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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+

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April 29, 2021


Youn Yuh-jung aims to prove herself in first role in an American series




After Youn Yuh-jung stole the show at the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday, expectations are high for her next project.

For the past five decades, Youn has portrayed various characters that refuse to fit into society’s expectations: An eccentric Korean grandmother in “Minari” (2020), which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, a “vicious heiress to an ageing prostitute, challenging social norms in both career and life” according to Agence France-Presse.

The next addition to her extensive 54-year filmography will be “Pachinko,” an eight-episode Apple TV+ series that began filming last October. 

The series is based on Korean-American author Min Jin Lee’s 2017 novel “Pachinko,” which tells the story of ethnic Koreans in Japan, known as Zainichi Koreans, who face severe discrimination.



The cover of the English version of Min Jin Lee’s novel “Pachinko” (2017). [JOONGANG PHOTO]

The title “Pachinko,” which is a vertical pinball machine game mostly used for gambling in Japan, symbolizes the struggle of Zainichi Koreans, as owning a pachinko parlor was the only employment they could find in a job market that rejected them. An estimated 80 percent of pachinko parlor owners in Japan are Zainichi Korean. 

Youn was on her way back to Korea from filming "Pachinko" in Canada last March when she received news that she was nominated for an Oscar. While she made a cameo appearance in the Netflix series “Sens8” (2015-2018) and starred in Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho’s pilot program “Highland” (2017), “Pachinko” is Youn’s first official role in an American series.

Septuagenarian Youn is constantly challenging herself. In the SBS YouTube series “MMTG” in February, Youn said she chose to star in “Minari” because the role offered her something new.

“If I settle here [in Korea] and take TV and film roles, no Korean director is willing to try something new with someone my age,” said Youn. “So the only way is to go to somewhere new where they don’t know who I am, and prove myself with good acting.”



Youn in ″Minari″ [PAN CINEMA]

Youn will play the main protagonist Sunja, a Korean woman born in the mid-1910s in Busan. Sunja follows her Christian minister husband Isak and moves to Osaka, where they settle in a slum of ethnic Koreans. The saga follows Sunja’s two Japan-born sons and her grandson Solomon who studies in the United States.

The plot also shows how the turbulences of modern history — Japan’s colonial rule of Korea, World War II and the division of the two Koreas — directly and indirectly affect the characters’ lives.

Sunja is a quiet yet strong woman. She turns down her wealthy first love Hansu and chooses a life of hardship with Isak, but quietly endures her fate.Even when her husband is taken away by the Japanese police and her brother-in-law falls ill, she finds a way to make ends meet with her sister-in-law Kyunghee. She sells candy at the marketplace, makes kimchi at restaurants, and farms sweet potatoes to put food on the table. 

Her strong spirit is reminiscent of Youn, who worked as a supermarket cashier in the United States after her divorce in the 1980s. Youn has said that she desperately took acting roles to make a living and support her two sons, whom she humorously thanked during her acceptance speech at the Oscars.
You can now read The Korea JoongAng Daily on NAVER

“I’d like to thank my two boys, who make me go out and work,” said Youn. “This is the result, because mommy worked so hard.”




Cast members of the upcoming Apple TV+ adaptation of “Pachinko,” based on Lee’s book. Top from right, actors Lee Min-ho, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai. Above from right, actors Kim Min-ha, Soji Arai and Kaho Minami. [APPLE TV+]

The role of young Sunja will be played by rookie actor Kim Min-ha, Hansu by K-drama heartthrob Lee Min-ho and Kyunghee by actor Jung Eun-chae. Lee and Jung have previously co-starred in the SBS series “The King: Eternal Monarch” (2020), and the star-studded cast has drawn much attention.

“Pachinko” is filmed in Korea, Japan and Canada. As the series is about ethnic Koreans in Japan, the cast also includes Japanese actors Anna Sawai, Kaho Minami and Zainichi Korean actor Soji Arai. 

Korean-American television writer Soo Hugh took charge of the script and is overseeing the production, while Korean American filmmakers Kogonada and Justin Chon are directing. The release date has not been announced. 




Actors Lee Min-ho and Jung Eun-chae, who previously co-starred in the SBS series "The King: Eternal Monarch" (2020), will appear in "Pachinko." [SBS]

“Pachinko” resembles Korean-American director Lee Issac Chung’s “Minari” and Chinese-American director Chloé Zhao’s Academy-winning “Nomadland” (2020) in terms of its diasporic themes.

