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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月

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Chinese title: 乌云遇皎月
English title: My Deepest Dream

Genre: Supense, Romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong, Cai Cong

Broadcast Period: 2021

Streaming Platform: Tencent


Li Yitong

Jin Han

Zeng Ke Ni

Wang Zirui



Based on Ding Mo’s novel of the same name, it tells the love story of a top university student turned car mechanic and a female author of suspense-mystery novels.


Wu Yu meets Tan Jiao on a cruise and the two fall in love at first sight. After the tour ends, both suffer from different degrees of memory loss. Wu Yu cannot remember what happened in the few days following the tour while Tan Jiao lost almost half a year of memories. Wu Yu is an all-round ace student with a bright future but after the tour, his life is thrown into upheaval. His mother and younger sister, his only kin, are killed. To hunt down the murderer, he abandons his future to become a car mechanic. Tan Jiao meets him again when her car needs repair, after which they find themselves time-travelling once every 6 months. 


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The initial posters remind me of Love is Sweet in the general style and font type. Coincidentally, the director of Love Is Sweet is also Yu Zhong Zhong.



























Filming is currently taking place in Xiamen.











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I love li yi tong from the bloody romance days and jin han with ZLY in our glamorous time.  But I have started to like him more from the recent drama Twisted Fate of Love. He is looking great with LYT.  So looking forward to this show with anticipation.  Hope their chemistry is also great.  I like this poster very much.  It's is so natural and beautiful.


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