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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Healer Of Children 了不起的儿科医生

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Native Title: 了不起的儿科医生

Also Known As: 

Director: Yang Lei

Genres: Life, Drama, Medical

Country: China

Episodes: 44

Aired: Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 23, 2020

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Original Network: BTV Youku Mango TV Mango TV

Duration: 45 min.



Chen Xiao

Olivia Wang

Jia Qing

Calvin Yu




Jiao Jia Ren was saved by pediatrician Gu Li Feng as a child and followed in his footsteps as a young adult. Aware of her talent and potential, Gu Li Feng, now the director of the top children’s hospital in the city, bends the rules to take her in as a registrar. Surrounded by a group of elite specialists at her new workplace, Jiao Jia Ren is no longer the cream of the crop and works extra hard to make up for the gap in skill level. Jiao Jia Ren and her colleagues Deng Ziang, Gu Jia Ren, and Wang Hang goes through many challenges. They not only have to fight the disease on the front line of the clinic, but also face various difficulties in life. They learn and mature and grow into competent specialists to protect and serve children wholeheartedly.


Cr dramalist



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@cheekychipmunk_stv  Hi and hope this message finds you well.  I started bingeing this drama over the weekend and am ep 21.  It's been interesting to say the least.  I'm here for the lead characters (male Deng Jiang - who was in Nothing Gold Can Stay) and Jiao Jia Ren (When A Snail Falls in Love)


I'm enjoying the drama so far but have to vent on a couple of things...hope you don't mind.


1)  I'm hoping that we get to the point where Jiao Jia ren starts to come into her own.  I'm getting frustrated with her obvious, naive comments during surgery.  The "really you don't say, I didn't know that, that's surprising" commentary during an operation is distracting and unbelievable half way through the drama.  I hope the writing improves and we get a more realistic and improved character arc for her.


2)  I would like to see her starting to mature as a character.  Starting to prove herself with her peers, not running and flopping around to catch up to Deng Jiang.  Pettish arguments and not standing up for herself with Deng Jiang or walking away when he treats her like crap.  I know that there needs to be a comedic element to her character, and that part of her charm is "the never let them get to you" aspect of who she is.  I know it's the writing and her character's basic strength to be optimistic and sunny, caring and a champion for those who need a caring person beside them.  So, it's more than likely just me more than anything....


Anyway, enough...I'm going to continue to watch and enjoy this show.  Hope you do as well.


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