“Minari” is loosely based on Chung’s personal childhood growing up in an immigrant family. “Pachinko” author Min Jin Lee immigrated from Korea to the United States when she was seven years old.Lee studied at Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center to become a corporate lawyer, but quit after two years due to the extreme workload and her dreams of becoming an author.




Korean-American author Min Jin Lee, author of “Pachinko” (2017) [MIN JIN LEE]


Lee was inspired to write “Pachinko” when she first heard about Zainichi Koreans in a college lecture in 1989. She learned that even fifth generation ethnic Koreans in Japan were still called Zainichi and were heavily discriminated against.

After living in Japan for four years from 2007 to 2011, while her husband was working in Tokyo, Lee wrote "Pachinko" based on the ample research and interviews she conducted there. The New York Times named the novel one of the 10 Best Books of 2017.

The novel was published in Korean in 2018 and has been printed 17 times in Korea.

BY MIN KYUNG-WON   [kjdculture@joongang.co.kr]


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Popular dramas have left the small screen and begun to settle into the newly launched global OTT.


Apple TV+, which is planning to officially open, is also giving a boost to its launch with a masterpiece drama, "Pachinko" starring by Lee Min-ho, Yoon Yeo-jung, Jung Eun-chae and Jung Woong-in. "Pachinko" is a novel about the lives of Zainichi (Koreans in Japan). Interest in adaptation has increased, with it being nominated for the 2019 National Book Award and many media outlets calling it the Book of the Year. Actors from Korea, Japan and the U.S. have also been cast, and have started filming all-location in Korea.



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Oscar Winner YOUN Yuh-jung Continues to Lay New Roots



Last Sunday, a Korean actor won an Academy Award for the very first time. YOUN Yuh-jung, who was also the first Korean performer to ever be nominated for an Oscar, earned the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the American indie film Minari, from Korean-American filmmaker Lee Isaac CHUNG.



Just like her character Soon-ja has, YOUN herself has captured the hearts of viewers around the world for her grace and talent, her ease in the limelight and her self-effacing humor. Ever since Minari bowed at the Sundance Film Festival last year, where it earned the Grand Prize, YOUN’s performance has been at the center of the buzz surrounding the beloved picture, which tells a classic American dream story through the eyes of a young Korean couple and their children, who move to Arkansas to start a farm in the 1980s. 




YOUN plays Soon-ja, the mother of Monica (HAN Ye-ri), who comes to stay with the family and help the parents with the children while they work to keep their dream alive. Her performance, a mixture of hardy charm and wit, prompted the American press to call her a revelation. While it is true that many international viewers saw her for the first time in the award-winning film, YOUN has been a major figure in the Korean film scene for decades.



Born in 1947, YOUN attended Hanyang University in Seoul and by 1967 had debuted on TV. Her film career kicked off in memorable fashion a few years later, when she played Myeong-ja, the lead character in KIM Ki-young’s Woman of Fire (1971), which was released 50 years ago this month. 


The film, a remake of KIM’s earlier work The Housemaid (1960), is built around YOUN’s fearless first silver screen role and would go on to become the most successful film of that year. The role earned YOUN her first major accolades, including the Best Actress prize at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalonia, Spain, Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Best New Actress at the Grand Bell Awards.

She teamed up with KIM again the following year for Insect Woman(1972), which would also go on to top the yearly local box office. YOUN once again plays a character named Myeong-ja in a bold work that pushes boundaries and was far ahead of its time.
YOUN was active in other films and TV shows in this period but after she married singer-songwriter JO Young-nam in 1974, she put her career on hold and emigrated to the United States.
A decade later she returned both to Korea and the film industry and her first film was the acclaimed early PARK Chul-soo film Mother (1985). During this part of her career, she teamed up with KIM Ki-young once more on his last film Angel, Become An Evil Woman (1990).
Though YOUN had achieved popularity in the early 1970s, in many ways she had to start all over again when she resumed her career, and for actresses considered middle-aged (though she was only in her mid to late 30s) the range of roles being offered to her may have been limited.
Over the years that followed YOUN was steadily active on the small screen but seldom appeared in films. Yet that would change in 2003, when she forged a crucial new relationship that reshaped her image in Korean film.
A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003) was the first of seven films she’s made to date with director IM Sang-soo. In it she plays Hong Byung-han, a grandmother who carries on an affair due to the lack of intimacy in her own marriage and comes clean about it and doesn’t break it off, even after her husband’s death. Byung-han is a character who lives for herself with her own set of values, which don’t conform with traditional patriarchal ones.
Breaking the mould for what kinds of characters senior actresses could play in Korean cinema, YOUN embarked on a colorful new stage of her film career, appending memorable roles to modern Korean classics such as IM’s next film The President’s Last Bang (2005) and in SONG hae-sung’s death row drama Maundy Thursday (2006) as the spirited Sister Monica. She teamed up with SONG once more in 2013 for the family drama Boomerang Family, but before that, she forged two new relationships that further solidified her unique image in the Korean film industry.
In 2009, she nominally played herself, a veteran screen doyenne in E J-yong’s terrific Actresses. She took a similar part in E’s next film Behind the Camera (2013), also a mockumentary, and then teamed up with him again in 2016 for perhaps the most daring role of her career, as the elderly prostitute cum euthanasia enabler So-young in The Bacchus Lady.
The following year, she appeared in Hahaha (2010), her first film with HONG Sang-soo. Her signature mordant wit was on full display as the owner of a blowfish soup restaurant on the southern coast. She has to date appeared in four of HONG’s features.
In 2010 she also appeared in IM Sang-soo’s The Housemaid, a remake of KIM’s film of the same name and thus a spin on her own film debut. Her role of Miss Cho, an older maid in the home, earned her all the major Best Supporting Actress prizes in Korea that year. She attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time for both Hahaha and The Housemaid. She would then return with IM two years later for The Taste of Money (2012).



