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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] South Wind Knows My Mood 南风知我意

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Chinese title:  南风知我意/Nan Feng Zhi Wo Yi
English title: South Wind Knows My Mood 

Genre: Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Life, Melodrama

Director: Li Ang

Episodes: 42

Broadcast Date: 



Cheng Yi

Zhang Yu Xi

Li Xin Ze

Yan Xiao


Botanist, Fu Yun Shen and Medic, Zhu Jiu went to underdeveloped areas for humanitarian relief and searched for a medicinal plant. They went through many obstacles and found medicinal plants that could make special medicines as they wish. Fu Yun Shen returned to China to develop medicines and discovered that his half-brother Fu Xi Zhou had made medicinal plants into a series of Chinese herbal cosmetics for economic benefit. Yun Shen started a struggle with Fu Xi Zhou. A car accident suddenly came, and the development of the special medicine was interrupted. Fu Yun was seriously injured. Zhu Jiu, who did not know the truth, misunderstood Fu Yun Shen. After half a year, Zhu Jiu and Fu Yun Shen came together again after experiencing disappointment, entanglement and worry. Seeing that their marriage is approaching, Zhu Ji accidentally obtains clues to the truth about the cause of his parents' death, and his fate has changed. In order to restore Zhu Jiu's feelings, Fu Yun Shen took practical actions to protect this hard-won relationship. In the end, the contest between the brothers came to an end. Fu Yun Shen and Fu Xi Zhou shed their suspicions and went around. Fu Yun Shen and Zhu Jiu always adhered to their original aspirations. This is not only the kindness of life, but also the faith of love.

(Source: Baidu) 




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OMG!!! not again!!!!!! the same leads!!! For gods sake, can the agency be a little lineant towards CY and pair him with other talented female artists, please????? I feel so sad for CY.  



Has CY signed a slave contract with his  agency Hanrui?  Why he has to be affiliated with that doomed agency?  If he keeps on pairing up with the same FL, the viewers are really going to get bored and his talent is going to be wasted.  I think this agency must be one of the worst in CCP.  Usually do the artists are treated bad like this?  I see so many flourished artist in this agency.  This is the updated list (as on July 2020) of signed artists under H&R Century Pictures (Huanrui), agency of Yang Zi, Qin Junjie, Ren Jialun, Zhang Yuxi, Cheng Yi, & more, shows that Xuan Lu has recently signed with the company (her currently filming drama 梦醒长安 is a Huanrui production)But how come CY is treated like a junior artist who has just signed in like a rookie.  Is crystal still under this agency too?  Anybody knows?  They treated him like a trash and gave him standing instructions to behave badly towards the female artist in a public event.  Waaah!!! what a bu**sh** agency is this?  

Really i feel sorry for CY and other future junior artist who are going to sign with this agency.   I think he have a helluva patience and tolerance to continue with H&R.  


Anyhow this seems to be a modern romance with ZYX.  So, will give a try.  CY - Jaiyou!!!!!!

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Long Trailer for South Wind Knows My Mood with Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi

Adapted from the novel written by Qi Wei, South Wind Knows My Mood (南风知我意) stars Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi. He is a botanist and she’s a medic, and both join a humanitarian relief effort in search of a special medicinal plant. After many obstacles, they found the plant they needed to create a special medicine. Our male lead returns back home, just to find his half-brother’s plan for turning the medicinal plant into cosmetics for monetary gains. He opposes his brother but a mysterious accident happens at the lab which postpones the production of the medicine and also injures our male lead. Our female lead is in the dark about the whole thing and misunderstands him. Half a year later, after our love birds have experienced disappointment, confusion, and worry, they come back together. As the day of their wedding approaches, our girl discovers alarming clues about her parents’ deaths. Hatred from the previous generation once again challenges their foundation of trust and forgiveness. Our hero does not give up, he fights hard to protect her and uphold their feelings. Finally, the competition between the brothers comes to an end and our leads remain steadfast to each other.



Cheng Yi after the accident. Dude, must you suffer in both ancient and modern dramas? :tounge_wink::joy:










Fu Xin Bo as the brother.







cr: as tagged



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