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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Who Gets The World 且试天下


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16 hours ago, a_tumiwa said:

the trailer seems interesting, doesnt have too much love/romance scene, really feel like traditional wuxia than wuxia romance, would be my waiting list to watch

I'm waiting for Yang Yang.


I liked the female lead in Changge but sometimes she lays it on too thick...especially the comedy. 

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10 hours ago, Dominique Lola said:

romantic wuxia shows.

Nowadays the trend for them is - some comedy at the beginning - than love-hate relationships, then - lost one another and - problems solved, HE (hopefully). Normally these two actos do just that type of dramas, so I'll if you are looking forward for some serious stuff I suppose this is not the cup of tea you want)))

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I read the novel thanks to @Shermei A in wattpad and it was quite a ride. 

i now understand why ZLS was casted. She has the quality of this character Bai Feng Xi. Unrestrained, mischievous but loyal. 

I usually watched drama based on who is the female lead so I hope this one is a good one. I loved ZLS in quite a few of her dramas so finger crossed I’ll like this one too. 

can’t wait!

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