Minari may have been her American film debut, but YOUN embarked on her Hollywood career back in 2015, when she appeared on in a supporting role in the Netflix series Sense8
Among her most recent credits were the acclaimed indie film Lucky Chan-sil (2019) and last year’s Beasts Clawing at Straws, in which she teamed up with her The Housemaid co-star JEON Do-yeon once more and also played a character called Soon-ja.
Yet the Soon-ja that YOUN will be most remembered for is the one who sows minari seeds in river bed within an Arkansas forest, a role that her saw her blaze through the western awards season. Establishing herself as a favorite early on, she won some three dozen prizes, including the first ever acting awards for a Korean performer at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) and the Film Independent Spirit Awards, before claiming the Best Supporting Actress prize at the 93rd Academy Awards.
YOUN recently completely another IM Sang-soo film, Heaven: To the Land of Happiness - which was selected for Cannes last year and is currently awaiting release, and she will soon meet global audiences again as she is currently filming her second American show, the Apple TV+ series Pachinko, based on the best-selling novel of the same name.
Just like minari, a hardy Korean vegetable that can thrive in many places, YOUN has weathered every challenge thrown at her throughout her career and laid new roots again and again, no matter where she’s gone.
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THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images


'Pachinko': Apple TV+ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, & More Info


APRIL 30, 2021


Author Min Jin Lee's beloved historical novel Pachinko is headed to a screen near you. The epic story of Korean immigrants unfolds across four generations, and a stacked cast is ready to bring it to life. While you wait for the series to arrive, here's what to know about the upcoming Apple TV+ show Pachinko, from its cast to plot details.

Originally published in 2017, Pachinko traces one family's hopes and dreams over several decades, from Korea to Japan and the United States. The novel received widespread acclaim for its thoughtful explorations of institutionalized racism, paying dues to forgotten history, and what it means to be part of a country.

By 2019, a series adaptation of Pachinko was officially a go at Apple TV. By October 2020, the cast was set — and it's full of buzzy names, from K-drama icon Lee Min-ho to Minari star and recent Oscar winner Yuh-Jung Youn. The international drama filmed globally, recounting one family's story through eight episodes told in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Whether you're a fan of the original novel or excited to learn more about the celebrated story, there's a lot to look forward to in the upcoming Pachinko adaptation:




'Pachinko' Plot
Pachinko follows four generations of a poor Korean family from 1910, when Japan annexed Korea, throughout most of the 20th century. Its protagonist Sunja soon journeys to Japan in the midst of World War II, as she contends with anti-Korean bigotry and future generations grapple with their identities and past family secrets.


'Pachinko' Cast
Lee (who is best known worldwide for his role in 2009's Boys Over Flowers) will portray Hansu, an "enigmatic outsider and merchant with organized crime ties" who enters an illicit romance. Meanwhile, Youn will play the older version of Sunja while Minha Kim will play her younger counterpart. Actors Jin Ha, Ann Sawai, Soji Arai, and Kaho Minami round out the main cast.


'Pachinko' Release Date
Pachinko doesn't have an official release date yet. But according to Apple, the series is set to debut later in 2021.


'Pachinko' Trailer
No Pachinko trailer is out just yet, but you can check this space for more updates on the series as they arrive.



