL which I love. 


The second couple at first are so annoying but at a later stage they are changing to be a better couple. 


The first 6 episodes are super good and is set on high hopes of strong ML.   He is confident when you don’t have to care a damn about what other people think of you is what happens in the first 6 episodes, but when you love someone it’s a different matter is what happens in the next 6 episodes.
The ML goes from cool hot guy  to ordinary and miserable in eps.7-12.  So, the next 6 episodes from eps.13-18 is about them falling in love and understanding/trust each other and not allowing anybody between them.  

The way Jiang Zheng Han look at Xia Lin Xi is so sweet and she is so cute.  Another annoying character is the SML Qin Yue who tries to separate our OTP and FL's mom.  At the end of ep.18 XLX  gives QY back super good words to make him understand that he does not deserve a chance with her.  Since we know its a HE, we can sit back, relax and watch the finale episodes next week which i am looking forward eagerly.  



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I’m watching! :Pandabulous:


up to ep14 now and am enjoying the easy watch thus far. It’s interesting how the drama shows the ending first - like you, I am quite happy to ride with the story with no angst cos I know it is a HEA. 

the main leads are very likable -  FL is wholesome and is definitely someone you’d want your family to meet, ML is well built and rocks the crew cut! I don’t understand though. How does one maintain that hairstyle from high school to their wedding day I wonder...are there no hairstylists for men where they live?


it’s my first time watching either leads in a drama but they are engaging. There isn’t a villain except maybe the over protective, shouty mother of the FL.

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4 hours ago, rocat said:

ML is well built and rocks the crew cut! I don’t understand though. How does one maintain that hairstyle from high school to their wedding day I wonder...are there no hairstylists for men where they live?

Hehe, I think he should be that one in a male lead who looks good with that shaved head all through, given these days most of the ML's with super good shiny hair hiding their foreheads:tounge_wink:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Forever Love 百岁之好一言为定

Just finish ep15 of the drama...


Started to watch coz IG keeps updating the drama leads on my search list....


Interesting drama... new young leads, and yes the girl is just 18years old and i just read on mydramalist that more kiss scenes were cut because of that?


The most annoying part of the drama to me was the 2nd leads - Gu XiaoMan and YiChun... like, girl get a life, the boy doesnt like you and keep embarassing you... move on! Im not sure what this drama is trying to teach the youngsters??? Another repeat of A LOVe so Beautiful... so the girl keep throwing herself at the man, until the man likes her???


Another irritating part is the many triangles of loves the show tries tell everyone... man, is it already confusing with a likes b, and a is also liked by c and d, while c is liked by e.... crazy crazy...


Ever since Love is Sweet, i havent really moved on another drama (tried to watch You Complete Me but there is something off with the female lead, and she is the rumoured Yang Yang's girlfriend? Hehee... and the reviews in the drama wasnt that great either... then the new TVN drama Mr Queen... yes the ratings went up, but after ep2, everything went slow and ep7 seemed wasted on unnecessary plots - like so what that Lee Sang Mang issue, just dragging the story??) .. i tot this would be good until i met the secondary leads... urgh omg...


Only the main leads is pulling me to watch until the ending... sigh...



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Finally finished the drama, without skipping any of the episodes, an achievement for me since the end of Love is Sweet!


The ending

1. Like that FL secretly came bk from study and surprised him at his office

2. The way male lead walk without noticing anyone along the way, just focusing on his phone, thinking about the FL

3. Then the hug after he realised she is bk

4. He immediatedly want to go to her parents house to their approval for marriage.

5. FL's mom seemed to know and prepared her residency document on that visit.


However the very last ending wasnt that great, i tot.. like why have the wedding again at the school like that. Very rare for people to do that at all..


Overall, ok drama.. the 2nd leads annoys me the most and the many complicated relationships... wonders what happened to their old friend who betrayed them though... he wasnt in the ending scene...


ML is new to me, plan to see what future dramas he will be in..haha

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Agree with you both @pad-hari and @rocat I'm on episode 6 and I am completely loving this drama:wub:  The focus is very much on the leads and I am glad because both characters are so loveable, they have amazing and natural chemistry and are both very good actors. Always a breath of fresh air in C-dramas to have an intelligent clear-headed female lead and an intelligent, kind and affectionate male lead compared to the the standard dumb female leads and cold aloof male leads:rolleyes:

At the moment they are, honestly, my favourite couple in a modern C-drama and the opening clips of the early episodes with their wedding make me hopeful for well-deserved happiness for my OTP. Please don't disappoint me drama :Please: 

I like the directing style too.  The director uses some imaginative and unique angles to shoot scenes but the whole drama feels very natural. Negative points are I dislike the dub and I don't really care for the supporting characters especially her annoying cousin and best friend.

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Binged watched it over the weekend!

Happy to join in any discussions. 

I like how they are open with each other and clarify things to other parties.

Even though I felt the FL said' Are you angry?' too many times to the ML, I think I understand that it was a fledging relationship and both were working around what would make the other person upset. 

Towards the end, the trust they had for each other was amazing (though there were tinges of jealousy from both sides)


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I laughed when Zheng said he didnt come to watch a movie.

That kiss in the cinema was sparkly. 


Their scenes in Xiaxi's apartment are warm and cozy.

When the relationship is sincere, then its nice to buy someone a laptop.

But, I liked  the most when he wrote that contract.:approves:







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Such a sweet little gem of a drama! Both leads are great and the chemistry was wonderful.

I must admit I first started watching for WAY cos I loved DBTQD but I quickly fell in love with the main female lead too, I cannot believe she’s only 18! Both of these leads will be big stars as their career progresses. WAY was so handsome as usual and I love the way he portrayed his character.


If you’re looking for drama that is sweet and not full of too much craziness, this is a good drama to watch!

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Yes, i heard there were deleted scenes coz she is only 18 y.o but when filming this, she should be underage.  But even then those kiss scenes which aired were good.  WAY is  a good kisser, actually.   I also saw somebody post that they started to date in R.L. Not sure though.  If you want a full collection of the kiss, just go to the following instagram a/c where they have posted all the kiss.


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This is my favourite CDRAMA of this year (I know it's only January hahahaa)  

The story is so good, no crazy noble idiocy - I don't count her leaving for 2 years as noble idiocy as she's fulfilling her promise to her mum and she didn't break up with him and kept up their long distance relationship (I'm looking at you, Kdrama "More than Friends") I love that there was only ever each other for them, despite second leads that interfere. 


Most of all I love that they both look like good looking but normal people.  FL was beautiful without being plastic, ML is that good looking (but not pretty) boy next door.  


I could keep watch these two together for more and more episodes :)

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