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ACGHK 2021


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the event date to ACGHK 2020 has been changed to ACGHK 2021/1/1-4

as everyone is aware that my chinese isn't perfect because of that I am right now updating everything that is already posted on their facebook page and translate everything in english. 

the 1st Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show will be joining hand with ACGHK 2021 and you would be able to see new artist and new original toy design in HK.


TVB Big Big Shop x ACGHK working collaboration on selling limited anime goods.

link: https://bit.ly/3h2KZcp



Ani-Com Park not very long ago did a creative artist and young talented artist reward online, as well as allowing young teenagers who participated the main drawing topic of the best place in Hong Kong. congratulation's to the 3 winners.

video live: https://fb.watch/1TgjSfSKwE/



22nd ACGHK 2020 + EER Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show, due to the pandemic that is going around in Hong Kong we had to postponed to the event to January 1st to 4th of 2021, in the hall of 3B - 3E instead of the Hall 1, although the event was supposed to start within July of 2020. the event would be lasting for 4 days.

address - 

By Bust route no. A11 or E11 to Wanchai and change to route no. 40M to the HKCEC - estimated time: 80 minutes

By Taxi Estimated time 45 minutes - unless there is a traffic jam <- time really depends.



Cross Over for EER Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show - 2020 Design

These 4 are the collaboration design of 2020 that would be seen next year as a door knob holder, ain't they cute?

ACGHK 2021/1/1-4 - 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Special Stamp Collection - copy and pasted from Hong Kong Post Office Facebook Page.


[What comes next after “A gold fish will always be confined to the pond”?]
In the past whenever we heard someone say "A gold fish will always be confined to the pond.”, we were always able to continue the line “But when it meets Cloud and Wind, it will become a dragon. ” (Editor’s note: How nice it would be if I could memorise textbooks as good as this? ) With a copy of Storm Riders in hand, you would always be a hipster. As a grown-up, you still remember those trendsetting stuff back then?
Now here’s the chance~ the comeback of “Storm Riders”!
Hongkong Post is so glad to have successfully invited Mr MA Wing-shing for a collaboration on issuing philatelic products on the theme of Storm Riders. It is the very first time to recreate on stamps this classic comic, which accompanied numerous Hong Kong people throughout their teenage years. It enables everyone to recall the memories of the good old days. You still remember the legendary heroes and classic scenes now shown on stamps? Have you ever sneaked a look of the comic in class but then caught red-handed by your teacher?
Whether you are into Storm Riders or not, you can revisit this classic comic of Hong Kong through the “Storm Riders” special stamps issued on October 29 (Thurs).
Order here  https://bit.ly/3lPgkTy
Locations of Post Offices  https://bit.ly/358onot
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ACGHK 2020 Christmas Preorder Figure for Elefun is starting on December 3rd 2020, please copy and paste the following app name to download. Supported by IOS and Google Play Store. 《凌速博覽apppreorder only last for 4 days.


edited : App is online 凌速博覽app ticket sale only last 4 days.


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simply put it, January 1st to 4th of 2021 the event is once again cancelled due to the pandemic, we  apologies to the organization event has to be cancel due to the fourth coming round of the pandemics as well as the fact some of the hall is once again closed. 

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