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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+

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Acclaimed Author Of ‘Pachinko’ Shares Her Writing Process




Author Min Jin Lee touched on her relentless pursuit to become a writer despite coping with illness and collecting piles of rejection letters before she found late success with her critically acclaimed novel, Pachinko, at a virtual lecture on Wednesday evening.


Spanning across a large section of Korean history, Pachinko tells the story of four generations of a Korean family who endure extreme trials, beginning during the Japanese colonization of Korea in 1910.


Recounting the trials of the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and violence against Asian Americans, Lee noted that everyone is capable of persevering through extreme trials. Reflecting on her personal struggles to garner literary acclaim, she spoke about the years she spent writing stories that were never published, honing her craft through writing classes at a local community center. It took Lee 20 years before she gained a large readership due to Pachinko’s success within the past three years.


“It’s because you have a superpower,” Lee said of finding perseverance in her lecture. “You know how to love and to do what is right when you are tired. You know that being different or unpopular or rejected—and perhaps when it’s inconvenient—cannot be reasons alone to forsake something or someone. … And though our burdens, yours and mine, are very different, and though our wishes are different, we do have this power to care, and we do have this power to persist, because we know that we must.” 


Pachinko has garnered many awards since its publication in 2017 and has solidified Lee’s status as an internationally recognized author following her 2007 novel Free Food for Millionaires. Pachinko was a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction, a runner-up for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, winner of the Medici Book Club Prize, and one of The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2017. It is currently in production as a limited Apple TV+ series. 

Lee read a passage from early in the novel, when the pregnant only daughter of a poor Korean family named Sunja exchanges farewells with her mother at a train station. After saying goodbye, Sunja and her new husband, a Protestant minister infected with tuberculosis, head for Japan.  


Following the reading, history department associate professor Arissa Oh and English professor Elizabeth Graver facilitated a Q&A session, fielding questions from over 500 online attendees. Lee expanded upon her process of creating characters, her motivation to continue writing, the international audience drawn to her works, and her current projects. Additionally, she explained her choice to write “community novels” that assemble a vast network of characters rooted in Korean history and culture. She said she unified the voices of several characters and multiple story lines in Pachinko by utilizing a central narrator who provides insights into each of the characters’ struggles.


“I’m aware of you, and I’m aware of the people that you love, and I feel like as a writer, that is my job,” Lee said. “When you think about a ‘community novel,’ I stress that very strongly about it being a community novel because I don’t think anybody actually lives alone. … So, I guess what I wanted to do was to try to figure out how to integrate the reality of all the people I’m concerned about and also assert my vision of that world. For me, if I could honor that vision by writing community novels, then I did sort of intersect my singular voice with having voices of everybody.” 


The lecture and reading were sponsored by the Boston College Lowell Humanities Series as part of its Fiction Days author series. The event was also co-sponsored by the American Studies and Asian American Studies programs.



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Pachinko   Profile Drama: Pachinko Hangul: 파친코 Author: Lee Min Jin Executive Producer & Screenwriter: Soo Hugh Directors: Kogonada & Justin Chon  N

Lee Min Ho Among Six Cast in ‘Pachinko’ Series at Apple   Apple has officially announced the cast for its “Pachinko” series, with Korean superstar Lee Min Ho among those starring in the seri

Hansu believed that she’d been foolish for refusing to be his wife in Korea. What did it matter that he had a marriage in Japan?  .. }  Hansu in pachinko most not understand someone refusing h


Yoon Yeo-jung is in the midst of filming the drama "Pachinko" by OTT (Online Streaming Service) Apple TV+ in Vancouver. In her spare time, she has also introduced her acting life through interviews regarding "Minari" with foreign media such as in the U.S. and Canada.

Attention is focusing on whether Yoon Yeo-jung, who is scheduled to finish filming on-site this month, will fly to the U.S. to join the Oscar race with director Jung Isaac and Steven Yeun. Yoon Yeo-jung and Pan Cinema, the import distributor of "Minari," say, "Nothing has been decided yet," but the award seems to give them strength to go to the U.S.




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Everything to know about "Pachinko" filming in Vancouver




Stans of Lee Min Ho have lit up social media with the news that the South Korean star is filming Pachinko in Vancouver.

Production of the Apple TV+ series kicked off on February 6 and is scheduled through to April 9, 2021. Currently, Pachinko has taken over Surrey Studio City, which houses their production office staff and allows for indoor and outdoor shoots.


The massive building, which is formerly the printing plant for The Vancouver Sun and The Province, is 197,000 square feet and sits on 13.81 acres of land.

The studio is located on 88th Avenue near Scott Road and was also notably home to Netflix’s Altered Carbon.


The eight-episode show is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. The New York Times best seller was a hot commodity for its on-screen adaption: Back in 2018, Apple won the rights after an intense bidding war against other studios.


Pachinko by Min Jin Lee is a New York Times bestseller and was also listed as one of Barack Obama’s favourite books of 2019.




Pachinko follows four generations of a Korean family who eventually move to Japan and journey to America.


A story of forbidden love, loss, and war, the book follows a romance involving a character named Koh Hansu (played by Lee Min). The series will be in Korean, Japanese and English.

