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[Drama 2021] The Crazy Guy in This District/Mad for Each Other, 이 구역의 미친 X


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New teaser was released.



May 10 2021

Highlight trailer for KakaoTV drama “The Crazy Guy in This District”


Highlight trailer added for KakaoTV drama series “The Crazy Guy in This District” (literal title) starring Jung Woo & Oh Yeon-Seo. The trailer begins with Oh Yeon-Seo’s stating “That crazy guy was a little different.”

“The Crazy Guy in This District” will stream on KakaoTV from May 24, 2021 .

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: No Whi-O (Jung Woo) works as a detective. He thinks that he has a pretty decent life. One day, an incident takes place. This causes No Whi-O’s life to change. He becomes a crazy guy, unable to control his anger and he gets angry at everything. He tries to return to former self, but, during this time, he gets involved with another crazy person, Lee Min-Kyung (Oh Yeon-Seo). She has a sophisticated appearance and a fine job, but something happens to her. Her ordinary life collapses and she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She has delusions and is compulsive. No Whi-O and Lee Min-Kyung become attracted to each other.






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 Stills of Ahn Woo-yeon, unconventional transformation visual revealed




Ahn Woo-yeon transforms into a suspicious game programmer in "The Crazy X in This Zone."

Ahn Woo-yeon is a game programmer who lives in the apartment where Noh Hui-oh and Lee Min-kyung live. He is seemingly ordinary and a neighbor we can always find around us, but it is a person who has a tremendous twist when we know it.









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Promos revealed for Kakao TV’s rom-com drama Mad for Each Other

by tineybeanie



New posters and stills have been revealed for upcoming drama Mad for Each Other, formerly known as This Neighborhood’s Crazy Guy. Jung Woo (Best Friend) plays a man with anger management issues, and Oh Yeon-seo (People With Flaws) plays a woman who makes everyone around her angry.

When these two meet, epic bickering matches ensue and sparks begin to fly. The poster above highlights problematic neighborhood issues like pet dogs’ endless barking and inconsiderate parking. The text says, “If you bother me, you’re effed.”

Jung Woo’s character used to be a passionate cop, but after being involved in a career-changing case, his entire life flips upside-down. In the aftermath, he loses all ability to control his temper. In the poster below, he’s shown in full rage mode with the symbol for fire in the background.




Jung Woo said that filming wasn’t easy because his character required him to expend a lot of energy for shouting and other emotionally explosive scenes. Also, depending on the set atmosphere, he improvised to fit the character.

Regarding his character, Jung Woo said, “The character felt charismatic to me. The reasons behind his anger and emotional expressions were so clear, and I could relate to these realistic [emotional] episodes which could definitely happen in daily life, and it felt new.”


He added on, “The fact that someone could be so true to their emotions and express them rawly without any filter felt fresh to me. I felt pity and a protective instinct toward him. If you think about it a different way, he’s being truthful and guileless.”




On the other hand, Oh Yeon Seo’s character used to have everything: beauty, a great career, and everything in between. However one day, tragedy strikes, and she develops trust and communication issues and decides to cut herself off from the world. She’s wary of anyone that dares come too close, and ends up angering everyone around her.

In the poster above, she’s shown like a game character with a super pro level of 999/999 with the special ability to 100% cause anger in others. With a flower in her hair (which symbolizes lunacy in Korea), she looks completely oblivious to all the anger she’s caused around her.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/05/promos-revealed-for-kakao-tvs-rom-com-drama-mad-for-each-other/

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Jung Woo X Oh Yeon Seo X Soo Hyun, the crazy X in this area, expecting the comical bloody chemistry of the “one personality” in this area




An unusual encounter between Jung Woo, Oh Yeon-seo, and Su-hyun who are “one personality” was caught.


'Crazy X in this area' (director Taegon Lee/playplay Akyung Akyung) has a different story. 'It is a romance that causes hyperventilation between two men and women who quarrel.

This can also be seen in the published photos. From the three people facing each other at the convenience store counter, a strange atmosphere is sensed, as if they are confronting three parties.


(Google translate)



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Premiere Watch: Mad for Each Other, My Roommate Is a Gumiho

by missvictrix




Something about dramaland just wants to stay dark and sad lately — which is why I’m grateful for this week’s new crop of shows. Zany, cute, and comedic, are all coming our way. Let’s hope there’s a gem among these, or at least something that can give us a reason to laugh. Or giggle. Or even just a smile. Come on, dramaland!


