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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] The First Sword of Wudang 武当一剑


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Chinese title:  武当一剑/Wudang Yijian
English title: The First Sword of Wudang

Genre: Wuxia 

Episodes: 42

Director: Lu Qi (路奇)

Broadcast Period: April 13th, 2021

Broadcast Network: CCTV-8, Kukan Drama Channel

Based on novel by Liang Yusheng




During the late Ming dynasty, a time when the nation faced enemies externally and within, the young hero Geng Yu Jing discovered that his birth parents' death was due to a conspiracy which snared the martial world. As he embarked on a journey of self-discovery traveling back to his birthplace at Northeast frontiers of China, he uncovered dark secrets of the past, found warm friendship and romance but also sorrow and enmity. These adventures eventually shaped him to became the legend known as the 'First Sword of Wudang'.

Credited as the pioneer of modern Wuxia in the 20th century, Liang Yu Sheng wrote Wudang YiJian (First Sword of Wudang) as his final work before retirement. For 35 years, his last masterpiece has never been adapted to screen, until now


(Source: mydramalist]


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Coming soon...

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Download until episode 32 but just start to watch it. I watch episode 01 and currently on episode 2. Liang Yushen seem take a lot from Jin Yong novel. Specially this serie really alike Fox Volant of the snow mountain and The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre. 

Eloped couple from probably a big sect coming in a place where they struggle with money and poverty, husband want to win some competition for to bring wealth for his wife and his future baby. Common begining I know...in all wuxia is like that but that why I like it so far.


This serie was filming in 2017 and only out now...probably a lot problem with the filming. How the filming it seem to have many mistake with how the camera took the shot. Maybe it's only me....but only with episode 01 I saw few already. But that ok..it's the plot story that will captivate me.


The future baby is probably the lead guy...I saw him in the opening theme. Read that he was really young and took the role in a same time he was in school. Really have a super BABY FACE LOL :blush:. But I hate the first hairstyle...Maybe doesn't fit him. But seem he change later when he became super powerful entity in Jiang Hu...hehe 


the lead girl was like 7 year old more older or I mistake the girl....

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that older girl you see probably his adopted sister, the main character doesnt know that his parents are both not his real parents until one day later.

the lead girl (couple of MC) is childish, like to play, the first one who initiate chase the boy, a member of beggar gang, yeah she has some common things as Huang Rong

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When there are fights it's better than most of other TV series these days, so it is Wuxia but it sadly doesn't have that much fight except for every 3-4 episodes.


I always rather watch Wuxia.




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