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So Ji-Arai, an exclusive contract with Link Management. Yoon Yeo-jung's performance in Pachinko




Third generation Korean-Japanese actor Soji Arai signed a domestic exclusive contract with Link Management.

Link Management announced the news of the exclusive domestic contract with actor Soji Arai in an official press release on the 30th. With his solid acting skills, Soji Arai has been active in the U.S. and Japan. His Korean name is Park So-hee, a third-generation Korean-Japanese. He visited his agency while he had always dreamed of working in Korea, signed a contract with Link Management and started his activities in Korea.

"Soji Arai has very attractive acting. Actor Soji Arai, who has established himself as a good actor with a unique character, will be seen in the future through good works, so I ask for a lot of support and attention," Link Management said.


In addition, he has recently participated in the drama "Pachinko" produced by the U.S. online video service (OTT) Apple TV Plus, and has been confirmed to play the role of Mosazu, the second son of Yoon Yeo-jung, who played the role of Sunja. Amid growing interest in " Pachinko" at home and abroad, expectations are high for Soji Arai's performance in " Pachinko.".


In response, he said, "I do not know much about Koreans in Japan. Even if I am born and raised in Japan, they do not give me citizenship, so I only have permanent residency. These Koreans are called Zainichi. I am a Korean and I have a Korean heart. As Zanichi, I want to introduce Zanichi through Korean work or through entertainment programs.".

As Soji Arai, who has expressed his ambition to show more variety of works regardless of genre, is stepping up his activities in Korea with his new agency, attention is being paid to his acting moves he will make in the future.



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Why will "Pachinko" allow us to get to know Lee Min Ho from a new angle?


You get lost? Find this note in Spanish here because actor Lee Min Ho continues to finish filming the movie






You get lost? Find this note in Spanish here


Actor Lee Min Ho continues to wrap up filming for his upcoming drama Pachinko, which has grabbed the attention of audiences around the world since its announcement and promises to bring a remarkable story with a great cast and attractive setting, including in Canada in the South of the country. Korea and beyond.


This darama was highly anticipated as "Pachinko" is said to be a turning point in Lee Min Ho's career. In particular, it can be seen that there is still a historical element in this project, helping the actor to get a little away from the romantic monochrome roles in which he participated in the past.

In this sense, there is hope that Lee Min Ho, who is already known and loved all over the world, will be able to show a new, more mature and attractive side that will win the hearts of his fans again.

On the other hand, Patchinko, the novel to be shown on the Apple TV screen, is the second novel by Lee Min Jin, a Seoul-born author who grew up in the United States. In over 500 pages, we tell the story of a Korean family who lives on the small island of Yongdo in Busan during the Japanese colonization.


In this adaptation, Lee Min Ho will play the role of Hansu, a man with a mysterious life and an organized crime businessman who engages in a nefarious love story that has left many disastrous consequences.


Are you looking forward to Lee Min Ho's performance at Pachinko?


Translation from Portuguese google

https://kpoplat.com/2021/04/30/por-que-pachinko-nos-permitira-conhecer-um-novo-lado-de-lee-min-ho/?php bloginfo('url') ?>

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New photo from Hansu 


"We will follow this family until 1989, the remarkable efforts of Sunja and the women in their daily survival and the discreet help of a yakuza, a boss of the mafia."


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After the Oscars, Yoon Yeo Jung ... Ma Dong Suk, Lee Min Ho, and Lee Sung Kyun notice male actors' protest




Hallyu star's spokesperson Lee Min Ho is also paying attention. He was cast as the main character in the US-produced local drama Pachinko, produced by Apple TV Plus. This drama is based on the novel of the same name by the Korean-American writer Lee Min Jin. Pachinko, which was also voted Book of the Year by the New York Times (NYT) in 2017, is content that has caught the attention of the local community as former US President Barack Obama presented it as “an adorable book. »On his social network.


Lee Min Ho takes on the role of a Korean who grew up in difficult years in a drama about the hard life and personality of Korean immigrants who moved to Japan and the United States after the Japanese colonial period.


It's also good news that Yoon Yeo Jung is appearing in Pachinko. Not long ago, Yoon Yeo Jeong filmed "Pachinko" in Canada and elsewhere. Since this work was presented as Yun Yeo Jung's next work, it has received more and more attention. In addition, just as Minari taught a lesson through Korean stories, Pachinko is expected to retain Minari's popularity because it tells the story of Korean life. This interest will lead to Lee Min Ho, the lead actor on Pachinko, and there is a high likelihood that he will be reborn as a Korean Wave star outside of Asia ...