Mad for Each Other




Time slot: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday
Broadcaster: Kakao TV & Netflix
Genre: Rom-com
Episode count: 13 (30 min. episodes)


Reasons to watch: I haven’t been super impressed with KakaoTV’s recent web-drama-drama experiments, but after Mad for Each Other dropped some of the best (as in: loud and zany) promo material I’ve seen in a while, I was intrigued! This short drama is about two damaged souls, one a guy with anger management issues (Jung Woo) and the other a woman with anxiety and paranoia (Oh Yeon-seo). I love the wacky vibes the drama seems to be going for, but when our subject matter is social and emotional issues (and maybe even diagnosed mental illness), things can get sticky fast. We’ll have to see the way the drama handles it, but in the meantime, I’ll just let myself get a little bit excited for something colorful and different.



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Jung Woo And Oh Yeon Seo Talk About Their Chemistry + Why They Chose Their Quirky Characters In New Drama


May 24, 2021
by C. Hong

On May 24, the new KakaoTV original drama “Mad for Each Other” (also translated as “Crazy Person in the Area”) held an online press conference with director Lee Tae Gon and lead actors Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Seo.

“Mad for Each Other” is a drama about the unpredictable romance between No Hwi Oh (Jung Woo), a man with anger management issues who has zero control over his temper, and Lee Min Kyung, a woman who is always causing other people to get angry at her.




About the forceful-sounding title, director Lee Tae Gon said, “We don’t really know the people around us. When someone acts rude or in a way that is out of the norm, we say that they’re crazy. But once we get to know them, we realize that they’re normal and just the same as we are. The drama is about the question, ‘Is that person really crazy?’, and whether we still think of people as crazy after getting to know them.”

Jung Woo’s character, No Hwi Oh, was a passionate police officer before his life falls apart after an incident and he develops anger management issues. Oh Yeon Seo’s character, Lee Min Kyung, had the perfect life before it all collapses due to an incident and she closes her heart off to others.




Asked why he chose the project, Jung Woo said, “I heard that Lee Tae Gon was directing the project and I was curious and excited about it. When I read the script, it felt very fresh, new, and creative. Even though the character didn’t exist in real life, he felt vey realistic. It felt like someone I could meet in real life, so I had a lot of fun reading the script.”

He added, “I encountered this drama right when I was feeling mentally and physically tired from doing heavy projects. I didn’t take long to think about it, I really wanted to play this character.”



Oh Yeon Seo also shared that she was a fan of director Lee Tae Gon. “I met with him and said that I would like to do the project. Then I found out that Jung Woo would be my co-star. I decided that I go ahead and trust both the director and my co-star.”

She continued, “I worked hard on set, but Jung Woo and the director filled in a lot of the parts I was lacking. If the drama does well and the character receives love, it’s because these two people, as well as the staff, helped me out. I had a lot of fun filming.”


About their chemistry working together, she said, “Whatever I tried in terms of acting, he would respond well. When we did rehearsals, he would suggest ideas, and when I suggested ideas, he would use them well.”

Jung Woo said, “I was curious about what kind of an actor she was. She was more cool and easygoing on set than I had expected. She respects the people around her and works hard to make the atmosphere on set brighter. I could also see her working hard as an actor to overcome the limits of her own thoughts.”





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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] The Crazy Guy in This District, 이 구역의 미친 X - Mon, Tue@ Wed, at 7 PM KST-Jung Woo & Oh Yeon Seo

EVENT: 50 Things You Learn From A Korean Drama


Have you ever tried to explain to your friends and family why you watch k-dramas? What is it that makes them so unique?

Chingus, now is your chance to help us compile a list of what you have learned from watching Korean dramas. :partyblob:


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl

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omg!! a show that actually has OCD correct. i feel seen because yes, this is what i deal with on a daily basis. the pics/compulsions to make myself calm down and remember everything is okay... finally a show that gets it right.

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Mad for Each Other: Episodes 1-3 (Series review)

by missvictrix



KakaoTV is back with its next drama offering in the shape of a short, wacky little drama called Mad for Each Other, which takes its hot-headed themes quite literally. I went in with a grain of salt, but wound up pleasantly surprised by the balance of comedy and heart.




As with other KakaoTV dramas, the format and airing schedule for Mad for Each Other feels a bit experimental. The drama airs its short 30-minute episodes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and there are 13 of them, which gives us a total running time that’s even shorter than half our usual drama run. This sort of structure can be great when it serves the drama’s storytelling, and if the first week of Mad for Each Other is any indication, I think it’s a boon for this particular production.

