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SG Entertainment- New Female Group: Alpha Ray

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hey everyone, Usagi is back with a new group, that is about to debut!! yay!!!!


let me introduce you to the upcoming agency and entertainment company “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ first of all  “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “  that allows performers, creators and idols to express their individual emotions and styles, there are so many uncertainties around the global entertainment as well as climate changes that is going on around the world, “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ allows their team to have a healthy mind and body for a bright and prosperous future.  “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ strives to produce engaging content to inspire and enable younger generations to keep an open mind, teaching them to develop positive attitude as well teaching them to take their own choices in their own hand and aim for their goal and dreams.


 “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ (short for Spark Gate Entertainment )is a newly created K-Pop company co-founded by two French entrepreneurs: 20-year music producer Joon-Hae Woo and international trade specialist Thomas Sommer, Allowing creator, idols and performers to create their own artistic concepts and originality.


guy’s it’s time to welcome the trainees and the girls group- Alpha Ray 

the five beautiful girls~  “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ first female group!!


Alpha Ray ~ in physics alpha ray are a type of radiation composed by four elements, two protons and two neutrons. not only are they harmless to the body, they can even help treat cancerous cells, this beautiful group is composed of five idols, whose mission is to heal and add vitality to the heart and soul of its fans though it’s music and message.

“Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet and originally means “Truth” in Hebrew, while “Ray” represents the beauty emanating from each and one of us inside.


Their Concept & Philosophy are focusing each individual differences, far from problematic each benefit the community as a whole. Exploring healthy interplay between individual and as a groups, between themselves and others, from inside and outside is the core of their message. 


Alpha Ray Cover - 

[SG Shorts] BTS(방탄소년단) 'Savage Love feat. Jason Derulo' Cover | Cover Song

[SG Special] CL - 'LIFTED'ㅣ댄스커버 Dance Cover


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgentertainment_agency/

website : https://www.sg-ent.com/


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