Translation from korean google


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Why Pachinko may prove to be a career defining move for Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho will next star in the ambitious Apple TV+ series Pachinko and we think it is a career-defining move. Read on to find out.


Written By Anwaya Mane 985 reads  Mumbai Published: May 5, 2021




Lee Min Ho appointed as a public relations ambassador for King Sejong Institute (Pic Credit - News1).


I started my journey as a K-drama fan with Lee Min Ho's popular drama Boys Over Flowers. Based on the manga, Hana Yori Dango, Lee Min Ho played the arrogant and proud Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4 and the rich heir to the Shinhwa Group. The show became an international success, achieving cult status in pop culture in the following years. Of course, Lee Min Ho's popularity sky-rocketed making him the most sought after star in South Korea. I watched Boys Over Flowers almost 10 years after its original run and jumped straight in the K-rabbit hole! The simple linear plot with a thrilling love triangle and lovable moments was enjoyable in a silly, guilty pleasure way, and dare I say, I rooted for Lee Min Ho's Gu Jun Pyo over Kim Hyun Joong's very popular Ji Hoo in the series.


There is something particularly charming and attractive about Lee Min Ho that goes beyond his obvious gorgeousness. Perhaps an X factor that makes him stand out amongst legions of actors and superstars. He may not be the best actor in the business, but his star power and reach is unparalleled. I have watched almost every Lee Min Ho drama post Boys Over Flowers and enjoyed a lot of them. I realised that he is very good in the action-thrillers space (City Hunter) and has a natural flair for comedy (The Legend Of The Blue Sea). But I realised that he was falling into the trap of his own stardom, choosing characters that aren't far from Gu Jun Pyo and playing the eternal Posh Prince. I don't blame him. He played to his strengths and appeased his many fans, isn't this what stars do?


However, I do sense that Lee Min Ho itches to come back to his roots of experimenting as an actor and playing different parts. I assumed that after the larger than life, The King: Eternal Monarch, he would come back with another mega project that portrays him as a hero, but I was stunned when I read that he had signed Pachinko. I was surprised and wondered what made him take such a decision - the desire to do something different? the need to prove your naysayers or appeal to a different section of the audience?


Whatever it is, I'm happy that he signed Pachinko.


For those uninitiated, Pachinko is a historical epic drama based on Min Jin-lee's best-selling novel going by the same name and tells the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. The storyline spreads across Korea, Japan, and the United States. The series is produced by Apple TV+ series. Lee Min Ho will be essaying the role of Hansu, a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organised crime.


In an interview with GQ Korea, Lee Min Ho shared that he auditioned for the part of Hansu, something which he hadn't done in years. He admitted that it would have been an 'embarrassing' situation if he failed the audition, hence he really prepared for the role. He revealed that the uncertainty of bagging the role tested his patience as an actor and as a person.


I haven't read the book but read excerpts of it online and from what I read, it sounds bonafide! With Pachinko, Lee Min Ho is essentially unlearning everything about stardom and acting that he has known over the years and starting from ground zero again. Once in a while, it is important to denounce everything you have, detach ourselves from our current thoughts and dive straight into the ocean. This isn't to sound philosophical on a Wednesday afternoon, but an important lesson on self-growth and learning.


To reach the top of Maslow's Hierarchy, one must climb the pyramid over and over again and not necessarily in the same order, sometimes, you take a detour and figure out a new path. I believe Pachinko will be a career-defining role and series for Lee Min Ho and present a new facet of him as an actor and performer. I cannot wait to meet the new Lee Min Ho, and yes, I will be rooting for him as I did for Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers.


Are you excited to watch Lee Min Ho in Pachinko? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.



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Awesome, this is Lee Min Ho's pay for the upcoming drama Pachinko.


- May 6, 2021




Acting actor Lee Min Ho. / Instagram /


EDITORIAL NEWS - Lee Min Ho has just finished filming the drama "Pachinko," which is set to air on Apple TV.

Quoted by Editornews via @Lee_Mino_Indonesia's Instagram account, Pachinko's drama is a drama taken from Min Jin Lee's novel of the same name.


In addition to Lee Min Ho, Yong Yeo Jung and Min Hakim also star in this drama, and there are also several international actors and actresses who are on the Pachinko roster.

Behind the sensational news of the upcoming Patchinko drama is an interesting fact about how much Lee Min Ho actually paid in the Patchinko drama.


The cost of production of Pachinko reaches 14-15 billion won per batch, or about 190 billion rupees, and Pachinko - 8 series with a total production cost of more than 100 billion won, which is equivalent to 1.3 trillion rupees per season.


