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[Official] Nam Joohyuk x Bae Suzy / Nam Dosan x Seo Dalmi ~ Coding Couple

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Missing DoDal & Namzy


Came across this, when Nam Joo Hyuk came as a guest in Unexpected Business 


Out of so many numbers he can choose from, 10 & 10 must be a beautiful number, right? Not just because Suzy was born on October 10, or his first kiss scene with Suzy was shot on 10/10/2020, right?:getmygrooveon:

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this one sums the eps 14,cute interaction and the scenery just beautiful. Look at their expression at that scene.Suzy and nam joo hyuk are couple we thought we dont need but it turned wrong.   

New Dosan & Dalmi bts pic cute   @UPSGirl I won’t worry about it, because from the beginning the main casts was named as Bae Suzy & Nam Joo Hyuk. Based on this writer past work,

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