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Deadman Brewery

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hey everyone, usagi is back with some wonderful hand crafted beer!! although wine and dine has been changed to be online and there is no face to face event. I would still like to recommend some small business brand.

today’s main character- Deadman Brewery!!


how did the brewery begin?

Deadman’s: Deadman started when I came back to Hong Kong 8 years ago. 

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Then went to Canada for high school and university. 8 years ago I came back to Hong Kong to work. The craft beer scene was non existent. And being in Canada, the craft beer was booming and I really missed my craft beer, so I bought a 20L bucket and started home brewing. I started sharing my beer with my friends and they really loved it. So they started paying for it too. One night we were sitting on the rooftop, and my friends said I should give it a name, I asked what they suggested. The first friend said Deadman. Because everyone in Hong Kong are working their asses off, everyone is turning into zombies. We are all Deadman walking. After he said that. There were 20 more names and suggestions but we all agreed Deadman was the best name. So I went and trademarked it the next morning. I started to design my own label, which my childhood neighbor in Hong kong (who lives in LA now as a designer), helped me with, and Deadman dirty pale ale was born. The reason why it was called dirty was because it's hard to achieve cold crashing in a home brew. Therefore it remains hazy. The reason why it was called dirty was because it's hard to achieve cold crashing in a home brew. Therefore it remains hazy. When my father in law came to visit us from Canada, I shared a bottle with him, he said it taste amazing, but I said it's hazy, wish I can make it more clear, and he said why don't you just call it dirty pale ale. And that was how Deadman, dirty pale ale was born and the first beer from the Deadman line up.


How did the design come to life?

Another childhood friend of mine was also interested in home brew and craft beer so I invited him over to help and to brew together. We never thought of starting a brewery or business. But we always brewed with passion. Our friends started to post online. And the word spread. Strangers started to msg me and wanted to buy my home brew. And from there, it grew into a micro brewery, Deadman. 


how did the chocolate came into your idea as well to add into beers?

CBD has been used in many products such as bath bombs, muscle relaxation cream and more. We heard there were coffees with CBD. But then we thought it didn't really make sense. Why would you drink coffee to relax when coffee is a stimulant. So we thought adding it into beer would be perfect since people usually drink to relax. And CBD will help your body to relax. Chocolate has always been a popular ingredient in dark beers, but to also add coconut was a perfect combo. We usually thinking about all the different ingredients we can use and add to compliment a beer. But we always keep in mind that all these ingredients is only to compliment the beer, not the main character and shouldn't be the spot light (should just be a hint and keep people guessing and interested). I don't personally like beer that taste crazy funky and loses its beer character, need to always remember beer is the main event, everything is just a compliment side show. Our forefathers took a long time to create beer, don't want to ruin it “lol” 


address: 2B, Lee Chung Industrial Building, 7 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong

Opening: Friday 

Time: 6.00pm to 0.00am 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/deadmanbrewery/

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