Lee Min Ho's income per episode is estimated to be around 1 billion won, which is the equivalent of Rs 13 billion per episode.

Lee Min Ho fans find this fee reasonable for Lee Min Ho's class as he has appeared in many popular Korean dramas.


Fair price for Lee Min Ho, according to @ fashion.hijab_ctm.

Believe me, this pachinko is foreign made and can be played in different countries for a fee, says @ alendriyeni2

In fact, if I pay a little, I don’t believe who doesn’t know Minho, I don’t know if I’m talking about Korea, I immediately reply Minho, write @ siayu5.


Translation from Indonesian google


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Yoon Yo-jung's next film, "Pachinko," is also highly praised.




Pachinko is the first Korean drama produced by Apple TV of the U.S. to air later this year. Yoon Yo-jung plays the role of Seonja, who falls in love with a married Yakuza.


Expectations are high for Yoon Yeo-jung's next film "Pachinko," who won an Oscar for the film " Minari". It is also the first Korean drama produced by Apple TV in the U.S., starring Lee Min-ho.


"Pachinko" is a drama adaptation of the novel of the same title written by Korean-American writer Lee Min-jin. 

The work drew attention as former U.S. President Barack Obama wrote a recommendation on Facebook saying, "History will remember your greatness."
Writer Lee Min-jin is a Korean who immigrated to New York at the age of 7. After graduating from Georgetown University Law School and working as a corporate lawyer for two years at a law firm, she married a Japanese-American and lived in Japan for four years.








Actor Yoon Yeo-jung, who is the first Korean actor to win the Academy Best Supporting Actor Award, is returning home through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the morning of the 8th. 

Yoon Yeo-jung will go into self isolation for about two weeks after returning home. According to the agency, the next film has not been decided yet. However, she is scheduled to meet global viewers once again as the main character of the drama "Pachinko" of the U.S. OTT service Apple TV+, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year. Based on a novel written by South Korean writer Lee Min-jin, "Pachinko" depicts the tough lives of Korean families who have succeeded in the Pachinko business for four generations in Japan.



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Yoon Yeo-jung (74, photo), who won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 93rd Academy Awards, returned home on the 8th. After taking a break, she reportedly plans to focus on his domestic activities until the promotion of Apple TV Plus' original work " Pachinko," which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.


Yoon Yeo-jung is expected to leave the country again to carry out promotions in time for the release of "Pachinko" at the end of the year. "Yoon Yeo-jung is the de facto main character in terms of the size and importance of the role," a Pachinko official said. "As the promotion is scheduled to take place in the U.S. ahead of its release, Yoon Yeo-jung, who has become a global star through the academy, will draw attention again."






release of "Pachinko" at the end of the year

let's hang in there chingus



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Lee Min-ho, 'Handsome beauty' that even a mask can't hide... Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of his debut


Actor Lee Min-ho said hello to fans who celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut.

On the 11th, Lee Min-ho thanked fans for celebrating the 15th anniversary of his debut on his Instagram.

The photo released shows Lee Min-ho wearing a mask and updating the recent situation. The warm beauty that even a mask can't hide, as well as a happy smile, attracted attention.


Lee Min-ho made his debut in 2006 with the youth drama 'Secret Campus'.


Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho, along with actor Yoon Yeo-jung, will be part of Apple TV+'s original series drama "Pachinko," which is about Korean immigrants overcoming adversity after the Japanese occupation. "Pachinko" is currently receiving global attention.



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Pachinko & more: All the hottest Kdramas you should look out for in 2021


The second half of 2021 promises a roster of amazing K-dramas! Check out the dramas we are truly rooting for in the second half of the year.


We are commencing towards the second half of the year (Yes, time flew like Quicksilver!). While the first half of the year was great for K-dramas, the second half promises to be an exciting ride for the viewers! And, with the pandemic not showing signs of going away anytime soon, it is time to update your K-drama watchlist with some amazing recommendations. Read on to find out.


1. Pachinko




Lee Min Ho's highly-anticipated comeback drama, Pachinko is a limited series produced by Apple+ TV series. A fantastic adaptation of Min Jin Lee's best-selling novel, Pachinko tells the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. The storyline spreads across Korea, Japan and the United States. Lee Min Ho will be seen in a different avatar as Hansu," a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organised crime". We are excited to watch Lee Min Ho in a grey-shaded character! Pachinko also stars Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami and Jung Eun-chae. The drama will air in the latter half of the year.