The novel previously landed a coveted spot on Barack Obama’s “Favourite Books of 2019″ list.


“This is a captivating book I read at the suggestion of a young staffer on my team –– a historical novel about the Korean immigrant experience in wartime Japan,” Obama wrote in a lengthy Facebook post at the time.

“It’s a powerful story about resilience and compassion,” he also added.


The show has a budget “comparable to The Crown” according to The Hollywood Reporter (Netflix’s The Crown reportedly costs around $13 million an episode).

Apple previously produced Jason Momoa’s See in the Vancouver area, with a reported similar price tag per episode.


Vancouver isn’t the only spot where the Justin Chon and Koganada directed series is being produced: filming of Pachinko also took place last fall in Busan, South Korea.


Thirty-three-year-0ld star Lee Min was spotted arriving at YVR on February 25. Fans caught the actor dressed in a grey hoodie and white face mask making his way through the airport, sharing photos and video to social media.


The posts were later re-shared by the Minoz — a nickname for his massive fanbase — on Twitter and Instagram.

The series also stars Fast & Furious 9‘s Anna Sawai and Cobra Kai‘s Soji Aral along with Jin Ha, Minha Kim and Kaho Minami.


All actors will be required to follow Canada’s COVID-19 quarantine rules, which now include a mandatory stay at one of 11 federally-authorized hotels while they wait for a COVID-19 test result.



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In a Venn diagram of modern diasporic and postcolonial novels, there would be a healthy amount of overlap. Though these terms are contested and not always clear-cut, both frequently grapple with the legacy of powerful nations carving up distant territories. In both, experiences of multiculturalism and inequality may be core to personal as well as national consciousness. In novels about diaspora, migration – whether in the present or involving past generations – looms large. 


These books are often concerned with power, identity, and privilege. They recognize the complexities of belonging, from minority or under-represented perspectives. And they may reveal as much about the “host country” as about the “home country” (while recognizing that these concepts are fluid and often flawed). The novels that I find most revealing about British identity, for instance, are by immigrants and the children of immigrants.


This is a list of the novels that have most shaped my thinking about diasporas. Many of these characters are affluent, which reflects the privileges inherent in who is allowed to move freely in the world. There’s also a clear bias toward U.S. and UK books. This suggests the outsized role that the United Kingdom and States play in migration stories, particularly those written in English, but also my personal history as a dual citizen of these two countries.







(Japan/South Korea/North Korea)


Affluent East Asia isn’t always considered part of the postcolonial world, yet as Pachinko meticulously details, colonization has strongly shaped Korean identities and relationships with neighboring countries. The Korean family in Japan faces many indignities because of their origin, from being segregated in squalid housing to being forced to take Japanese names. And the younger generations, rather than casting off their outsiderness, make dramatic choices to accommodate it. 






@koreathebest welcome to the thread! We're getting closer to the premiere of Pachinko!

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Korean-American Lee Min-jin's novel 'Pachinko' attracts attention again with Apple TV drama




The Korean version, which came out three years ago, also became a bestseller


The novel "Pachinko," which is produced as an Apple TV Plus drama in the U.S., is drawing renewed attention. It has been in the top 10 bestseller of Kyobo Bookstore list for three weeks.


Apple TV+ is Apple's subscription OTT service launched in November 2019. 'Pachinko' will be released through Apple TV+.


It was reported that actors such as Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Min-ho, Jung Eun-chae and Jung Woong-in are part of the cast. The drama will be made in three languages: Korean, Japanese and English. In addition, interest in the original novel is increasing about three years after its publication. "Pachinko" is a novel by Korean-American writer Lee Min-jin. It consists of two volumes.


It is a story of four generations of a Korean family during the Japanese colonial period in the 1930s to the 1980s. It depicts the hardships and lives of Korean-Americans who have crossed from Yeongdo, Busan to Osaka. At the end of the novel, it also tells the story of going from Japan to the United States.


The title of the work, Pachinko (a type of gambling), is a metaphorical expression that reflects the lives of Koreans in Japan and is the main subject of the work. It means struggles and sorrows in their lives, such as gambling, where fate is unknown.


The author, Lee Min-jin, was born in 1968 in Seoul, South Korea, and immigrated to New York with her family at the age of seven. Her father is from Wonsan, Hamgyongnam-do, while her mother is from Busan.




The work received the '2017 New York Times Top 10 Best Books', USA Today, and BBC 2017 Book of the Year.

Sales at bookstores have also increased due to increased interest on the novel.


In the fourth week of January, it ranked 31st overall on the Kyobo Bookstore chart. It ranked 13th overall in the best-selling list in the first week of February.


Since then, the first volume of Pachinko has remained in the top 10, ranking sixth in the second week of February, fifth in the third week and ninth in the fourth week.


"At the time of publication in 2018, there was not as much response as it is now," said a publisher. "The interest increased significantly with the news of the production of the drama and articles starring actors such as Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Min-ho and Jung Woong-in."


He then said, "The success of works such as ' Minari', which depicts the story of immigrants, may be one of the reasons why interest has increased."