Dramas that are unabashedly about social and emotional issues, and/or mental health, often give us a moment of pause. And Mad for Each Other, with its hero and his anger management problems, certainly might give us cause. However, in execution, I was actually quite touched by how it was handled. There’s enough comedy to keep things light, but enough heart, pathos, and context to make it all more than a gimmick.


Both our hero and heroine are people who have been scarred, and when we meet them, those scars are already affecting their actions (and more broadly, the quality of their lives). To their credit, though, both are seeking psychiatric help, and earnestly trying to heal. They know something’s wrong, and they’re trying to fix it. How can you not get behind characters with this kind of self-awareness and desire to be better, in all senses of that word?




We meet our hero first — he’s NOH HWI-OH (Jung Woo), a man who has basically hit his breaking point. The drama wastes no time showing us how the daily stresses of his life, and an endless string of bad luck, has basically crushed his ability to be resilient and deal with his emotions properly.

When we first meet him, he’s trying to keep his cool on the bus next to a woman who’s yapping on the phone in his ear. He misses his bus stop. It starts to downpour, but he finds an abandoned umbrella when he finally gets off the bus. That abandoned umbrella is broken, but provides some shelter… until it flies inside out in the wind. Hwi-oh then rushes under an awning for shelter, but the wind rustles the awning and he’s doused with cold rain water. This is how his life seems to go lately.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/05/mad-for-each-other-episodes-1-3-series-review/


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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] The Crazy Guy in This District/Mad for Each Other, 이 구역의 미친 X - Mon, Tue@ Wed, at 7 PM KST-Jung Woo & Oh Yeon Seo

I know this deals with some serious issues but man, the two leads are simply daebak! The misunderstanding between the two resulted in such a hilarious episode. It was a great stress-buster. I am really curious to know about these two madhats and how they comfort and heal each other.  I must admit that this drama took me completely by surprise. Both the leads have a great comic timing. The first episode was short and crisp. This will be a fun filled journey with some good heartfelt messages, I believe. What a surprise it was! 3 episodes per week 30 mins long work for me. Looking forward to the newest episodes and the two leads. This seems like a 'hidden' gem of a show.

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loving the show.Touching , refreshing, hilarious. So happy Jung Woo took this drama as his comeback on the small screen. Both leads are awesome on their roles.


and all these clips are killing me :lol: :





also omg i didnt know it was going to be on Netflix too ... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :highonflowers:

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Finally watched the second and third episodes. It perfectly balances the comedy with some serious issues. I initially found the FL OTT but after knowing her back story, I feel bad for her. She got the short end of the deal. No wonder she has trust issues. I felt my heart breaking when I say her begging the ML for help. It must have taken her a lot of courage to reach out to him and beg him for help. Watching the episodes, I realized we are often quick to judge based on circumstances.


The background stories of the two leads helped a lot in understanding where they come from and why they are the way they are. I am invested in the story. The chemistry is awesome and the comic timing is great. What I love the best is how they create moments that are genuinely funny, all arising due to misunderstanding, miscommunication. I think it is a higher form of comedy because it is not the LOL kind based on a 'silly' contrived situation.


This is definitely worth a watch. :heartxoxo:


The wife of the FL's BF was savage. I wish the FL would have stood up for herself and at least said something in her defence.  The BF is the scumbag. :angry: Such cheaters should be publicly shamed and condemned. Just blaming the OW is not enough. We are getting a lot of these scheming, lying despicable cheating husbands.  (Doom at Your Service, Love ft. Marriage and Romance, The World of the Married and now this.) If art is reflection of the reality, have our values and society really degraded so much? What happened to fidelity, trust? It is a sad state of affairs.


Also, is it completely acceptable in S. Korean society to pour a glass of water/ coffee etc on someone if you feel you have been wronged? So the other person just sits passively and takes all the verbal and physical thrashing, looking repentant? And all this happens publicly? It is indeed very humiliating. 


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Oh gosh the most dysfunctional leads EVER ha-ha. I empathise for them both and find them infuriating all at the same time. 

    Because of their past history, they get triggered easily by lil provocation. Eventhough it's harmless and even, unintentional. 

    What is it with Korean men secretly filming their girlfriends? I watched 3 ep. so far. It's watchable heh. 

    Min Kyung's being unreasonable. The poor guy is tired. He didn't even want to join the neighborhood watch. Min Kyung should get that dog to the groomers, vet. The dog frankly looks like a mop LMFAo! 

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] The Crazy Guy in This District/Mad for Each Other, 이 구역의 미친 X

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