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Lee Min Ho: 15 years of experience and ready for the Pachinko challenge

Written by Noemie Dominguez Montanes
May 11, 2021


Lee Min Ho, the internationally leapfrogging actor with his starring role in Netflix's The King: Eternal Monarch; celebrated his 15th birthday on May 10, in the midst of recording his new drama, Pachiko, based on the novel by Korean American Min Jin Lee.

In a short message, the South Korean actor thanked over 24 million Facebook followers for participating in the celebration. He also shared a selfie with a face mask, continuing to urge his fans to take care of their health.




Thank you everyone for celebrating 15th Debut anniversary


Lee Min Ho is ready for "Pachinko"


In this drama, based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, the actor will play Noh Han Soo, a man described as “rich and powerful with ties to organized crime,” who will have an illegal affair with Sunja (Kim Min Ha). In this melodrama, Min Ho will take on a more mature role as he will also be seen as a father figure.


Production on the series began in October 2020, and a few weeks ago, filming moved to Vancouver, Canada, following the completion of filming in South Korea, La República reported. In recent days, it has been revealed that the actor may even share the credit with recent Oscar winner Yoon Yeo-jung.


Translation from spanish google


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Will there be a second buttercup - a story lauded by Obama?

Korean content creators who have achieved the same success as Buttercup

Immigrants who sowed Korean sentiment in the Anglo-American region 1.5-2 generations


Obama and the Canadian prime ministers also praised

Leading roles in American dramas Yoon Yeo Jung and Lee Min Ho.

The film Minari about Koreans was a success in English culture. This means that Korean history runs throughout the world. There are some storytellers who have had great success, like Dandelion, telling Korean stories in front of Minari in English. These are Korean writers between the ages of 1.5 and 2, living in an unfamiliar country. They served as a stepping stone for Korean sentiment to jump into the world. There are Koreans who may soon receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, endorsed by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada.




Korean authors working in the British and American regions. From left to right: Writers Lee Min Jin, Lee Chang Rae, Ince Choi, and Jennie Han.



Lee Min Jin's novel "Pachinko".


Source Lee Min Jin's Official Website
"History will remember your greatness."


Former US President Barak Omama wrote on Facebook that he recommends the novel `` Pachinko '' by Lee Min Jin (53), a Korean author in 2019. Pachinko is a book about the lives of four Japanese of Korean descent who moved to Osaka from Yeongdo, Busan during the Japanese colonial period. It tells the story of the lives of Koreans who were able to lead their lives selling pachinko, a slot machine.

This writer, also a 1.5 generation Korean, settled in New York as a family immigration at the age of 7. After graduating from the Bronx Science High School, a special-purpose high school in New York City, the author entered Yale University. After graduating from Georgetown University Law School, he worked as a corporate lawyer for a law firm for two years.

She married a Japanese American and lived in Japan with her husband for four years. Pachinko was created from interviews with people I met in the Korean-Japanese church at the time and lectures on human rights that I heard during my undergraduate studies. Concurrently with the 2017 edition of Pachinko, he was nominated for Book of the Year 10 by the New York Times and the BBC and a finalist for the National Book Award in the category of fiction. It is currently being released as a drama series on Apple TV Plus in the US. Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Min Ho, Jung Eun Chae and Jung Woon In are scheduled to appear.




Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Che in The King: Eternal Monarch. At Pachinko we were able to match our breath ...


Why is this Korean content?


Content containing Korean sentiment and culture, which has begun to show its presence in the world of English culture since the 1990s, has managed to make the leap into water parsley and parasite. How do experts assess the future of stories containing Korean sentiment and culture?


Kim Young Jae, professor at the Department of Cultural Content at Hanyang University, said, "The global film and content industry is essentially pursuing new challenges and emotions." He explained that "K Contents is the new growth engine for the global film and content industry." Overseas content companies are said to have confirmed there is a market for content containing Korean culture after seeing the success of parasites and water parsley.


Written by Jobs, Park Hye Won


Translation from korean google


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Everything you need to know about Lee Min Ho starrer Pachinko so far




Lee Min Ho's next drama is the Apple TV+ series Pachinko. Here's everything we know about the drama so far.


After the stupendous success of The King: Eternal Monarch, MINOZ (Lee Min Ho's fandom) are wondering what Pachinko, Lee Min Ho's next drama is all about. Lee Min Ho began filming for Pachinko last October, after wrapping his comeback drama, The King: Eternal Monarch. In an interview with GQ Korea, Lee Min Ho revealed that he was nervous and anxious because he was auditioning for a role almost after a decade in his career. He clarified that the audition was a means to test his capabilities as an actor and he was determined to bag the role, so he worked hard to prepare for the audition, and passed it with flying colours.