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Everything you need to know about Lee Min Ho Pachinko's new drama
From South Korea to debut in Hollywood with Pachinko






Lee Min Ho is making the leap to Hollywood with his appearance on Pachinko, and the actor has now arrived in Canada to begin filming his scenes.


Production of the Apple TV + series began on February 6 and is scheduled to end on April 9, 2021.
Pachinko has now acquired Surrey Studio City, which houses production office staff and allows indoor and outdoor filming.

The massive building, formerly the printing house of the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers, is 197,000 square feet and sits on 13.81 acres.

The studio is located on 88th Avenue just off Scott Road and was also home to the Netflix movie Altered Carbon.


The eight-episode show is based on the 2017 novel Pachinko by Korean-American writer Min Jin Lee. The New York Times bestseller became a popular commodity for its adaptation: in 2018, Apple won the rights after an intense war with other studios.

Pachinko follows four generations of a Korean family who eventually moved to Japan and traveled to the United States.

A story of forbidden love, loss and war, the book follows an affair with a character named Ko Hansu (played by Lee Minho). The series will air in Korean, Japanese and English.

The novel previously took the coveted spot on Barack Obama's Favorite Books 2019 list.




"This is an interesting book, which I read at the suggestion of a young member of my team, a historical novel about the Korean immigrants' wartime experiences in Japan," Obama wrote in a lengthy Facebook post at the time.

“This is a powerful story of resilience and compassion,” he added.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show's budget is "comparable to that of Crown" (Crown from Netflix reportedly costs about $ 13 million per episode).

Apple previously produced Jason Momoa's series in the Vancouver area at a similar price per episode.
Vancouver isn't the only location for the Justin Chung and Koganada-directed series - Pachinko was also filmed last fall in Busan, South Korea.


Star Lee Min Ho, 33, was spotted arriving at Vancouver International Airport on February 25. Fans noticed that the actor in a gray sweatshirt with a hood and a white mask was walking around the airport, sharing photos and videos on social networks.

More details about his arrival in this note It is reported that Lee Min Ho traveled to Canada to record Pachinko.

Later, these messages were shared by Minos - the nickname of his great fandom - on Twitter and Instagram.


The series also stars Anna Sawai from Fast and Furious 9 and Soji Aral from Cobra Kai alongside Jin Ha, Minha Kim and Kaho Minami.

All participants will be required to comply with Canada's COVID-19 quarantine regulations, which now include a mandatory stay at one of 11 federal hotels while they await their COVID-19 test results.


Translation from spanish google



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AppleTV +
"Pachinko" starring Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, and Jung Woong In. US production company Medea Res-Production cost is 14 to 15 billion per production ₩ Total 150 billion ₩ .. 1 billion performance fees per leading actor ₩ 8 billion in total ₩ .. 7% of total production cost




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Wow! Lee Min Ho will be attending the drama "Pachinko", who is Lee Min Ho's girlfriend? Let's watch


Dhani Zulianda Putra

- March 8, 2021




EDITORIAL NEWS - Lee Min Ho, a handsome and professional actor, will be returning this time for his drama series, Pachinko. Of course, their fans are eagerly awaiting Lee Min Ho's return to the world of Korean drama.

Of course, Lee Min Ho will be present as the main character in this pachinko lady. Well, for those of you who don't know who Lee Min Ho's companion will be, keep watching this article until the end.

The drama "Pachinko" is currently in the filming stage, as seen on Lee Min Ho's Instagram account @actorleeminho, who recently arrived on set.

On the other hand, this drama will have a main character who will accompany Lee Min Ho, of course, this is the best South Korean actress.

The actress is Jung Eun Chae, who has co-starred with Lee Min Ho in previous dramas. Jung Eun Chae will play Yoseob's wife, who is also Son Ja's son-in-law (Kim Min Ha).

In the storyline, "Hansu," played by Lee Min Hoo, has a special relationship with Song Ja, and there are still many characters who will tie the story together.

The drama "Pachinko" itself is a drama in which several characters from different countries will play, and there is a collection in the languages of the three countries, namely English, Japanese and Korean.

This drama is made with classic nuances, with a theme from the period 1910 and 1989, of course, there will be many looks from fans of the Korean drama, especially if the actor Lee Min Ho.

So these are some of our feedback on the drama Pachinko, which will be played by Lee Min Ho and is currently in the process of filming.


Translation from Indonesian google



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Michelle Lee is Apple TV +'s director of domestic programming: Lee, who joined Apple in 2017, is a creative leader in the Emmy Award-winning The Morning Show and more. He is conducting future series such as the international bestseller "Pachinko".




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Youn Yuh Jung and Lee Min Ho will come to Vancouver to take a picture of pachinko? There is a story that Youn Yuh Jung is riding a Porsche after the isolation of his house is over, but is it true? Interest is growing. Once you can see it from a distance.




"Korea in content" that the world is paying attention to
There is also a movement to actively summon the Korean era and history. Apple TV +'s "Pachinko" is one of them.
This move by Apple is not unrelated to the current situation where content dealing with South Korea is gaining popularity and content created by South Korea is attracting worldwide attention.




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