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[Taiwanese Drama 2020] The Devil Punisher 天巡者


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On 11/11/2020 at 4:14 PM, Usaheaven said:

I agree with you guys. On the show is not that interesting yet. I also liking the chem between Mike and Ivy as well. They really are really cute. I think it will take a few more episodes to get more exciting.   @JenL So Yong Jiu grocery store is good? I was pondering watching it.  


Ohhhh sorry I never replied to this...I only caught up to episode 4 yesterday. I like this series since Mike and Ivy are both cute and the chemistry is good...but it's quite episodic at the moment and there's not too much that's joined the story together so far...so waiting till we get to that point and some weeks, I skip the episodes and watch 2 in a row! I like the sadness of ghost stories though - the one with the son this week was pretty good. I also surprisingly like the guy who seemed like a spoilt brat who bullied grandma at first -now he seems quite sweet and funny and interested in En-si (Ivy's friend in the drama)


Off-topic: Yong Jiu


@Usaheaven Yes! Watch Yong Jiu Grocery Store if you haven't hopped onto it yet! It's definitely one of the best Taiwanese dramas I've seen along with Someday or One Day. I might be hard if you don't like Slice of life, but it's quite comforting and healing as a drama. @Slyphykougn I'm surprised you found it heavy! I guess you're thinking about the female lead's story line....but there's such a warmth and village community feel about the whole drama that it's not too angsty on the whole. At only 10 episodes, the story is pretty tight and engaging.


Slight Off-topic: Amanda Chou from The Devil Punisher & Simon Lian from Lost Romance on a dating show


Haha @Anjali Punia and @Usaheaven our favourite underworld queen from this series is on a celebrity dating show and she's been paired up with Qing Feng's Simon Lian. Since it's not completely related to The Devil Punisher, I've put the episodes in the spoiler belong. Don't think there's Eng subs, but it's cute since they do activities - there's 2 episodes per couple






On 11/19/2020 at 12:09 AM, ma rocelle said:

@JenL Hi, do you know a site where i can watch it with eng subs? Thanks a lot


I think Netflix has the sole rights to it at the moment if you want subs...so only on Netflix. Otherwise if you can understand Chinese it streams on Vidol, but no subs.

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