Here's everything you know about the highly-anticipated drama so far.


What is the book about?


Pachinko is the second novel by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. Pachinko is an epic historical fiction novel that follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family, telling their saga that unfolds across Korea, Japan, and the United States. The character-driven saga features an interesting ensemble of characters who are subjected to issues of racism and stereotypes, among other events with historical origins in the 20th-century Korean experiences with Japan.

Pachinko was a 2017 finalist for the National Book Award for fiction. Apple Inc.'s streaming service Apple TV+ has purchased the rights for a television adaptation of the novel. The cast was finalised soon after.


A little more about Pachinko (TV Series)


Pachinko is an eight-episode Apple TV+ series that began filming last October. It tells the story of ethnic Koreans in Japan, known as Zainichi Koreans, who face severe discrimination. The title 'Pachinko,' means is a vertical pinball machine game mostly used for gambling in Japan. Here it symbolizes the struggle that Zainichi Koreans had to go through. The only employment Zainichi Koreans could find was that of owning a pachinko parlour, because the job market in Japan rejected them. An estimated 80 percent of pachinko parlour owners in Japan were by Zainichi Korean.


The cast


Lee Min Ho headlines the series and is supported by the other cast members. The star-studded cast includes Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami, Jung Eun-Chae and Oscar-winning actress, Youn Yuh Jung. Co-incidentally Youn Yuh Jung's character is named Sunja, which is also the name of her character in the Oscar-nominated film, Minari.


Lee Min Ho will also be reuniting with his The King: Eternal Monarch co-star, Jung Eun Chae, who is all set to play

Kyunghee in the series.


Lee Min Ho


Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of Koh Hansu, a Korean man who was adopted into a rich, prominent family in Japan. He uses his connections to continually earn money and control whatever is in his power to control. Hansu is described as an opportunist and a fiercely ambitious man but is pure-hearted when it comes to love. He’s a mysterious character who is nurturing a dangerous secret and pursues a forbidden romance.


Hansu meets Sunja in Korea and falls in love, even though he has a wife in Japan. According to the novel, Hansu utilizes his power and influence to look after Sunja and her family, helping to keep them alive and well. Hansu is driven by his love for his only son, Noa. Noa is Sunja and Hansu's son. Sunja rejects Hansu's love and quietly accepts her fate of leading a life full of struggle and hardship with Baek Isak.


In an interview with GQ Korea, Lee Min Ho stated that Hansu is "a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organized crime.” Sunja will be played by Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung in the TV series, Pachinko. Minha Kim will be playing the role of the younger Sunja in the show.




The drama’s showrunner, executive producer, and main writer is Soo Hugh. Kogonada and Justin Chon will each be directing four episodes. Author Min Jin Lee will also be the executive producer on the show.




In an interview with GQ Korea, Lee Min Ho revealed that the cast of Pachinko wrapped in Busan, South Korea in December 2020. They flew to Canada to film the next schedule of Pachinko in February and wrapped filming in Vancouver in April. Lee Min Ho posted a series of serene snow-clad pictures to thank MINOZ for their continuous love and support.


When is it going to air?


It is reported that the series will air sometime towards the end of the year. No official confirmation on the release date yet. Fans can watch the series on Apple TV+






Novel: 'Pachinko,' Obama's Favorite




Pachinko By Min Jin Lee traces the story of a family which, from Korea to Japan, was shaken by the great events of the 20th century.


This saga takes place in the 20th century, against a backdrop of Japanese-Korean history. Sunga works in his mother's modest pension in Korea. Seduced by a wealthy merchant already married, she finds herself pregnant. To save honor, she married a benevolent pastor and followed him to Japan where he was to join a parish. They will have a son there. In Shintoist Japan, Christians are seen as rebels, often persecuted; the pastor will be tortured and imprisoned. 


We follow the fate of four generations, in perpetual exile where they face rejection and racism. Children and grandchildren, like all Koreans, are never accepted; the only way to work is to integrate the gaming rooms, the “pachinko” where the underworld often reigns. The only safe haven, the family going through so much tribulation.


Written in a fluid style, this novel explores little-known parts of history - the invasion of Korea in 1910, exile in Japan and the Impossible Return to Korea, the defeat of Japan in World War II. The author paints magnificent portraits of women and sheds light on the complexity of two cultures apparently so close. Hailed by Barack Obama as "a powerful story of resilience and compassion", this masterful fresco reveals the Pearl Buck (American woman of letters, editor's note) of the 21st century. 



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